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  1. I can only be told a package is on its way so many times.
  2. They are all either kneeling or have excellent hats and thus mix more easily among lesser miniatures.
  3. I think I'd be appropriate for a character with a "dancing" shield. If your shield floated around on its own, you'd want a leash too.
  4. I like how they are on the borderline between old and undead.
  5. There are enough requests for fairy tale miniatures that you could look at acquiring the rights to the Fairytale Games: The Miniatures Campaign by Alexander Lim. It's a shame those renders will never see the light of day. 03360: Children of the Zodiac: Libra mecha-sophie Dwarf dual weilding mugs of ale dark elf antipaladin with the spider legs making her a (not) Queen of blades (not) Chunli doing her hand-stand fierce kick A halfling in a gi could double as a martial arts student. A feral halfling can double as a child raised alone in the woods. Speaking of wanting more angels I want ones with more dynamic poses like one whose wings are out like it's about to land. elemental humanoids (genasi) Maids armed to the teeth are an anime staple that doesn't seem to exist as far as minis are concerned.
  6. I want townsfolk, starting adventurer, epic versions of the same character
  7. so instead of removable, you want attachable. sounds good to me. full on modular haunted house.
  8. Reaper chooses where to cut the miniatures for the mold. Putting the sockets for the legs at the bottom of the hut seems like an easy decision. Making the roof come off to reveal the interior would be a much harder decision.. they could also make the skeleton cage removable; dilapidated and outright menacing aren't quite the same thing.
  9. I'm really liking the halforc Barbarian, monk, and paladin. I'm surprised I chose the ranger over the rogue though. Doing so much kickstarting makes the difference between my wants than and my wants now a little more noticable even when the project doesn't really take that long. I really appreciate the small case inside the bubble mail after getting miniatures JUST in bubble mail.
  10. I'd really like Heroscapish sculpted bases capable of loosely interlocking: water roots rocks greenery ruins
  11. The game definitely has a Battlestations and Star Wars Vibe. I grabbed an earlybird and will check the game play later. It definitely looks pretty.
  12. I'm planning on Ma'al with the 5 colors of evil dragons as my base paint and then use the good metallic colors. The good/evil dragon colors are completementary and I'm hoping the brighter metallics will help blend the contrast between the base colors.
  13. The Apocalypse and Sons of Ragnorak boxes are the standouts. The corruption theme makes a lot of minis hit or miss aesthetically.
  14. I may be getting mini'd out, but a figure like Harionago is still on my list of wants.
  15. I'm going to have to say the traps got my attention...
  16. Deep Madness is a scenerio based game with a limited number of turns to complete your objective(s) before the horrors overrun the world. The miniatures range from 33-60mm with a good amount of detail. The tiles are double sided with a normal and corrupted version of the same room. Deep Madness is live.
  17. "I can skip this" *-*awesome stretch goals*-* "Sigh..."
  18. I'm a fan of undead/living versions of the same character though I think I'm simply going to wait until retail on this. Hasslefree has made a good deal of stuff I like, but the sketches and models don't match closely enough for me to make a good judgement on what I'll want while the project is running.
  19. I think I'd prefer the daggers on a bell-hoop skirt/dress that look decorative, but are in fact fully functional. the current mini has enough layers to make it interesting IMO. maid/ lady-in-waiting with an overabundance of decorations which could be used as weapons (almost mandatory to name her Rose) dual wielding mugs of ale dwarven Spiked armor grappler (gutbuster from forgotten realms) dark elf anti-paladin with the ornamental spider legs making her a (not) Queen of blades Chunli's hand-stand fierce kick I'd like a female version of the arcane factory dragon monk with tiger fists https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/992588066/arcane-factories-season-1/description
  20. Of all the girls in the kickstarter, we did expect the bard to have the cutesy face. I'm also sad the frizzy hair is gone.
  21. They said the pledge manager will be open at least until the end of the month. They haven't given a solid end date.
  22. The only thing keeping the minis contained was an unsealed blister pack. I was impressed mine stayed in the pack (Yours appearantly didn't.) I'm really happy with the quality. I agree the skeletons have a lot of character. Though I have to say I appreciate the little dead dudes as well. Children are underrepresented after all.
  23. It'll be cheaper in the pledge manager even as a late backer. https://ks.reapermini.com/sw/login
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