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  1. I was digging through boxes of minis last week and came across this fellow. I decided he would be a good seasonal project. I managed to finish him up in time for Christmas.
  2. I have a buddy who's a big Hellboy fan, so I thought it would be kinda cool to do a Hellboy-inspired paint scheme for this guy. Base was done with a Happy Seppuku basing stamp I got at ReaperCon yonks ago.
  3. Painted up an old mini I've had forever. Pretty much just slapped some GW contrast paints on him, with a few metallics (Vallejo Gunmetal and Chrome), and some Reaper Walnut Brown for the eyes.
  4. Proto-mammals! Therapsids were a group of synapsids that were outcompeted by the early dinosaurs, leaving only the smaller, nocturnal specimens alive. These evolved into mammals, and thence us.
  5. They will work just fine over a white or light gray primer. The primers GW makes for them work fine over Bones without the tackiness a lot of other primers have. If you use an airbrush, Vallejo primer works just fine (though I've heard some people have had issues with Stylnylrez).
  6. I remember taking a class at Reapercon on painting white and black. The biggest piece of advice I took away is that when you're painting white, your midtone is going to be the same as your highlight if you want to have it look like a pure white. That is, if you would normally paint 20% of the area shadow, 60% midtone, and 20% highlight, for white you would paint 80% white and 20% shadows. This helps avoid the issue where your white reads as "gray" or "blue." Black works much the same way, except that your shadow and midtone will be the same, so 80% black and 20% highlights..
  7. Walnut brown remains an indispensable part of my toolkit. It's great for off-blacks and for basing browns. Linen white is the same for off-white. Together they're perfect for painting eyes. Bloodstain red is a very nice dark red. It's very useful because it has good coverage, and brighter reds paint over it well. This can make it much, much easier to paint reds than if you start with your bright red first, and it gives a nice shadow to your reds to help the midtones and highlights look brighter.
  8. Triads are a nice shortcut. They're not necessary, and if you put in the work for color theory you can get nicer results without them, but sometimes you just want to be able to grab three paints and know they'll work together.
  9. Yeah, the contrast paints don't do vehicles too well. with all the flat panels. For best results, use vertical, downward strokes with your brush.
  10. It was a joke by, I think, one of the Pughs. Anne has a board in her paint lab with the names of paints that need to be made. At one point during the first Kickstarter, when she (like everyone at Reaper) was frazzled and trying to get everything done in time to ship out rewards, one of them added the name to the board with all the other paints she had to make. And then it was made into an actual paint for Reapercon.
  11. That's legal in the US too! So long as the bill can still circulate, it's fine. It's only if you defaced it to a degree where you could no longer reasonably spend it. Amusingly, Canada's laws are almost reversed from the US. There is no law against burning paper currency, but defacing coins is illegal.
  12. Note that this applies strictly to coins. Paper money is governed by section 333, which is much stricter. Mind you, I don't believe anyone has been prosecuted under this section unless it was part of an attempt to counterfeit bills.
  13. Blood Angels Red and Iyanden Yellow are both pretty good. The flesh colors (Guilliman, Darkoath and Fyreslayer) give good effects. Skeleton Horde is great for old bone. Snakebite leather is pretty useful.
  14. Sorry to double post, but I wanted to let you guys know that the squog shaman remains untacky, so it looks like the GW primer works just fine on Bones.
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