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  1. Exact same. Only thing here that really interests me at this point is Hastur. And this is after the episode 2 stuff. The huge Cthulhu just looks, meh, doesn't matter how huge he is if the sculpt is super bland. Game itself looks like The Others with a few tweaks, and imo seems like a real yawn, just like The Others. At least there I got a bunch of really novel and cool minis for my $100.
  2. So happy about the Dragon Turtle! I was afraid they'd undersize it but to me that looks about the right size for one :D
  3. Got the mail, still don't know when it starts. 24-hour clock guys, just like the metric system it's just better.
  4. Not at all :P If you have any friends in sweden(or dare to use poste restante) that might save you some cash though.
  5. Titans are unleashed. Holy mackerel I love Typhons sculpt. And Circe looks awesome. If you waved it off earlier I suggest you at least recheck the page at this point. So many goodies in this KS now, best christmas present I ever got :P
  6. Went with red for the pustules, tried to make the fur and stuff a bit scabby and less monocolored. Not sure what to do with the basing as they really kinda blend in with their bases. I was planning on not adding flock, but that's one solution I guess. Also still white dots for eyes, not sure what to do about them.
  7. Fantasy Western count? Also obligatory:
  8. Skin and highlights on the scales is absolutely fantastic.
  9. Primed and basecoated, white dotted the interesting parts then washed. You might notice I changed the tails/heads/front legs on a couple to differentiate them. Next up some highlights. And making them pustules stand out with some red or green, or something in between :D
  10. Go go! Mine is still in the box, I need inspiration :P
  11. I thought about that, but I figured at least a few other people would do the same because everyone wants the monsters... Only reason I bought it too, monsters look great, gameplay, meeeeh, it will probably never even see the table in my house tbh.
  12. Meeeeeeeee! EDIT: and something like this is what I'm working on. Not quite mini related, but kinda.
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