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  1. That's probably a good idea. There are 75 minis that don't show as either metal or plastic, for example (based on comparing totals under metal, plastic, or "any").
  2. Well, while the rollout could have been better, the new site looks pretty great. Great job so far, Kit. With the mini/paint issue (searching for "dragon," say, and ending up with a lot of paint): You can still use the material selection on the side. Paint is neither metal nor Bones, so will disappear. There's no option for resin. Not sure if that's worth fixing, given there are only 13 resin kits on the site, five of which are actually available. Eight show up as metal, four as plastic (all bases). The Dictator shows up as neither.
  3. I'm playing a half-orc warpriest in a Pathfinder game who uses a huge ol' axe. I figured this would be a pretty good mini for him. Base was made with GW Agrellan earth with some Vallejo pigments on it to give it some better color. I used rattlesnake leather as his base skin color, with a wash of dark elf shadow and highlighted with green ochre. I went with red hair, because why not? Reaper red hair triad.
  4. The bevel creates a small depression in the mini, letting the mini sit slightly lower. If you turn it around, there is no such depression on the other side. If the mini is sitting too high on the beveled side, it will be even higher on the other side, by the height of the bevel.
  5. If anyone was wondering, I have my minis. Because I'm an idiot, I have three Baran Blacktrees. More gifts for friends down the line, along with my ungodly number of Dain Deepaxes.
  6. What's the weirdest mispack you've had? I recently got Elquin at my FLGS. However, instead of his right arm, it has the head from the Oriental Dragon. I don't intend to ask them to fix it, since I've already got some ideas for conversions. But it did make me think, what other weird mispacks have people encountered over the years? Reaper's generally really good about quality control, but they also sell thousands of minis a year, so there are bound to be a few mistakes along the way. What about other manufacturers?
  7. My current project. Pretty happy with how her skin came out.
  8. I'm painting up this troll, and a buddy suggested a leonine paint scheme, since the tail looks a bit lionish. I was thinking that I might try sculpting some hair on him as a mane. However, I've done very little sculpting, so I was wondering if any one has a good guide on the subject. I'm particularly looking for long scraggly, fur-like hair.
  9. This is pretty awesome. I've enjoyed getting the bonus minis, and it's great that they're not limited edition. I hope they bring back verminites.
  10. Still waiting on several of my packages. Apparently there was a new carrier on my route, and he somehow missed my house and decided it didn't exist. I've talked to the supervisor at the post office and they've promised this won't happen again. Happily, Reaper is informed and is taking care of things. Once everything is back to them, they'll ship it all out to me at once.
  11. I recently got my ReaperCon goodies from my convention buddy. Since I caught a cold right before coming home from Kuwait, this mini felt especially relatable to me. I looked over Buglips' and Guindyloo's versions of the mini, and they informed how I went a bit. Guindyloo's eye in particular was something I wanted to try replicating. I think I did an okay job. I should have picked a lighter color of blue, though. The pupil doesn't really stand out from the iris. My tissue box's lines ended up not being quite as clean as I would've liked. I need to practice my freehand more.
  12. Made my next order to get the dragons. I added a traditional goblin Christmas carol in the notes: "Goblin bells, Buglips smells, Jump into the fray! Loot human town, Then burn it down, And then we run away!"
  13. Just made my first order of the 12 days: 10047: The Nativity Boxed Set $49.99 x103845: Mina Splinterheart - River Widows Captain $6.99 x103839: Vampire Lord $6.99 x103840: Graveflesh Servant (Male) $6.99 x103841: Graveflesh Servant (Female) $6.99 x103842: Sethis, Mummy King $7.99 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 2x Ametrine EarthlyteMerry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!Merry Christmas! Your order has received 2x Wrapping Dragon!
  14. Life is beautiful and grand thanks to my wonderful neighbor, who did in fact bring it in to prevent theft! She knocked on my door a bit ago. I now have twelve Dain Deepaxes and an excellent resin dragon.
  15. It'd be nice, but I don't think I'll have much luck. Reaper sent it out the cheapest way possible... because I kept it on Free Shipping instead of selecting another option that might have required a signature. UPS had no way of knowing it was an expensive package. I didn't think to change my address because I have mail forwarding... with USPS. I'd basically been relying on the fact that UPS and Fedex, at least theoretically, allow you to change your shipping options whenever a package is sent to you. Unfortunately, it didn't work with UPS. When I contacted their support, they couldn't do anything and couldn't give me an answer why. I've sent them an e-mail asking for my clarification, but I'm not holding my breath. My only real hope is that my next-door neighbor grabbed it. She sometimes does this if there's a package and I don't bring it in for a while, and she knows I'm deployed. I'll ask her when I get home tomorrow. The annoying thing is that this isn't the first time that a Reaper package specifically has been grabbed. Had it happen a few years back with a 12 Days order. It always seems to happen around Christmas.
  16. Well, looks like I'm out the dragon. UPS wouldn't reschedule the delivery or change the address, and by the time a friend went to look, the package was already stolen. That's $500 I won't see again.
  17. It does strike me as the sort of thing they could sell at Michael's and similar stores under the Hobby Q name.
  18. Great figure, but I don't really see much resemblance to the original. Other anniversary figures have been basically updates to the old figures. Newer, done in an updated, fancier style, but still basically the same character. This one is very nice, and an alchemist/rogue dwarf is a cool idea, but it has no real similarity to the original figure, other than both being female dwarves. It would be as if you'd released Domur as a barbarian.
  19. Hmm. On the downside, it's being delivered UPS, which means it won't be held until I get back to the states. Gonna need to see if I can get UPS to change the delivery address, or if I can get a friend to go grab it.
  20. I caved on the black friday/cyber monday special and got Ma'al Drakar. I forgot about the anniversary figure. Not sure what I'm going to do with 12 Dain Deepaxes. Wait, make that 14. I forgot the ones from my last Reaper order.
  21. Primarily Reaper. I can't remember exactly what I used for the skin, though I used a wash based on Dark Elf Shadow, which contrasts nicely with the green. The robes were Pure Black, highlighted with P3's Coal Black (a dark teal). The fur was Walnut Brown, going up to Muddy Brown, and then to a Reaper Sample which was sort of tannish. The leather bits were based with Rattlesnake Leather, with GW's Agrax Earthshade as a wash. The teeth and little bone were done with GW's Screaming Skull and washed with Agrax again (if I'd been going for more than tabletop, I'd have highlighted them with Linen White). The wood was a mixture of a lot of Rainy Gray mixed with a little Muddy Brown, then washed with Agrax (I use Agrax a lot, especially if I'm going for something nice and quick). The metal bits were Vallejo Brass, and the eyes were Blood Red.
  22. Just finished a little deployed painting. I've been working on some fancier models off-and-on for about a month, so I wanted to do a no-pressure, tabletop-quality mini for fun. My photo options aren't the greatest, and the teal highlights on the black are largely washed out, but I still think he looks fairly presentable for tabletop.
  23. Assuming I'm not deployed, I'll be there.
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