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  1. The team compositions (so it's easier to find than KS comments) Convicts: 3S 3J 2G Asterians: 4S 4J Sphyr: 4S 2J 2G Brokkrs: 2S 2J 4G Rebs: 2S, 2J, 2J, 2G Crystallans: 3J 5G Ada-lorena: 3S 2J 1G Tsudochan: 8J Hobgoblins: 2S 4J 1G (Hulk) Koris: 1S 5J 2G
  2. Does anyone have good pictures of the DBX teams in one place? I've seen pictures of teams Mantic hasn't bothered to show us around the internet (which seems weird for KS). I've only seen one figure I assume is a mutant player, but I'm not sure. It doesn't match the concept art so it might be part of their other lines.
  3. He could make $$$$ just by selling heads. Let alone separating the miniatures from the game.
  4. The Rampage pledge isn't set right. It has you pick a season 4 team (which it comes with all of them already) instead of season 6.
  5. "The approximate size of the Angel of Death - she'll stand just over 5 inches tall. ...The Redemption Engine isn't quite as tall, but it definitely is fairly wide. We've designed it to sit nicely on the 60mm round base that we're designing for it. The closest equivalent miniature on the market in terms of bulk and size would be Forge World's Contemptor Dreadnaught. She'll be a bit wider than that, and about the same height. " I was hoping they'd hit some more unlocks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop down to a Eastern Adventurer's bundle. I don't think I can justify a small squad of dragon monks (though they are awesome) when I'm getting in on Drakerys along with everything else.
  6. On one hand I've dropped KS for backpedaling on their figures. On the other hand, you're right. I'm hoping they start at the matriarch level of armor.
  7. I got in for the complete set last month through paypal after we'd seen a LOT more WIPs. The Big Bad Wolf tier wasn't available, but Iron John (KS minis+games) and Nutcracker Prince (all minis) are still excellent deals. They seem to be taking advice from Reaper: the main pledge has amazing value, but if you start going into addon breakdowns of the main pledges it'll cost you. (i.e. $10 per mini/$40 per game variant)
  8. By odd jobs, you mean paint KS minis for people.
  9. I begged for elemental humanoids during Reaper's kickstarter. This looks like it will fill that void nicely.
  10. I'm sad I missed this one, but I notice almost 100% of that is the alternative heads. The concepts gave me no indication I'd want much of anything beside the mechs (and shipping kills any reason to pick up just a couple figures). I'm kinda hoping they provide some method to pick up some figures from this KS when they do their next KS.
  11. They went with a harder plastic, just like Zpocalypse Aftermath also made by Greenbriar (who is making the fairytale minis)
  12. Thus my concern for plastic miniatures that have such detailed resin masters. How is quality being measured or watched over if they have to prepare for another kick starter too? Plus getting the cards and artwork out that is already over due from the previous battle royale kickstarter. I did like the card art approval update they had where they rejected the first three versions of the art. That gave me some faith in the quality department. I found another size comparison of the Zpocalypse zombie. The zombie is on the small size. I'm really hoping the distinction between the main base and the card holding base means it's removable though, since the main base already boosts the height of the mini so much.
  13. I think a lot of the uneven cost is redoing molds to make things better. With plastics the cost of a mold makes redoing the mold multiple times prohibitively expensive.
  14. From the size comparison, I think the typical 3% shrinkage for plastic from the master wont be a problem.
  15. I am curious why several companies have chosen resin for miniatures games as the material is very fragile.
  16. Street gang miniatures for use in modern or futuristic settings (shadowrun) 50002: Boris Barayev, Five Suns Smuggler Generic cloaked religious characters: Aglanda, Herald of Razmir Mounted/Unmounted characters would have a decent price point for bones. You are rather short on Druid options. Particularly male.: Tobias Winterhorn, Druid As well as monks: Jade Star, Female Monk I second a generic pirate: Blackreef Pirate Drow (varieties of weapons, clothing, armor, classes) Avriel
  17. The tribute to G.I.Joe should be the Vindo Vasher. (and have it actually be Snake Eyes) That episode was awesome.
  18. I don't think it'd be that bad. Going to 54mm lmight not even mean more than moving from a 25mm to a 30mm base, so the maps should grow by all that much. The playmats won't at all (theyre for cards). But 54mm would feel a lot more like a cool display figure. If you flip that, 32mm works with most table top games. Especially since these are humans and not monsters. I was just wondering about the other similar kickstarters making all the 54mm humans as a waste. To each their own.
  19. The low price makes it easy to back with everything else...but hard to hit stretch goals. Also:you wouldn't know it is semi-mini focused until after you click on the KS. I really wish kickstarter had a functional "miniatures" tag.
  20. A few companies have openly said kickstarters are huge sink or swim affairs that strain how quickly they can achieve goals and then leave them with lulls until the next kickstarter. When combined with the discounts people expect from the kickstarter, you can see why they want to leave something to help level out their sales.
  21. That's not accurate as it would appear you're dismissing the PDF's and prototype exclusive minis as having no value. A valid point. I focused only on the stuff I cared about. Doesn't change the math for me, but might for someone else.
  22. It feels weird to know the parts are cheaper than the sets until the sets acheive their unlocks. It makes it feel like the initial goal should've included the stretches.
  23. I'm happy they finally showed the customization of a character that didn't look disproportionate. That was the main reassurance I was looking for the entire campaign.
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