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  1. what does MBA stand for? Edit: The question is pretty answered by what thread this got combined with.
  2. Sae


    The base game does come with the four miniatures on the main page. I wont argue that the $100 "best value" pledge is completely an investment at this point until they hit stretch goals.
  3. Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters A card-driven miniatures game. 2+ players customize their battle deck and engage in player vs. player or team vs. team combat Your custom Battle Deck is central to the game. Representing the martial arts skills of your Kami Master bound to the powers of your chosen Kami spirit, the Battle Deck is not only the source of your attack and defense techniques, but also your life force. As you play cards from your hand, place them back on the bottom of your deck. But when you lose life, you discard.
  4. Cancelled with intent to try again next month. I'm hoping the extra polish + extra work on their other kickstarters give them a better go around next time.
  5. They can claim anything they want to. Defending that claim is rather harder. (See the recent debacle of their attempt to claim "Space Marine".) Unfortunately, even the threat of a frivolous lawsuit is enough to stop most kickstarter projects. If they had money to defend themselves in court, they wouldn't be here.
  6. It's hard to be sad I don't want something when I already want 6 figures for a 5 figure pledge...
  7. I'd like a hefty female brawler with dual punching daggers http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/punching%20dagger/latest/14089 Bonus points for doing an uppercut.
  8. THERE WILL BE KITTIES aliuoijfanlsdlfjiasijdflkjaiosdjflkmn Huzzah! --OneBoot :D On one hand, I have ninja cats coming. On the other hand, I have no druid or ranger cats so I can pick up a half-orc with the improved animal companion feats. I was WAY closer than I ever thought I'd be...and that easily goes in as my top pick.
  9. I think I'd help quite a bit for Reaper to at least mention their new kickstarter during their monthly kickstarter update.
  10. We could use a single picture of an old CAV, a bones CAV, and SGT Forscale.
  11. I like everything but the cockpit. It looks too much like a simple tube.
  12. THERE WILL BE KITTIES aliuoijfanlsdlfjiasijdflkjaiosdjflkmn Huzzah! --OneBoot :D On one hand, I have ninja cats coming. On the other hand, I have no druid or ranger cats so I can pick up a half-orc with the improved animal companion feats.
  13. Since the game is faction centric, I'm surprised the miniatures don't have the faction tags in the store. Looking some more, the tags are a WIP.
  14. I might be able to sell a DM on letting me roll intimidate instead of cooking. hmmm
  15. I initially supported the bartender the most, but a half orc barbarian that acts like their main purpose in the party is to cook would be funny. (Actual cooking skill optional)
  16. It looks like people sleep in on a holiday. Since when does this happen?!?
  17. This is funding kinda slowly. It might take 15 minutes or so.
  18. You just made me think of one of the horrible robots with high heels and giant cones. I'm not sure Bones would get the detail at the scale this is supposed to be.
  19. "These guests have loaned us a part of their hearts, and have hand-picked someone from their gaming universe to go toe-to-toe against Bruce and Brandon Lee." I haven't seen any other kickstarter with updates that have exceeded expectations as much as these guys. When projects are determined by quality, cost, and time and I can only pick two, I'll let time slip. Especially with all the kickstarter miniatures I already have coming my way.
  20. Since 1/4 still qualified as half, I wanted to play as a half celestial half dragon half demonic halfling. I haven't had a DM allow it yet. Maybe I should use half orc as a compromise for half demonic.
  21. As cool as many ideas are, I think they are going for a cohesive aesthetic. I'm sure they'll have a few surprises, but I'm pretty sure most of the stuff we'll see is on the list already. There are 87 CAV figures. Most are larger than a standard D&D character. Simply porting over everything they have would be a success, IMO.
  22. We tend to discourage speculation of this sort. For one, to do that, we must accept that there is a specific "one of everything" ceiling that we *will* hit for sure where that level is a good value compared to just getting one of everything, and that if we do not hit that threshold, nobody will ever take it, and if we go beyond it, everybody will1. For two, if the idea becomes popular with readers of these forums, but for various reasons not limited to those above we decide not to do it, we suddenly somehow become 'bad guys' for failing to do something we had never intended to do. 1: Let us suppose for one moment that we declare this to be $200, get everything. At the outset, this is a terrible level. You just paid more than the other backers, and get the same thing. Nobody takes this level. After a given number of levels, it's suddenly equal value to what regular backers would pay, and backers start taking it. If we reach any other stretch goals, then suddenly it's an obvious savings, and now everybody does it, and we never again receive the infusion of cash from 'add-ons', or if not 'never', than at least 'less often'. And as much as new backers are a huge chunk of KS funding, add-ons are also a significant source of funding, and to remove them from the equation and 'force' all backers into one level hurts our ability to raise funds to pay for the tooling. worse yet, if we offer this in hugely limited quantities, other backers get very upset that we cannot make the same deal available to them. "it's not fair" etc. In PR terms, this would be a huge disaster for us. I've watched every part of this come true in different campaigns. It's even worse when you have a 'sweet spot' competing with completionist. Adding early birds makes it even more of a mess. It's pretty bad when you have a campaign reach 1000% funding and you have people wishing you'd restart because of the pledge level structure.
  23. It's getting to the point where each kickstarter takes the value out of the next one. As in, is this one different enough for me to justify it? Especially with all the competition just around the corner I haven't seen yet. When that's a recurring topic in multiple threads on whether or not to back a project, I fail to see how it is "off topic" on any KS thread.
  24. No points allowed for the ones I wanted :/ The wait continues.
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