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  1. The Robot Depot models all have notes next to them saying if a rescale is planned or not. Beyond that, I imagine it all depends on the degree of success of the kickstarter.
  2. The prospect of those minis getting added got me to put the project on 'remind'. I rather like their humans, but humans aren't really the focus of the line.
  3. I like the design notes saying which figures are getting rescaled. That was pretty much 100% of the figures I wondered why you'd drop them from CAV. I keep having friends tell me they want to do some large scale mech combat, but never wanted to buy the horde of mechs to start the collection (along with everything else). This is my foot in the door right here.
  4. She's $15 with free worldwide shipping. I'm on the fence for her and Wind. (I love floating spellcasters.)
  5. They pretty much did the miniatures in order of the concept art. They only started skipping around on renders while working on the new kickstarter. Only the original 40 look like they'll be ready to ship with the rest of the original kickstarter.
  6. I can roll with Heroclix sized figures. We have people using those in various games already. It's going to be full on Christmas when these show up.
  7. I kinda wish the sword was a separate piece from the lady of the lake so you could take the sword, but I think they promised one piece casting for those leery of putting together minis for a board game.
  8. I only kept conquerer because a friend expressed interest in playing the orcs when I really like the elves/elementals and the humans are 'ok'.
  9. Is it just me, or do kickstarters with multiple early bird levels have issues with people dropping pledges during the end of the campaign? It seems to give an early boost and then cast doubt on unlocking things you've already past at the end.
  10. It's...interesting that the vast majority of future miniatures is the expansion of the orc army. The part of the kickstarter people have been the most vocal about NOT wanting.
  11. Lorn is in explorer+ levels. The elemental and wolf are an addon (unlike many of the exclusives). I'm wishing the main pledge levels didn't demand I go in for the orcs. I'm wishing the main human heroine was either the caster or the archer. Running casters are rare. The archer using two arrows looks sweet. The sword and board looks vanilla. I think what I'd really like is an elemental pledge level where you got one of each elemental plus the awakened from each army. Pretty sure they wont take the army out of the army KS though.
  12. Male Barbarian - the stone axe "fits" better than the standard metal Male Druid - good druid minis are sparse Male Cleric - a young, immature cleric sticks out from the poised look most clerics have Male Wizard - a floaty wizard with fireballs? heck yes Female Rogue - looks comfortable in what could have been an awkward pose. She looks agile while standing still. Witch - I've contemplated getting Dark Sword's mage "sitting pretty" on stairs. She brings doom from a sitting position AND has a nice bit of scenery with her Male Privateer- a dashing rogue or a competent looking first mate. I particularly like the lack of a gun in hand. Blackbeard Male Pirate- generic enough he can be a gruff old man or leader of land-lubbers I had just gotten Hasslefree's Tiriel paladin in all three poses so I skipped the female paladins.
  13. Video games: Dead State Project Eternity Torment:ToN Divinity:OS Megatokyo - honestly backed because I read the web comic and never contributed there Project Phoenix - $20 Shantae Red Solstice Greywalkers 2017 $15 Shadowrun Shadowrun: Hong Kong Divinity:OS2 Books Better Angels Tenra Bansho Zero Fate Core OVA - pdf/book Feng Shui 2 Ninja Crusade pdf/book 7th sea Boardgames: Sedition Wars Galaxy Defenders Xia Dreadball Xtreme Krash Karts Albion's Legacy Return of the Dragon 45/165 Yashima Drakerys 185 CAV Fireteam: Zero Bloodrage Rise of the Kage Zombicide Middara- shipping Zero Agents 110 Defenders of the Last stand Battalia Others Sword and Sorcery Guards of Atlantis Sentinels of the Multiverse $70 shipping Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star This War Of Mine: The Board Game Rum & Bones: Second Tide Aeon's End Tanto Coure Massive Darkness Vampire Hunters $150 production Walking Dead No Sanctuary Mythic Battles: Pantheon Roller Derby Deep Madness production World of Smog 125 Relic Knights backerkit Rising Sun Gloomhaven Exceed Sentinels of Earth-Prime Street Masters backerkit Chronical X Miniatures: Reaper Bones Reaper Bones II Fairytale Games $140/240 Arcane Factories $55 Minx Wolsung StoneHaven (Halforcs) TGG2 2017 $280 Anime Miniatures Bones III StoneHaven (Halflings) Paralax Warband $50 prototypes Bombshell Babes Un-Renaissance : un-dead miniatures from Renaissance Sensible Shoes 2 Wizard Apprentices Tablescapes Dungeons $120 prototypes CAV 2 $150 prototypes Kev White shipping Stonehaven (Giants) Misc: Custom Dice Poster Maps of Mystery Capital City SciFi maps Hydra Dice Map pack 6 Dragon Playmats GNL Mats $75 production issues Poster Maps of the Forsaken Lands Six Sided Summoner: A ClockWise Dice Project Gaming Paper Megadungeon PolyHero Dice 29 Meanders Pewter Life Counter
  14. I like those tokens so much I'm thinking of picking up a game to go with them and some miniatures I just put up some money for...
  15. So it was you that won! It's why I got really, really quiet when people discussed the cost per miniature. Free =/= 15 CAD per. It makes you see how much of a steal the minis are here.
  16. Well, Minx WAS kind enough to give me a free pledge level on their kickstarter. That means I have money going into Minx's kickstarter 2.0 right here.
  17. Whenever minis have exchangeable parts, it's always something like a different weapon. I'd prefer if they had an alternative to someone holding a skull/head as that really changes the overall feeling you get looking at the miniature.
  18. It seems like one end is approaching it as a business and the other is doing it as a passion product with minimal returns. This could've helped Minx a great deal if they'd arranged for equal pricing.
  19. Sae


    It's amazing how a mailing list to potential customers boosts CMON's campaigns compared to other games on the same level even with CMON's history.
  20. I've seen the zombie as the smallest miniature in a different lineup. I feel they purposely selected miniatures with tiny unimpressive sculpts to make themselves look better without thinking many of us want the size comparison because we want the miniatures to be compatible with each other.
  21. I'm all for free stuff, but I'm wondering about all the free stuff as KS exclusives that are only included in some of the campaign and not available as addons. Maybe I should just think of them as filler between armies so the stretch goals aren't too far apart. Though the doubling up doesn't really support that: free/army free/free free free/army
  22. We need to buy more storage space is what we need. I was just down at the gaming area and one of the guys was talking about needing to get some more storage. He found 2 drawers he hadn't used yet in his area. It was like Christmas.
  23. When you go $60 for the army box you get $20 more toward another addon. Their pledge level discounted $15 from the pledge level and I'm pretty sure it wont include that extra $20 toward another addon so you wouldn't be missing anything.
  24. We have asked. The issue is they have a Human/Orc starter as the basis of the pledge levels. I added $60 for the elf army box (which will coincidentally get me the Lorn's elemental add-on I wanted with it), but I'd have preferred to drop all my add-on boxes from conqueror ($80) for the army ($60) I wanted.
  25. The miners aren't bad, but recently I've pledged with the hopes a given KS will have enough decent miniatures for a bundle by the end and been disappointed as often as not.
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