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  1. That's weird! Those D&D boardgame miniatures are exactly the same as the ones from the DragonStrike boardgame! Horrible mini's imo :P I own a DragonStrike boardgame, just for the cool boards that came with the game (and does anyone remember the videotape, in "hyperreality"? o man what a laugh)
  2. Is it also possible to pledge Vampire, plus buy some regular (old) bones or even other metal miniatures from your website, and have them sent in 1 package? I've got my eye on Vampire, but also some old bones and some other mini's from the shop. If that's possible, I'll just add up the costs of the miniatures from the shop, and add that to the $100,- vampire pledge, plus $25,- shipping to Europe (I hope that the $25 will cover everything, as I won't be adding a lot of mini's) Keeping a spreadsheet is a good idea! that way I can fill in that info in the survey. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for this clear explanation. It almost makes me want to go to customs and explain to them the joys of miniatures and painting them, and explain to them the difference between an Elf and a Human :P yes, almost. And thanks for the mentioning on the forum tip ;) PS: did you SEE the giant cave under the Tomb just now on the kickstarter page? Holy [email protected] batman! There's still tons of stuff to unlock!!!
  4. There is only one problem, the duty office want normally the receipt and a proof of payment. If I pledge for vampire level including options up to 300$, they will see on the proof of payment that I will have to pay more VAT. Is it possible to write a message about it in the survey which we will get after the project ended? Well, Reaper states that if you pledge for Vampire level, then that is worth $100,-. If your additional options are each under $100,- seperately, then the amount on the receipt will still be $100,-. But it must fit in one shipment! So the best thing to do would be to ask Reaper what you want to pledge plus which options you'd like, and ask if that's possible in one shipment, so the receipt will show only $100,- Correct me if I'm wrong ;-) And yes, that would be a good idea to put in the survey. Both the Sophie shipping along with the rest, and having extra options in one shipment.
  5. Well, I was planning on pledging only the Vampire deal, plus perhaps the Figure Case to store them all in. There's one thing though: So basically, the single Sophie model, worth $25 seperately, will ship sooner?? Wouldn't it be better to ship the Sophie biker model along with the entire Vampire package? It's only 1 model, and it would save a LOT on customs. Or will they only ship the Wraith level sooner in the US? Because hey, Reaper, do me a favour and wait until the whole package is complete and ready for shipping, and send it to me in 1 go, so I'll only have to pay taxes over the $100,- amount. I really don't need Sophie to get here before the rest, as that would only cost me taxes xD I hope they realize this. Would be logical. I'd request Reaper to send it all in one package in the survey, just to be sure though. Maybe they mean that it will ship sooner if you only pledged Wraith level, and if you pledged Vampire, they'll send everything in march anyway, but it doesn't read that way...
  6. I've read that, but I still fail to understand how this means that if I buy some extra stuff on top of my pledge for the Vampire level, it won't get declared at all... unless I've read your post wrongly (and I am now thinking I did), and you meant that ONLY the extra stuff is not declared and taxed, as the Vampire pledge is the highest pledge, so the package will be marked worth $100,- and not more, so the extra stuff on top of the vampire pack is not taxed. That's probably what you meant. I was hoping I missed something and somehow could get the entire deal without import taxes :)
  7. You're going to have to explain that to me, because I don't understand. How would that work? Would extra miniatures do, or the storage case (which looks super)? :O
  8. Thanks for that! Well, for a $100,- Vampire pledge plus $25,- shipping, that would equal €101,30 over which 19% VAT will be calculated = €19,25. Then the post office will calculate €12,50 handling costs, totalling in €133,05 ($164,17) maximum. That kinda sucks... I'm going to have to pay 64% more just because I live in Europe. I wish Reaper had an office in Europe. But I'm still tempted though, those mini's are simply awesome. I guess I'll have to try and sell some mini's off to earn some money back, if that's allowed, that is... I'll wait a few more days and see what gets added to the vampire level ;) gogo pledgers! I simply love Reaper's sculpts so it's really still worth it. Thanks again Bob!
  9. Hi! I'm new on the forums, and found this thread about customs. I've heard all kinds of different stories about orders from Reaper that were shipped to Europe. I live in the Netherlands, and I'm thinking about buying the current Bones kickstarter "Vampire" deal. The thing is, I've read about someone's order from Reaper never getting delivered because it was stopped by customs. I've also read that people had no trouble at all. I just want to be sure that when I order, the shipment will get through, and if it should get stopped at customs, how much that would cost me extra. Is there anyone who can point me in a direction to find out about this? Experiences with Dutch orders? Thanks! I hope I can become a backer too! Sjeng.
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