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  1. After 3 months of silence, we finally got an update with a fair amount of good news. I really like how the Eastern Adventures Pack shaped up. I'm still glad I cut down from 10 minis to the theme pack. They seem pretty good with details, but struggle with cohesion throughout the model. This may or may not be due to the sheer number of people working on the miniatures.
  2. I'm glad the creator made an update after 3 months. I'll be happier when he makes an update with information in it.
  3. Unless they have a free-for-all level that gets the stretch goals, I doubt I'm getting in on this one. I like some of the uniques and heavies. The troops cost too much for generic troops and don't really interest me.
  4. The kicker is those are the exact same two crappy sculpts they threw in last time and I had the impression the package was to get rid of inventory on those then... For the most part though, it's good stuff...it just fluffs the retail value of the stuff that matters.
  5. I've had way too much overtime recently to sit down and make sure I get everything I want in the pledge manager. I *think* next weekend is early enough to keep my early bird.
  6. Sae


    The change is better for the game and sets them up for an awesome expansion...but I really want that dragon now.
  7. With all the kickstarters going on, the iterative nature of their kickstarters kept me from backing this one. Maybe some other time.
  8. I'm spending too much money. I'm not going to look....they have an elf lady on a tiger mount? hmmm...
  9. Sae


    Looks like they're expanding their miniature selection to the Kami.
  10. I think the scale will be slightly off, but my Heroclix Kaiju are going to have a match against my CAV some day.
  11. I threw in $200 on day 1. Did the math this morning. Realized I wanted $175 in stuff that was funded and left it with the expectation something would get added at the last minute.
  12. "If you've been keeping up to date, the Sacred 40 are complete and are in the process of manufacture production. This campaign's 9 box sets has all final renders completed and 8 of the 9 boxes have finalized master molds. We're waiting on the last master molds to come in to be approved before sending it to production. Once it's ready to go, it's time for mass production."
  13. Sae


    They are currently gauging interest in miniature only boxes for those who go that route. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greenbriergames/yashima-legend-of-the-kami-masters/posts/998074
  14. Song of Blades and Heroes is a good simple war game for use with any Reaper models you've got.
  15. That seems a bit too technological for what are otherwise very magic-heavy Queens, though. Couldn't they just fling a spell to the same effect, if they're that powerful? Sufficiently high level magic is indistinguishable from technology.
  16. This is my cure for the local gamers that try to make the game as realistic as possible (AKA Why?!?)
  17. I picked up that exact mini from the Wolsung KS. It kinda has the same issue as the half-dragons for this KS. The half dragons are cool, but there isn't anything indicating the other half is orc to tie it in.
  18. I hope the Adon and Ritterlich are next. They both have some sweet mechs. Temple has some appeal as the humanoid robots. I could've done without Malvernis, but they're half the base set. ;/ Glad we're finally getting to grav tanks and the aesthetic Terran designs (katana, ronin, and regent)
  19. The original 40 look done. They are about 75% done with the renders for the 2nd KS.
  20. I want the Behemoth, but I want that tree with the hand more. This keeps up and I'll actually be happy work is only giving me 1-2 days off each month *shudder*
  21. D&D/Pathfinder have taught me to never throw a weapon for any reason and those are the main fantasy RPG systems I've seen. YMMV
  22. I pretty much agree: Version A with Version B's boots. I'd prefer double of the axe though. (Personal dislike of mismatched weapons)
  23. I like how the Specter has the missile launcher as a separate piece. I wish they'd do that with all the missile pads since almost all the designs have different missile types for each shoulder (and the tall seems to be one the right side with the circular pad on the left). I prefer symmetric mechs (but don't want to force it on everyone) and I prefer to have a unit specialize in 1-2 things (which also makes resolving attacks faster in most systems).
  24. One reason I support the single month limit on posting these early.
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