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  1. Not quite at the same rate...well, not even close to the same rate. RoW provided around 25% or so of the total daily pledges (based on time zones and peak activity). We would see an uptick as European backers woke up and did their day to day grind following a slowing during the evening hours as the peak activity band went from Australia/East Asia across the relative gaming dead zones of central Asia and the Middle East. I havent been watching the hourly numbers as closely this time around, but what I have seen so far seems to repeat last years activity cycles. There really hasnt been a
  2. Just a bit of speedballing, but there is in fact another reason that Early Bird specials could be handy...to set records and make news. The key to a successful Kick Starter is to make as much noise as possible. The fastest way to do that is to break existing first day records, total funding records and even crash the KS servers again. I would need to look, but I think the first day record is somewhere around $1,600,000 or so (elevation dock). Taking the number two slot from Double Fine would be a huge coup for Reaper but would need a million and change on the first day. If Reaper we
  3. But Reaper are not CMoN. I wont go into details, but that is a good thing. If Reaper has a path set out, they will honor it, not bank the cash.
  4. Come now, won't it be fun to harass Bryan for not having the next stretch goal posted every 5 minutes? Realistically though, the initial influx of backers generally happens over the first few days depending on things like Early Bird packages as well as how fast the word goes out to previous backers. I wouldnt be too surprised to see close to $1,000,000 on that first day...but I would still be surprised. Plus, things like stretch goals flying by are good for getting the word out. If someone says Reaper raised $200,000 in the first 4 hours, the response might be "So?" If they are told th
  5. You will always have much wailing and gnashing of teeth from some people, and I am sure anything that is released will cause that to some degree. Even the start/end date will set some people off (do it later so I have Birthday money, do it sooner because I am going on vacation then...). Personally, I am largely indifferent. I would like more dragons, but have more dragons than I need. I cant really think of a strong position I have other than rumblings and mumblings I have heard elsewhere indicate an untapped market for wargamers that Bones would serve nicely, though that would give a lot
  6. Wouldn't you rather have something bigger and better? Better...sure. Bigger? Not so sure. While big K is interesting, that is getting into furniture sizes and it becomes less useful. The existing metal dragons are a great size IMO, and while I have shelled out the peanuts to get them all, I would likely pick up several more in Bones, and they would be used for more than keeping the shelf they sit on in place. Even with pins and epoxy gluing them together, I dont like to mess around with big metal too much. Fear of snapping off a wing or other part leaves them relegated to the display she
  7. The thing to keep in mind on a lot of figures is why they might not be on the top 100 list. Dragons for example will never get there in metal. Not because no one wants dragons, but at $50+ for a dragon, most people buy just one and then sub it for all the different dragons they might need (that REALLY is a green dragon, it is just fall...so the scales have turned color and it looks red). In Bones, I would not be surprised if a couple of the dragons make it into top 100 or even top 50 sales volumes. The same applies to a lot of other bigger items like giants and what not. Very good look
  8. I think your math might be 'slightly' off on how many miniatures need to be fixed... Yah, math while math overloaded from FY issues...move the decimal over to the left a few spots. In any case, 6,000 or so is still a ton of potential problems at a very high rate of accuracy. More likely that it would be something closer to 3 or 4%. I know one of our warehouse specialists is very happy with 99.1% accuracy and they do nothing but logistics.
  9. SOD is short hand for shortage/overage/damaged. Refers to all the fixes they are dealing with, not the original orders... Even at 0.1% error rate, that would still mean fixing a few hundred thousand miniatures give or take a few ten thousand or so. Mind boggling numbers really...which makes me laugh a bit when people get a little bent into pretzels when they complain that Reaper hasnt fixed their order yet and it had been a week since they emailed them about it.
  10. I'll second that... I'm guilty of this very thing in the last KS. While the KS was running I was pretty vocal about wanting to pledge for multiples of the "Free Vampire add-ons" like the Dungeon Attack. In the beginning, I wanted to really bulk up on my horde ranks. But as the KS developed, the funds that I had earmarked for extra DA or extra Fire It Up started to get moved over to other add-ons because of the cool factor and an educated guess that the bigger add-ons would be a better value. I'd like to cite 2 examples here of people in huge numbers saying they want (or Don't want) X but
  11. All of this talk of other stuff made me miss the original question, what is a PC versus what is a mob... For me, the PCs figures are things that a player might play as there character...pretty simple, huh? But that is a huge range of different things. In a straight D&D style game, it would be mostly humanoid (or centoid), mostly human sized - a little bigger or a little smaller, mostly intelligent and mostly free willed. This knocks out big things, animals, most the undead, summoned or created things and furniture. However, we have played campaigns using the Giantcraft rules for gi
  12. Ral Partha 3 Stage figures. Another take on the same concept can be seen from Harwood Hobbies http://www.harwoodhobbies.com/ Instead of a progression over levels you have a progression through the Apocalypse. The first figure might be a normal civilian on her way to work. The second is a bit frazzled wielding a weapon of some form. The third being a zombie. They also do some which have a Lovecraftian bent, so the final one is a crazy person. Of course, when considering series figures, you can not forget mounted and on foot of the same figure. Partha did a lot of those back
  13. When considering how many of what type you want/need, dont forget that the price point of Bones also kicks the door down on an entirely new (well, not entirely new...but one which has been secondary for Reaper) batch of customers...the Wargamer. How many different orcs does an RPG gamer need? 9 is probably sufficient. However, if a wargamer is looking to put together an army of orcs for use with a set of rules like Battlesystem (old school TSR rules), they might need 100 total figures. That will mean at a minimum you will have 11 duplicates of all the figures and 12 of one. 9 orcs real
  14. There is a lot potentially going on. You have the time between the coats of paint and being sealed in the ziplock. Acrylics take several days to completely remove all the water from them, lacquers (Dullcote) and enamels (primer) will also outgas and cure at a rate slower than most people realize. If you seal all of that into the bag and let it stew, the top most paint can become tacky again. You also have the interaction of a primer and bones. We know that not all primers work well with the vinyl miniatures, so a minor bad reaction might be being made worse with no where for the sol
  15. Not sure where the conclusion of ABS comes from...ABS can and is thermoformed on a daily basis, both on the industrial scale to make things like dash boards and bumpers and the hobby scale to make LARP armor and cosplay gear. It really takes heating and forming in much the same way as other thermo plastics like PVC and polystyrene. Differences in surface texture are releated to the finish of the mold more than the material. Highly polished molds result in highly polished surfaces (see plumping PVC). Less refined molds and dies result in a somewhat rougher surface. Casting temperature o
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