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  1. I can't decide between these two. I feel I pushed my skills the most on both of these in different ways.
  2. Its a sewn on patch. I thought with it being such a drab paint job a flash of colour might look funny.
  3. This is going to be the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) for this weekend's 5th Edition D&D game. He's a lot of fun to paint but unfortunately I was on a deadline to get him and a few other 'Special Guest Stars' finished for this weekend's debut so i've rushed him a bit. Anyway, I hope you like him, i'm always keen to get comments and critique so feel free. More photos and a write up will be up on my blog after the weekend (I don't want the players to see any spoilers)
  4. Yeah he does look a bit cross eyed in those photos. The pupil in actually in the corner of the eye so he looks like he's looking at something on his left hand side, it looks ok in real life but its hard to show in a photo.
  5. Not a Reaper mini, but I value the feedback and support you guys give me so i'll inflict it on you anyway. This is an Avatars of War Barbarian I finished tonight who also is the last miniature I needed to get painted for next week's D&D game. I'm running a game at a weekend Lan party for 7 of my friends and wanted the whole party to have minis. I hope you like them, C&C always welcome, more photoes etc on my blog as usual (http://miniaturesfor...blogspot.co.uk/).
  6. Nurgle Rot is one of Citadel's Technical range. Its slightly translucent with a gloss finish. They also do a Rust effect, a carbon style corrosion called Typhus Corrosion which is like the gritty much inside your car's engine bay, quite a good blood, a decent Copper oxide and a weird crackle effect dried mud called Agrellan Earth. They're quite situational and won't be used that often but fill a gap that can't really be filled with anything else in my opinion.
  7. Ok so he might have a passing resemblance to the famous Magician from Dragonlance. Its purely coincidental!! I really enjoyed the blending on the robes on this one and the runes came out pretty well. I hope you like him, C&C always welcome of course. For reference
  8. I don't usually post non Reaper miniatures but I value the feedback you guys give me so here's my latest. Another Reaper mini will follow quite quickly. I used the Citadel Nurgle Rot Technical paint on this one and I think he looks like you could catch something unspeakable just by looking at him. I hope you like him. C&C very welcome.
  9. Another Bones painting done, not the best photos but I'm in a schedule where I can only take the photos at night and its messing with the lighting a bit. I hope you like it, C&C as always very gratefully accepted.
  10. He reminds me of Patsy, King Arthur's servant with the coconut's in Monty Python's Holy Grail.
  11. I really like the idea of this miniature, i'm going to give him to the Noble Paladin in my next game as a free hireling. He's going to carry all the Paladin's gear, do his laundry, cook his meals and generally look after him like Albert looks after Batman. But he's also going to be a sarcastic swine. 'Oh no Sir, of course you should charge into that group of Orcs, I mean washing Orc Blood out of your smalls is one of the highlights of my day.' C&C always welcome.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I took the photos last night at about 1am and they came out quite shiny and not as focussed as I would normally prefer. I'll take better ones today if I get time away from work.
  13. Another day, another Bones. This one is, despite a poorly cast face, loads of fun to paint. The peacock shield on the back is so unusual it just tempted me to keep adding more and more to it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out although I might need to take some sharper pictures tomorrow. C&C always welcome.
  14. Anne is a seriously talented painter, and normally any advice she gives should be adhered to like superglue. But on this one (and probably only one) occasion I think i'm going to have to respectfully disagree. The quality of Bones miniatures is generally very very good, sometimes not as good as a decent metal miniature and definitely not as crisp a a proper resin sculpt. But at the level of skill we're working at that isn't really a major concern like it would be for Anne and its far outstripped by the volume of Bones minis you can get for the price of a metal or resin miniature. And if your like me you'll need to put a lot of paint on a lot of minis to get as good as you can be. Some tips, you've probably heard them before but they might be useful. 1. Always thin your paints with water (or a mix of flow improver/water if you find that helps more) 50/50 is a good place to start, then build up layers, this stops detail being lost though pooling. 2. If your priming a miniature (I don't prime Bones myself) then I recommend using White primer, it keeps your colours bright and true and no great artist of the last 2000 years I know of ever started with a black canvas. 3. Push yourself to learn new techniques like blending, non metallic metals, Object Source Lighting. You'll probably take a few attempts to get the skills as good as you want them but it just takes practice. 4. Put some effort into learning how to photograph your miniatures, its not hard to get good results, you don't need an expensive camera but i've lost count of the numbers of good paint jobs that aren't done the justice they deserve due to poorly lit out of focus photos. 5. Normally i'd say invest in some good quality paints, Reaper MSP, Vallejo or Army painter are good, even Citadel are worth using (especially their Technical range) but you seem to be getting good results from the Americana ones so see how you get on with them. 6. Rebasing miniatures onto resin bases is really easy and makes a major difference to a miniature. I'd recommend it especially for Bones miniatures as they look awesome when on a good resin base. I have to say you are quite a lot better than I was when I started, keep going and keep posting your results. If you want any other tips feel free to drop me a line on my blog.
  15. There are a few more on my blog. Link my signature.
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