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  1. I did add water to the paint, but I had difficulty knowing how much. Early on in the paint job, I wasn't shaking the bottles well, so they came out of the bottle already pretty watery, and adding water brought them to more of a wash consistency. Towards the end, I was probably being overly conservative on adding water, which is why it ended up so thick. I need to get more used to the paint so I know how much water to add at any given time. Thanks for the guide on eyes. The LTP guide had me paint the skin and then the eyes, but I can see where getting the eyes first would be better. I'll try that next time. I did prime the mini. I just didn't bother with the base because I knew I wasn't planning on painting it, and since I was using the base to handle it. Of course, there are also points on the mini where the primer rubbed away. I covered most with paint, but you can see metal on the left shoe, for example. Next time, I'll probably try gluing it to a bottle cap or something for handling it. My previous work was on some space marines I picked up and painted the night before: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45585-citadel-paint-set-dark-angels-space-marines/
  2. Okay, this is my first attempt at painting a metal mini. I don't think it looks quite as nice as my space marines, but I also experimented a lot more. The eyes were done as one of the earlier parts of the job, and it shows. Eventually, I just got frustrated with trying to get the eyes to look somewhat eye-shaped, and said "good enough." At some point, I may return and actually paint something on the shield. For now, simple blue will have to do. You can see where the wash meant for the metal rim intruded on the blue. I tried going with some vertical striping on the shield to suggest woodgrain, but the brush wouldn't cooperate with me. You can see where I tried a bit of highlighting on the edge of the sword and on the helmet here. It... didn't go as well as I'd hoped.
  3. How about the Bones Ogre chieftain? Nice, big figure to make it a little easier to get the details down, but still fairly cheap.
  4. It's actually going a little more smoothly now that I'm remembering to actually shake the bottle like it tells me to do...
  5. Right now, I'm working with the Reaper Learn To Paint set, with a man-at-arms and a barrow rat. It's actually somewhat more difficult, but the instructions at least are better. The ones from Citadel basically just had "paint goes here." This actually explains drybrushing and washes. Now, my experiments with washes? Not going so well so far. But I will persevere! And will post when I've finished the minis.
  6. Yeah, looking at reviews of the paint set online, one of the primary criticisms is of the brush, which makes me feel slightly better at the sloppy detail work. When I next stop by a game store, I'll pick up a better one. That was deliberate, actually. I wanted to try getting different mixes of black and green armor, just to see how it looked. Yeah, there was no thinning whatsoever here. All paint came directly from the bottles. The painting instructions in the kit didn't have any information on how to do things like thin the paint. That's probably going to be my next experiment. Probably once I get an apartment. Thanks. That does help.
  7. This is my first attempt at painting miniatures. Worker at the FLGS (Hat's in Tucson) talked me into trying this paint set as something fairly simple, with lots of flat surface and not too many fiddly details or textures. I've definitely got a long way to go still, but I liked the way they came out, overall. I ended up painting three of the five. I was painting in the hobby shop, and, having just gotten back to the states, I didn't want to be too late getting home. The other two are in the background. I'll eventually get to them, hopefully after my skills have improved, and I can compare them with the first three. Here's a top view, giving a look at the box they came in, along with the two in the back. Here's a front view. The bit of muck on the Marine on the left's forehead is apparently supposed to be wreath-like, signifying he's in charge. Obviously, I did not do well on that detail. About face! I like the way the skulls came out. Face right! The sword-sigil things on their pauldrons had... mixed results. I need to work on thinning out the paint, and not picking up so much water on the brush. Face left! Those are supposed to be arrows. Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed from the paintwork either. Overall, better than I expected them to turn out, though I need to work a lot harder on the details.
