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  1. One thing Bones minis are great for is conversions. They're super easy to chop apart with a hobby knife for bits to use on another model, and at a price where you won't mind doing so.
  2. Oh, I don't think anyone's saying that the loss of detail is purely an illusion. It's just that the backscatter and pure white color exacerbates the appearance, so where the details might be a bit less crisp than metal, they'll appear to not exist at all at first glance.
  3. On larger models, you don't really notice the loss in detail. For smaller minis, the loss in detail still isn't really that noticeable once you have them painted up. In general for smaller minis, I'd say you still want metal, resin, or hard plastic for display, but the difference in price makes plastic much better from a budget perspective. EDIT: Gonna add that while Bones are a bit softer on detail, this is exacerbated badly by backscatter. That is, light penetrates a bit into the plastic before reflecting back out, which obscures detail even further. Once you have some paint on them, the detail becomes much sharper. And the Bones have improved in quality as the line's progressed.
  4. I'm probably gonna wait until the end of the month to make my order. That way, it'll be waiting for me when I return to the states.
  5. Looking forward to seeing more results from this thread. I've been passing on info to some other forums I post on.
  6. His first post wasn't bad. His follow-up where he basically said if RRT backers "attacked" his new Kickstarter (that is, pointed out that Palladium has a bad track record), he wouldn't do anything to get it back on track pretty much poisoned people against him going forward. Of course, it was Sembieda who got the backers that pissed off in the first place and threw him into the lion's den.
  7. Eh. If we manage to work it into something fairly solid, I think we might move onto actually Kickstarting it. But that's a big if. Right now we have a gaggle of vague ideas and relatively few real mechanics. Let's load the cart before we think about hitching the horse to it.
  8. Robotech RPG Tactics, a previous Kickstarter they did. Part of what got people in was that Siembada said he was keeping hands-off. Then, after funding, he decided the rules weren't good enough after all and he'd need to completely rewrite them from scratch. There were other issues, but that's one that's particularly typical of Palladium. Siembada is notorious for having people write things for him, declaring that it's not good enough, changing things up, taking writing credit, and paying them as contributors rather than writers (usually with announcements about how he's "saved" the product and how disappointed he is that they didn't write what they promised him).
  9. Hmm. The only thing I don't like is the failed campaigns. It should definitely be in the game, but there should be something for them to do during Fulfillment. Things like Made in China should be options players can choose, rather than random events. They should represent the strategy the player is picking.
  10. Put those in the random events deck, and just specify who the cards apply to, whether just the person who drew them or everyone at the table.
  11. I'd say the player-generated misfortune should be things like stealing backers or manufacturing/distribution partners. Things a company is likely to do to competitors. Set up troll backers to disrupt things. Meanwhile, random events that no one has control over like "Chinese New Year," "Creator Illness," and "Backer Lawsuit."
  12. Backers are nice, but it's the cash they bring that should determine victory. So, you could go with a lot of backers each pledging a little, or try for a few backers pledging a whole lot. Then subtract your costs in the production phase to see if you're able to come out on top. The most spectacular Kickstarter failures, after all, are the ones who get huge numbers of backers and money, and then crash and burn trying to fulfill the pledges.
  13. Continuing from the Rifts thread
  14. Have different phases. Campaign and Fulfillment. You can take chances to increase your number of backers and funding during the campaign, but at the cost of increasing your chances of crashing and burning during fulfillment.
  15. I feel bad for Carmen Bellaire, because there's no basically no way for this not to end in tears. That said, he should've known better than to work with Siembada.
  16. Happy birthday, and many happy returns!
  17. I'm almost tempted to pull out my resin Nethyrmaul for this. Then again, I'm not sure that'd be allowed, since it's not among the listed dragons.
  18. The hilarious thing is that as accountants, they would probably advise us not to spend as much on Bones as most of us will. As miniature makers, of course, they would probably advise us to take out that sixteenth mortgage to get more Bones...
  19. A buddy gave me his Khador army for Warmachine. While I figure out exactly how I want to paint my stompy robots, I thought I'd paint up one of my warcasters. The red actually fairly easy, if time-consuming. Once I started going for details, it was a little harder. I originally went with red with brown leather (now only on the gun holster), but it was looking pretty muddy. I changed it to black for the most part, but the details were really getting lost. Changing a lot of the black to purple really helped get things to pop. I used a lot of Scale75 paints, using their red and Metal 'n Alchemy sets. The rest was done primarily with Reaper paints, with a few Games Workshop washes. The base was looking very plain until I added in some vegetation. I think it helped with the framing pretty well.
  20. Hmm. No announcement of new figures for the month yet. I'm thinking I might want to make my order now, before the coming Bonestorm.
  21. I'm okay with ornate, over-the-top goofiness. Granted, it works better in 40K, which has never been a serious setting. Still, nothing wrong with some goofy over-the-top paladin looking duders. But if you're going over-the-top, don't be boring. The default Immortals-inspired faces are boring when you have them on every single unit. And if you're going to have lots of detail, pick a default paint scheme that shows off those details.
  22. I'm not a big fan of the Stormcast Eternals Games Workshop put in their Age of Sigmar line. However, looking at some things other people have done, I realized there were basically two things I hated: The immortals-style faces, and the all-gold paint scheme. The heads aren't bad in-and-of themselves, but when every unit sports the same derpy face, it makes them look less interesting. The all-gold paint scheme made it harder to pick out details. So, I thought I'd try fixing that. As you can see, I went with a primarily steel paint for their armor with the gold functioning as more of a trim. Blue goes pretty well with both gold and steel. The steel, gold, and blue were done mostly using the Scale75 paintsets. Faces were done with various Reaper skintone paints. Blondie here got his headswap from the Space Wolves Pack. This guy's head might be recognizable as one of the Anhurian crossbowmen. Bones are great for swaps. Red's head came from Reaper's Sir Rathan Kranzhel, also in Bones. It's amazing how much difference a slightly different color scheme and some headswaps can make.
  23. Can't wait until we see what else is new for April. This guy's a must-grab for me. I just need to see what else I'll be adding to the order.
  24. I'm on the horn of Africa right now. It's hot as heck and twice as humid.
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