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    Unless the boxes I am waiting for from his last kickstarter arrive before this one finishes I won't be backing. Completely motivated by the decision I made not to back any kickstarters from companies I'm still waiting for product from than any specific concern here.

    That's where I am too, especially considering he is basically a one man show, any work on the new kickstarter is time not fulfilling the previous one.


    This is not true however. He does packing and shipping during the workday, and watches the KS in the evenings when he's home. The new KS will not interfere with his current shipping. You can't expect him to be packing 24/7. He's already putting in a lot of effort and time in his spare time. The entire preperation for the zombie KS has been done in the evenings and weekends. I know, because I helped him.


    I for one will be backing again. Very happy with his product.

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  2. Lots of great ideas here.

    I'd love to see more translucent bones. Blue ones this time, especially an Air Elemental and a Water Elemental, both lesser and greater. We already have the lesser and greater fire elementals in clear red, and the optional greater earth elemental. One of the golems will be my lesser earth elemental.


    I'd also like some more trolls. Reaper has great troll models.


    Also, more classic D&D monsters, like the shambling mound, bullywogs, displacement beasts etc.

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  3. just in at the KS comments page:

    Bryan Stiltz 20 minutes ago

    We have confirmed that the final Container is in the USA, and are simply waiting for clearance from customs. The chances of serious snafu's shrink with each completed step.


    Sweet!!! I hope I'll get my package before my birthday on the 4th of july. That would be so cool :D


    And Kaladrax weighs over 1kg??? that's insane! A (large) mini that weighs more than a liter bottle of coke? omg, how big IS this thing?

  4. Couldn't you simply add some dishwashing soap to the boiling water? Wash and heat them at the same time.

    Then rinse them in the ice water.


    Good to know there might be errors, and how to fix bent bones. Thanks!

  5. From the KS comments page:


    Sophie and Paints will ship next month [september 2012].

    Everything else will ship approximately March of next year, 2013.

    You can request that everything ships in March of next year when you respond to your backer survey.

    Fantastic! That will save some cash on customs that I can spend on options! :D

  6. Is there also a way to add insurance to the shipment? And how much would that cost? Can't seem to find any info on that. Would hate to see my Vampire pledge get "lost" due to some shipping company employee's carelessness (or greedyness).

    And what happens if your package never arrives?


    edit: Thanks Reaper for sending me an email. If anyone else needs an answer, just send them a questin via pm or via the kickstarter Bones homepage.

  7. I made some posts on two Dutch forums. One is about tabletop gaming, warhammer and M:TG and such: Vlieg-er-uit, the other is a GuildWars 2 Dutch speaking community, but has an offtopic section for all sorts of games.

    Just trying to get more people involved ;)

    okay scratch the Vlieg-er-uit forum, as the owner didn't approve of topics on mini's being sold by other companies. Vlieg-er-uit is a games shop that sells mostly table-top boardgames and warhammer. A shame really.

  8. I have a large bookcase with books obviously, but it also has a section with 2 glass doors. Both doors span 5 shelves (plus the bottom) so I have 6 shelves where I can place stuff on display as it were. One shelf has all my miniature painting stuff, the rest has various things such as model kits, statuettes and some collectable action figures. It's perfect for miniatures even though none are in mine atm.


    As my miniatures are mostly used for HeroQuest, I've made a custom wooden box to store the game in, all accessories, cards, the game boards and miniatures, with extra room for future mini's.



  9. I am not sure about the logistics of combining internet orders and kickstarter orders...


    With over 3,000 orders and climbing, finding your order and matching it to your pledge will be like finding a needle in a haystack, and I cannot promise we can do it.

    That sounds logical. I'll just pledge "regular" Vampire level then, perhaps with some Kickstarter extra's such as the Miniature storage case.


    But please let me know if matching additional orders can be done. A good idea perhaps would be to simply up your pledge with the cost of the miniature's you'd want to order along with the bones, and fill out the form with those order numbers. Because then I can still up my pledge for the appropriate amount before the Kickstarter project ends, and fill in the mini's I'd like in your survey. If not, then so be it. Perhaps I'll get lucky and some miniatures from my list might get added to the Vampire level ;)


    (these would the the mini's I'd be interested in ordering along with the bones pledge:)

    02328: Lorath, Orc Shaman (€4.49)

    14060: Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage (€4.12)

    03179: Roshtand the Green, Arch Druid (€4.49)

    77004: Cave Troll (€1.72)

    77009: Werewolf (€1.49)

    77013: Minotaur (€2.62)
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