  8. My suspicion is at least three or four months after the minis are available to retail, if not longer. Six months might be a safer bet. Keep in mind that Reaper didn't really make a profit on this. They got money to help pay for the molds, but even then they're throwing in some of their own money. We just helped defray the costs down to something their accounting department could swallow. They'll make money when people are buying them in stores. And they're about to dump a huge number of figures onto the market in late March/early April (after they've fulfilled all the Bones orders). They'll need time to see how well the market is able to absorb that glut. I have absolutely no doubt they'll sell well, but it will still likely take the market some time to recover (though I think they're also creating a demand, since they're filling a niche that doesn't really exist yet). They're going to keep an eye on that, and use those numbers to help figure out the best time to run the next KS.
  9. Sounds like they've got a few bad customer service reps ruining things. Might not be a bad idea to demand to talk to a supervisor when you have a bad experience. If they're treating you like crap, report it. If they won't connect you to a supervisor, go through alternate channels to contact them. It's not sounding like it's endemic to the company, so there's a good chance that elevating it will get a better response.
  10. Yeah, I think that in Bones, at least, Reaper's going to see a lot more monster sales. But I can't blame them for being conservative. This is, after all, the first time they've done this. Right now, they're going with a formula they know works. They'll adjust it as they get more sales numbers in.
  11. I expect to be painting these for years to come. Indeed, one day my children may take up my brush, and yea, even unto my children's children. Or I might give them to friends to paint, see what they can do.
  12. My current plan: Four vampire levels (only one with Sophie) 1 set of fire giants 1 Ebonwrath 1 set of frost giants 3 sets of Mind Your Manors 1 set of There Be Dragons 1 set of Demons 1 Deathsleet 2 Undead Giants 2 sets of Mythos Monsters 2 Clockwork Dragons 1 Pathfinder Dragon 2 sets of Spider Centaurs 2 sets of Fire Giant Warriors 2 sets of Forces of Nature 1 Frost Wyrm 1 Jabberwock 4 sets of Deep Dwellers 1 Nethyrmaul 2 Hydras 1 Kaladrax 1 Cthulhu 1 extra set of Swamp Things 1 of each paint set 1 Orcpocalypse 2 cases May change my mind and go with one case, and use the extra for another Mind Your Manors and There Be Dragons.
  13. The undead giant is already in metal. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/undead%20giant/latest/02911 Of course, he doesn't come with that nifty tombstone club...
  14. Blast. I want to see these, but Image Shack won't let me. Keeps giving me the unregistered domain error.
  15. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3492577&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 Here's the thread on Something Awful. They're pretty excited about it.
  16. Right now, I have 24 unpainted minis. After the kickstarter, I should have over five hundred more. Methinks I shall be quite busy come March.
  17. I don't have any painted minis (yet), but my cats love to play with my WotC minis, especially if I have them on my desk. Rocky, the brother, loves to pull things off of my desk with his paw. But only if I'm sitting there, and not (for whatever fevered reason has entered my undoubtedly unsound mind) petting him. He has to remind me that my hand has much more important things to do in terms of delivering scritches and belly rubs. Yeah, painting's gonna be fun with him. Man, it's hard to believe I haven't seen them for six months. Haven't had them living with me for nearly a year. I can't wait to get back to the states and get them back.
  18. Thanks, all! Once I get settled in again, I'll get some paints and supplies from the local hobby store, and post pictures as I go.
  19. So, like a lot of you, I expect, I've gotten into the Bones kickstarter. However, I've never actually pained minis before, so this is going to be a new experience for me. As soon as I get back from Afghanistan in a few weeks, I intend to start painting, so I have some practice when my rewards come in. Currently, thanks to an online deal I did a while back, I have six copies of four different pewter DCC minis (two kobolds, a druid, and a wererat with human form and rodent minions). Would you guys recommend I start practicing with these, or should I go straight to grabbing some Bones from my FLGS to start with? Basically, how much technique from the pewter figures will transfer over to the Bones? Will I need to unlearn anything working with the bones (aside from primer)? EDIT: Crap, I meant to post this in the advice and tips forum.
  20. Joined just to toss this link here. I started a thread on the Pinnacle forums. http://www.peginc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=36203 EDIT: Okay, standard hyperlink code does not work here. Must remember this...
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