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  1. HeroForge Custom Meh Minis? You have a character which truthfully is meh so have a custom meh mini for it.
  2. At most the one looks angry because he has to drink from that little mug due to his ogre like tusks.
  3. The historical long house besides being visually boring on the outside IMO would likely show print lines more don't you think?
  4. I wonder if I had two of #10 and painted her in stone colors and put a stone or wooden beam/header over them if it would make a great entrance to a temple or drinking hall?
  5. Another interesting Midlam Kickstarter. Most of the time sets of cultists do not interest me, sure I may want one to three of the sculpts but I know I will not use 12 sculpts of dagger holding Ku Klux Klan nuts. But this set looks like many will work as not just cultist but as normal priestess, and devout followers. Plus I love the inclusion of #12 one does not find minis in a kneeling pose often.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2004599158/bugbear-tribe/description
  7. I love the idea of custom minis but I wish HeroForge would increase it's selection of medieval, ancient and fantasy clothing 300% or 400%? I design characters and there are not enough options for medieval, ancient and fantasy clothing to make three or four different characters of the same class look really different.
  8. I figured he opened the KS just in case the critical comments did not voice the true thoughts of all potential backers, once it became obvious that those critical comments did voice the majority of potential backers he closed it. I just hope they have better luck with Mythic Battles Ragnarök
  9. Well I bought Mythic Battles. Pantheon just for the minis even if it is a high rated game, so if this means I can get just the minis for Mythic Battles Ragnarök I am all for it.
  10. I take it you are still not authorized to show sculpts in progress?
  11. I do not think you will need too, I have seen cheap PPM where the head had a plastic pole or spine that fit into the body making it attached but still removable. If Wizkids can do that I do not see why Reaper could not.
  12. I wonder if as she pummels you with her weapon, it says "I'm the maul, I'm the maul, I'm the maul"
  13. According to the Ancient Romans the Roman God Pan did die around 2,000 thousand years ago. My personal opinion is the Ancient Greek Pan and his buddy Dionysus are as alive as they ever were, and I would love to have Reaper do statues/minis of them. I would welcome a Greek Odyssey 2 and 3 as the original Greek Odyssey expansion set is a good start.
  14. I think the render Halfling gained weight after eating the concept Halfling.
  15. Well what ever you do, don't let Dionysus die or there won't be any good drink for the wake/celebrations after the conflict.
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