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  1. I didn't see Bryan ever say it wasn't Hecklemeyer. Since his hints have been "foolish," "jest," and "beyond death," I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Hecklemeyer, guys. Like, at least 90% sure.
  2. Got an order in for the dwarf battlemage, Christina, and Jonas Kane (which brings me to $40 for Tara).
  3. Sadly, my FLGS wasn't able to get my minis in before I deployed. Luckily, I was able to get on internet out here in time to order them online.
  4. I'm reasonably sure I actually gained a point or two because one of the judges didn't read my card closely. I got a 1, 2, 3 spread of points. When I talked to one of the judges, he started talking about how I could improve the kitbash job I'd one on the model. I had to explain that the base was the bit I'd done all the crafty things to, and the model was stock. I'd mentioned that on the card, but he'd managed to miss it. I ended up with 6 points, so depending on how many points he gave for that misconception, there's a good chance Demogorgon should've been certificate of merit. I'm going to make damned sure I put in something at least bronze level into Open next time I attend, though.
  5. Read Bill Coffin's description of how Kevin treats freelancers sometime. It's illuminating.
  6. I feel bad for Carmen. He shouldn't have said that crap, but ultimately I blame Siembada for throwing him into the lion's den to take the heat for him. And then after, he throws it into the backers' faces. Class act, that Kevin.
  7. Depends on the kind of paint and plastic. Some pre-paints are easy to strip, some (like Heroclix) need acetone and a steady hand, and some can't be stripped without melting the mini.
  8. Yeah, they've confirmed they're pre-painted. I'll pass.
  9. I might pledge if they aren't pre-painted.
  10. While the specific issue of terrain has been more-or-less nixed by Bryan, we already know that not all minis will be resculpts. The very first mini was a brand new Grim Reaper. While they've done death minis before, I don't believe it's specifically a resculpt of any previous mini. We might see some more wholly original minis on the ride as well, though it does seem that resculpts are the main subject.
  11. Well, thanks. Man, this takes me back. These were some of the first minis I painted and posted here.
  12. Not all dinos were feathered. If you look at their velociraptors, they are appropriately coiffed in feathers. Halber Funny you say that. There's new evidence that suggests all dinosaurs were feathered, or at least most of them. We knew that therapods were feathered (tyrannosaurs, raptors, etc.), but now we've found ornithischian dinosaurs with feathers. That means it arose early enough that nearly all dinosaurs at least had the genes for feathers.
  13. As someone mentioned earlier, that applies to technology products. The issue there is that they were having people claiming new technologies that may or may not actually work, and even the creators didn't know for sure if it could be made the way they said. In theory, there's no new technology involved in turning renders into miniatures. It's just a question of whether or not the creator has actually done their homework and understands the steps needed to do so.
  14. That's why I specified production samples. That is, minis made the same way as the final product. Not just made with a high-speed 3D printer, but made using the same methods intended for release. Partly that's to see what the final product looks like, but it also shows that the creator knows what steps they'll need to take, which increases my confidence that they'll be able to carry through on it.
  15. I'd like to see more feathered dinosaurs. I might be interested in some of the mammals, though.
  16. I'm okay with having 3D sculpts, but I definitely want at least a few production samples, just so I can be sure they know what they're doing. Like ced said, Torn Armor shows that it's one thing to be able to make cool 3D sculpts, it's another to be able to turn those into minis. If they have some samples to show they can do that, I'm okay with backing.
  17. It's fairly clear in the book. So Unruly is correct. Frankenstein's monster should be a fleshy yellow.
  18. It seems fairly clear. The violation isn't "You are infringing on our copyright," the violation is "We don't give you permission to use our stuff if you do this." The only question I see is if the 5e OGL has the same language or not.
  19. I was talking in a mini painting chatroom, and I mentioned I was looking for a couple of identical minis to do some experiments with metallics (NMM vs. true metallics). Dude offered to let me have some of his warmachine stuff, since he wasn't playing. It arrived on Saturday. Over $500 worth of Khador models. I'm gonna be painting a lot of stompy robots.
  20. Pretty much, the OGL was too open. It worked well at first, but towards the end of 3.5, the d20 system was shorthand for shovelware. You also had issues with products that had content they didn't really want to be associated with (like the one that let you summon a creature and force it to have sex with you). While there were gems, it was hard to sort through the crap to find them. It even started affecting sales of WotCs products, which is why they wanted to get away from it. However, the GSL, as Grump said, went way too far the other direction. It was stupidly limited, and no one wanted to use it when it meant their work could be yanked away at any time for any reason. You went from having way too much third-party crap to having very little outside support. It also turned most of the third-party publishers against them, and led Paizo to make the main competitor to 4th Edition (though, I'll point out, Pathfinder didn't actually beat 4e in sales until the tail-end of the edition, when the disastrous Essentials line was made).
  21. I'll be ordering this one from the FLGS as well, along with anything else nifty released for February. I'll be deploying fairly soon, though, so at least some will have to be ordered directly from Reaper. Oh, darn.
  22. I think Etherial might mean the worm from the Graveyard expansion. Not sure what size that is, though. That might be in one of Bryan's updates. EDIT: Actually, it was in the video Bryan posted a few weeks back. Looks like it would probably be a bit too big for your purposes.
  23. Oh i hope not. I hope my motion picture career hasn't peaked after 6 minutes of video across 4 movies... The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very, very brightly, Bryan.
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