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  1. John Bear Ross

    Putting Together A GW Castellan Imperial Knight

    Thanks! The paint job is simple and utilitarian, much like myself. ;) The kit itself was a beautiful thing. Very precise tolerances and details I could appreciate as a designer. Even more so, when you consider it's injection molded. Best, JBR
  2. Howdy! I recently put together a GW Castellan Imperial Knight for WH40K. Full build here at the link... https://johnbearross.blogspot.com/2019/06/putting-together-castellan-imperial.html Best, JBR
  3. John Bear Ross

    CAV Dictator 128mm

    No worries as far as more pics are concerned. It sounds like you've already got your work cut out for you. Congrats on son number two! Best, JBR
  4. John Bear Ross

    CAV Dictator 128mm

    BTW, KADOW, do you mind if I use your pics in a post on my blog? Best, JBR
  5. John Bear Ross

    CAV Dictator 128mm

    Wow! A beautiful relic from the past. Congrats! My apologies for that slip up from 2002/2003. 15 years is a long time to not be able to finish a kit because of my goof. Here's the instructions in PDF format. Thanks to Chrome for alerting me to the lack of instructions. It took a little bit to dig through my archives to find it. Enjoy! Original 28mm/1-60th Scale Dictator Instructions In PDF Best, John Bear Ross
  6. John Bear Ross

    CAVSO True Scale

    You know how touchy we sensitive artist-types can be. ;) Best, JBR
  7. John Bear Ross

    CAVSO True Scale

    The Despot was not a copy of the M1 Abrams. Influenced? Sure. Why not. But not an obvious copy, as was stated above. It started as a sci-fi Brazilian Osorio with a missile launcher in the top deck of the turret with Challenger 2 proportions, and morphed into its own from there. Best, JBR
  8. John Bear Ross

    CAVSO True Scale

    I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not about me. I was always bewildered by the "blister scale" decision, and hoped to avert it being used as a reference point. I was happy when the TrueScale models were going too be used, since Bones material made the original-sized models affordable and possible. When the cram-down 37mm Despot started being toted as being a canon size around which everything would be based, alarm bells went off. It's like seeing the Las Vegas Eiffel tower being used as a historical reference point when you know the real thing is over in Paris. Cavboss and Reaper peeps, Pardon my uncouth intervention. The offer for files still stands. Best, JBR
  9. John Bear Ross

    CAVSO True Scale

    You're figuring off bad data, which is not your fault, since it wasn't your call to do the " two to a blister" size reduction which created all this TrueScale heartache. See the post above. The 37mm size was a cram-down from the original. It was sculpted to be a CAV-hunter at 47mm hull length, 60mm overall. I am not trying to second guess you or show you up, but rather presenting you with the original sizes and files, not the misinterpretations. If you need the original files and sizes, I have archived files of the sculpts I was assigned. Best, JBR
  10. John Bear Ross

    CAVSO True Scale

    As-sculpted, the Despot was 47mm in hull length. The 37mm version was the "cram two in the blister" version. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56777-cav-so-model-distribution/?p=950763 Edit to add: Cavboss, if you need access to the original .3dm files and dimensions/sizes, I have most of them archived and available. Best, JBR
  11. John Bear Ross

    CAV Scale Reference Gallery (pic heavy)

    Seeing them in True Scale will be nice. They would be magnificent in 15mm/1-100th scale, too. Here's the Wolverine and Despot, for example. http://johnbearross.blogspot.com/2012/06/cav-tanks-rescaled-in-15mm1-100th.html Best, JBR
  12. John Bear Ross

    CAV-SO Model Distribution

    I just went back into my .3dm archives. The original model as I sculpted it was 47mm hull length (tread unit's length), 60mm overall. The pictured metal Despot is a scaled-down, two-to-a-blister miniaturization from the original. I was trying to make a sci-fi version of Brazil's Osorio MBT with the Despot, but a lot of M1 Abrams snuck in to my head during the sculpt. The Despot was originally intended to be a CAV-eating beast. Best, JBR
  13. John Bear Ross

    CAV: SO Powered Armor Preview

    Who's the sculptor? Nice stuff. Best, JBR
  14. John Bear Ross

    What Scale is True Scale?

    The grey render version above looks like it's from the very first CAV Dictator I did, back in 2001. The sample white Bones Dictators I have look like they're a '70 Dictator, which was a shrink-down/fused digital sculpt of mine, based on the 1/60th scale "Bigtator" I did under license in the early 2000s. Best, JBR
  15. John Bear Ross

    What Scale is True Scale?

    Or 38 to 57 mm. Is that measuring from bottom of stompy 'foot' to top of top-most rocket launcher? -- Going forward we measure a mini size wise from the bottom of their foot to the top of their torso or shoulder (whichever is higher). We do not include weapons and their mounts. Here is a Dictator B scaled out with the Bones version and a infantry soldier next to it. Hoo, boy, that's an old build. Was this on a Throwback Thursday? Wayback Wednesday? ;) I would have loved the chance to clean up some of those old sculpts. It's like looking at bulk-outs before a detail pass. Maybe a few stretch goals on the KS can be 1/100th scale (~15mm) deluxe editions, with reworked, high-rez prints... http://johnbearross.blogspot.com/2014/09/reapers-cav-kickstarter.html Good luck. Best, JBR