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  1. Shipping notice on 1/7, but not "accepted" by USPS until 1/10, "processed through sorting facility" on 1/11 ... so maybe any day now? I actually had a USPS parcel take *THIRTY* days when shipped from less than 20 miles away, and this is coming from Washington state. Best not to dwell on that I suppose.
  2. Yeah, I skipped a lot of the models headed for retail, particularly the new ones like Quetzalcoatl because the KS price was often ~$2/fig more than you see in online shops after release. Some very beautiful models though. Looking forward to this one delivering, though I certainly don't need more unpainted models staring down at me in disdain from my shelf.
  3. Thanks for that TexasStu! I've really been enjoying the tracks from the first KS. Just have a simple setup in our game room to play background audio... really does a great job of disappearing but still providing ambiance. I'm in for $50 on this one to get "everything", but I'm not 100% sold on sound effects until I get a good software solution to put together sound boards for each game. Definitely don't want to be hunting through a "library" to locate an effect during a game.
  4. Yeah, I should mentioned I'm not in on this kickstarter, and I'm not making any assertions about what quality they're going to achieve. They're saying "25 micron" but that could be with or without banding (layers not aligning perfectly), or thin layers but poor x-y resolution, or the automatic 'support' structures they have to put on the model to support it during printing might be a pain to remove, or interfere with your design, etc. As with all kickstarters - buyer beware. Anyway, I love the idea. I even imagined doing something like this myself "someday". But this is an area where the technology is moving so fast, prices are likely to continue falling pretty rapidly. As an example, 18 months ago the B9Creator was Kickstarted and offered 50 micron layers for $2375 using a DLP projector to polymerize the resin. About a year ago the Form-1 was Kickstarted and offered 25 micron layers for $2300 with lasers. Six months for double the resolution. The one relative constant, however, seems to be the photopolymers. It's an expensive material, and hasn't fallen in price despite the popularity. But the falling prices of machines will allow competitors to squeeze earlier adopters' margins. It's going to be an exciting ride for the rest of us though!
  5. Guessing there was a typo when you saw the page? It currently says 25 micron resolution. I'm sure they're using photo-polymers and SLA; not FDM like the MakerBot and its progeny. This gallery is much closer to the state of the art today, including some nice miniatures with 6 - 10 micron features --
  6. Sweet Greg. Just spent all day making one, so now we have 2! http://www.bones.kgdcraftermath.com/ Ooh, yours is purty. :) I just drug out the old code and started replacing data. Nice to see everything line up between ours though! Just noticed a few things on your page: the Options image isn't loading, and Reaper appears to be taking down old assets when they upload new ones, which is different than last time. Also the thumbnail on "Hellknight, Order of the Nail" is wrong. Any way you know of that we can avoid duplicating efforts going forward? My system is relatively easy at this point... Gimp's Image Map plugin for bounding boxes and a text file of SKUs, description, price, etc. The bounding box is probably the only thing that takes any time once you know the identity of the model.
  7. Thanks! The page only has the Core Set done so far, just starting on Options, then Expansion Pack #1. During the first campaign the pace was sooo much slower that I just completed the ~30 odd miniatures in the Vampire pledge, and tackled each stretch goal as it came up. This go 'round it seemed like an impossible task after the first day or two. This thread actually gave me the boost to get to a point where it seems manageable. So thanks to naponatom and all the other contributors here. I'll keep coming back for updates. A lot of those broken links are new miniatures I just don't have any names or better images for because they're new sculptures. If you find a mouseover that's clickable (to a Reaper page) but the thumbnail is broken, that's just a mistake. Let me know. If the mouseover is not clickable, I haven't been able to find it in Reaper's current catalog... it would be very easy to drop in an image or better description, so let me know if you see something I could use for it.
  8. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for making this list. I'm finally getting around to another image map for this campaign and it made that process possible. I still only have the Core done, but Options and Expansion Pack #1 are in the works. http://greg.botch.com/bones2/
  9. GregR


    I'm planning on dropping my $140 early bird. First to PM me and I'll set up a time to coordinate the drop. Looks like a great game, just bad timing for me. Edit: claimed.
  10. Thanks for the tip on the plugin OMGoblins. I wish it would show the pledges by day bar graph, but I noticed it does show backers by day on the "Backers" tab of the project. As far as the trending though, Kicktraq is usually so far off it doesn't have much value. All it's doing is taking the daily average pledge and extrapolating... so after day 1 of a popular project it's trending to like $20m, then during the doldrums it gets to where it's trending as if there won't be any increase at the end (and most of the projects I've followed get anywhere from 10-50% of their funding from the last 3 days). Finally you get into the final few hours, and Kicktraq just starts trending to exactly where it already is, which would only be true if pledging stopped entirely right in that moment. Anyway, that's a lot of complaining for a "thank you" ... sorry about that. :) I do like having the historic graph up, but I wish Kicktraq would get a little more fancy in their trending tools. They should certainly have enough data at this point to take a swing at it. Back on topic: in for at least $50 in scenery, still picking out specifics.
  11. Argh, I was so happy with my pledge having skipped the books and then I stumble into this thread. You guys are talking me into them again... like Cash there's no way I'll get a chance to play, but books are so satisfyingly tactile.
  12. Yep, just stopping by to say the same... Pack 4 ($10 or free with $80+ pledge levels) has: ▪ Werewolf Forest ▪ Abandon Castle ▪ Cult Ceremony ▪ Jungle War Drums ▪ Dragon Sleeping on Treasure Pile ▪ High Society Ballroom (I will do my best to make sure this can be used in multiple eras) ▪ Disaster City ▪ Car Chase ▪ Nighttime Camp Fire ▪ Gothic Sounds
  13. No idea how I'm going to be using these either. Haven't played a game that would use them in more than a decade. I think it's just easy to spend money and imagine that I'll spend more time gaming than I realistically will. With the clock ticking down though I need to decide between 3 sets and 2 add-ons that I won't likely play with or 5 sets and 2 add-ons that I won't likely play with... decisions decisions.
  14. Oops, thanks Niranth. It is @$35k . But I agree it shouldn't be a problem at this pace.
  15. Great new announcement: 11 more tracks free with $20+ if they hit $35k Raining Forest Day Raining Modern City Summer Day Forest Winter Day Forest Windy Plains Desert Night Mountain Top Rain Forest Thunderstorm Stormy Seas Tavern with no love for music Nice gesture to be sure, but not the most business savvy decision. I was just trying to talk myself into $50 or $80, or $90 even, before time runs out, and another set of free tracks at one of the higher levels would have helped. I may still end up there, knowing me, but if these are just freebies for effectively every level it probably won't generate a lot of additional funding.
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