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  1. I'm also on a low budget in the moment, but if not during the KS, I'm sure in the next few months I'm able to get everything. About the renderings, don't forget that renderings often loose something after they are made into molds, so some details could look better as the renderings.
  2. Hi, you have a nice project here. :-) Could you do me a favor and measure the size of the reaper bones police box?
  3. This time I will only get the exclusives. No other stuff. there are 2 other KS PM closing + Star Saga KS. And I want the Suicide Squad Box Set from Knight Models. I do not know how to recover from it.
  4. I think that Harley was also a focal point together with Deadshot. I loved the Joker played by Leto. I liked Jack Nickelson more and Heath Ledger (R.I.P.) not at all as Joker. I would like to see more of Leto as Joker, i think there is much potential. But DC has a real problem making non-animated movies about their heroes. I love the animations, but dislike nearly all their non-animation movies and series. Suicide Squad had some weak points, but liked that the villains are not the ultimate evil. I watched it twice, now.
  5. So Dinosaur Cowboys would maybe something for you.
  6. Are more poses and differences planned for the plastic gobbos?
  7. I was little surprised not to find a post about this one: Cretacea: The game of gargantuan survival It is a rule set to play skirmish games with Dinosaurs. Sadly no minis. It is 1:100, but I'm sure it should be possible for 28-32mm, too.
  8. The d-ray will be out of a welding rod and part of the eye stalk. Same as the petrification eye stalk which hits Sir Forscale. (I wonder how hard it would be to bend spring steel.) Maybe the desintegration ray hit the victim and but the desintegration starts not where the victim was hit. But I need first to get a new mini for this. It should be out of metal. I had some trouble reinforcing the bones Sir Forscale till he hold the beholder. :-) If I do it ever again, I will use aluminium foil for big beholders, not a wooden ball, to make it less heavy.
  9. I would really like to support this and further projects from him. But I do not like it that Andrea made a Advances rule set instead of updating the old books. I bought all earlier fantasy versions (SBH, SDG, SGD, SWW) and 8-9 others. I do not like how he avoided it that we got the updated versions with renaming it AdvancedSBH.
  10. There are 6-9 Minis I like in the moment. Pin-up Skyclad Winter Niska X X Dawn X X X Aneira X Boudi X Glory X Bambi X Dawn in Skyclad only because I wanted to choose one, but there is no real reason to take her. I would like to get a male who Dawn just kicked, you know where... :-) It is a shame that the animals/monsters will be only in resin. :-( It would like to see a more less thin mini. I never had a pregnant mini in 28-32mm. I would be totally in for a nude female goblin. :-)
  11. Just saw the thread and though "Oh, Season 4 is starting", but it was only Zombicide: Black Plague. Is it possible to remove the 4 out of the title? It has nothing to do with Z:BP, which will get Season 2 soon (Ok, or later, they are working on it.).
  12. I have other pictures in mind if I hear 'draconian'...
  13. In the moment I'm in. I need only to get a 3D-printer sooner or later!
  14. In the moment I have a small issue with the 3rd beholder. He doesn't want to be on a base. The super glue doesn't hold it very long. So I though of making a disintegrating ray. But where this ray hit something, the disintegrating process would start there and the ray would touch nothing and nothing holds the beholder.... :-)
  15. Do they still have hair on their feet? I really want them, but I shouldn't and luckily can't...
  16. 2nd step-by-step posting. I couln't put all pictures in one post. Sorry. First time I started to make eye-stalks: This is B1 Forming the tongue for B2 Also B1 get a tongue and eye balls on the stalks. You can see in the next pictures I put hotglue on the rest of the body and eye-stalks. Als make visible veins. y.B. get eyestalks. B3 is also with a completed face. B3 will have a nearly closed mouth. B3 and B2 get also eye-stalks. This time I did not make the eye balls out of green stuff. I'm not sure, but I think I will give B1 also these pearls instead of the GS-Balls Sir Forscale will get petrified. He got hit by a beam.
  17. I tried to put the pictures in a order into a step-by-step-like guide. I put a small metal ball in the hole of the wooden ball. It was in the center, so for further steps, I hold the ball more like in the third picture. So it is little higher. ] The left one could be the ball for the Great Mother. The left one is normal adult beholder size. I'm not sure if I will do the Great Mother. First steps making the face. The alu-foil-ball will be a young beholder with only four eye-stalks. The adult Beholder is in truth Beholder 2 (B1), not the first (B1) I made. Sadly little blurry, further step to form the B2 and y.B. face. Also the next few pictures. B2 get teeth. To show the differences in size of these 2 beholders Also y.B get milk teeth. :-) Forming B2 lower jaw. Same with y.B., but with less steps.
  18. Is there a nude bathing female goblin included. :-) Still looking for one for my small Bob the Beholder & Gren Razortooth diorama. (Not expecting it!!!) But I'm curious about this KS anyway. Not sure if I can afford to back it, but I will follow it's progress.
  19. I wish there would be a SG for hard plastic versions. I wonder if he will make Halfling ghouls, zombies and ghosts. Flesh&Vegetable-Golems made out of food. :-) I think few undead Ogres would fit also in this theme. Halfings and Ogres are both big eaters. .)
  20. I knew there is a competition! So many new Sir Forscale pictures in the forum, this had to be the reason. I got friday my first Sir Forscale, I must check if I can paint him today.
  21. >>Frame-Werx<< offer files for Laser-Cutting or 3D-Printing. Out of these files it is possible to make buildings with roof or not. For Fantasy, modern or SciFi games. 3" SUARE BASED GAMES: or OPEN TABLETOP GAMES: As an addon are also incl. files to make buildings for smaller grid games such as: Arcadia Quest, Masmorra, Super Dungeon Explore and others. I find this interesting, but I'm not sure how much it will cost to get these printed or laser-cutted, so I need to find out about it in my area where I live.
  22. They said in the comments they are from base to head 1 1/2". I would guess this would make them ~32-33mm (modern zombicide size), eventually bigger. Does anyone know if a later pledge is possible with the release of the PM?
  23. For me the only interesting minis are the berserkers. The trolls could be better detailed.
  24. If they get more and more interesting miniatures, I'm eventually interested.
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