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  1. My internet was not working, it's still not working, except for here. This is the only site that will load. Seriously wtf?

  2. someone mentioned that earlier. They must have been cheap to mass produce. they really aren't very detailed are they? plus my mage is missing a hand.
  3. I keep trying to convince myself that I've earned a graduation present to myself, but $100 is a bit hefty. decisions, decisions.

  4. So, if I am currently at the wraith level, and i wanted to go up to vampire level, I would just add $75? Is that right?
  5. yep those are definitely them! thanks a bunch!
  6. Ok took some better pictures. don't want to stretch the page though so I'll just post links. first the soldiers http://i1112.photobu...at/IMGP2548.jpg then the wizards http://i1112.photobu...at/IMGP2547.jpg http://i1112.photobu...at/IMGP2546.jpg
  7. yeah the D&D ones are plastic, the ones I'm curious about though are metal. I'll see if i can find my camera. yep that's what I have, it's missing a few things but for 3 dollars why not? I'll look them up, thanks. thanks! I'll look them up.
  8. it's this one the 'introduction to advanced dungeons and dragons' for uber noobs such as myself. I'm missing the dwarf. http://www.amazon.co...o/dp/0786903325 here is what they originally looked like http://boardgamegeek...ungeons-dragons although when i got them they had orange paint thrown on them. I wasn't really sure where it post it, I just figured that the people in the exchange forum might know since they trade figures and such.
  9. That is to say what company made these? I bought an into to AD&D box set at a yard sale ($3!) and it had 5 of the original plastic figures in it, but also these: 3 soldiers and 2 wizards. They're metal, don't really have good bases to stand on, and the person before me just slapped a little paint on each. I'm working on fixing then all up (believe me, they looked much worse), but I'm curious as to where these others came from. It's not really important and I'm sure they aren't either but I would like to know. Anyone have any ideas? I'm just getting into all this, so be easy on me ^^;
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