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  1. My initial impression of the zoomed out picture was a CAV scaled city-scape along the lines of Dwarven Forge. Sadly, I only saw what I wanted to see.
  2. I got a shipping notice on the 18th, but the package only got mailed on the 29th
  3. I'm in for one standard set + a set of fireballs until I see samples in the pledge manager. They're doing pretty well considering I've sworn off dice kickstarters....
  4. It looks like he successfully sold the rights to the game mechanics to make up some of the shortfall. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1528750001/martial-arts-the-card-game-2/description
  5. When the kickstarter finished, I wrote 2017 as the anticipated project completion date. I figured that was a realistic starting point.
  6. Squires, acolytes, and street urchins would round out the brand nicely.
  7. The beginning of august just seemed crowded with gaming kickstarters this year. I'll probably more than double my pledge in the pledge manager.
  8. Too bad it doesn't look like they'll hit the survivor vehicle. That would've gotten me in on this project.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10104175205980637&set=gm.1132976613430504&type=3 My favorite non-mech shown so far.
  10. The Vampire hunters I'd like to see are Hellsing Ultimate inspired: The vampire team I'd really like to see is Alucard (mystically tamed vampire lord) Seras Victoria (the "police girl" with an antimaterial rifle) Walter C. Dornez (butler with razor wire) Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (leads the antisupernatural organization through sheer will and determination)
  11. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51170-your-kickstarter-list-how-you-doing/page-20#entry903711 I was using emocons to track project status, but I guess I'm not allowed that many. I've got two officially dead and five more with enough uncertainty I'm not sure they'll come through.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1900818244/vampire-hunters-0?ref=user_menu I'm really not a fan of making half the heroes kickstarter exclusives.
  13. I'm probably going to skip this one due to bundles including things I'm not interested in. I'd like groups 1&3, but they're bundled 1/2 & 3/4.
  14. I highly suggest an addon of stackable hexes and/or stackable skyscrapers.
  15. After feedback, they decided to overhaul the rules. They didn't want people backing one set of rules and getting something else entirely.
  16. I would like a tank with a ridiculous number of weapons. "The Ritterlich Republic attempted to make the Concussion even more deadly and quickly realized no mech frame could possibly deal with the amount of recoil from that many main battle cannons." You always need your 'sane' supporting fire tanks, main battle mechs, and your crazy tank prototype. (i.e. your O.G.R.E.)
  17. Half of my 'troop' choices are more like bundles of heroes. Most of the time I dropped a hero it was small details vs 4 more miniatures. The individual heroes HAVE to be over the top to compete with the troops price point.
  18. I purposely did the shipping step so it would take out $25 shipping. Picked out my miniatures to exactly $303 (my pledged money). Got to shipping and shipping hadn't been factored in. Ended up dropping a sisters troopers command box and Sol-Sarya to come out to $302. seraph daughters crucible troop daughters crucible command angels command angels troop knights of the chalice command knights of the chalice troop daughters of the orphanage troop blade maidens command blade maidens troop death dancers command sorceress varaseesh augusta zaraya I ended up dropping the pope due to the cherubs inflating her price. I appreciate the daughters of the orphanage have one box with children and one without. The Chalice sister leader has a chalice shield I like way more than the others. I really wish there was a 'side' box so we could pick our shield variant. I missed Sister Reyallia when picking. I'd probably replace Zaraya with her. I quickly finished my pledge manager before I gave in to add the money for Avatar of Shaah.
  19. The link is in update 56. http://www.shiptgg2.com/
  20. I ordered none of those and I'm still waiting. (So at least four things then)
  21. I was after the PM, but before actual fulfillment and received my miniatures already.
  22. I must have missed the first one. I've seen each other one of these.
  23. The weretiger is one of my favorites, but I want a good rakhasha mini so I'm biased. The cockatrice looks more like ones from Witcher 3 than anything else...aren't they SUPPOSED to have lizard tails (i.e. the unnatural creature looks unnatural) $40 for a large elemental pack would be alright...if I liked the minis. It reminds me more of the abomination pack from the last kickstarter than anything. Is it just me or does the pastel color scheme not 'fit' a game called Massive Darkness? The gritty minis and bright artwork just seems jarring. Anyone else think CMON gives a bunch of artist projects, decides what will actually go in the base game on their own, and then uses the extras as the kickstarter exclusives? I think a lot of the reason people don't feel there are enough roving monsters is the first stretch goals only added more existing sculpts (which nicely covers the real cost goal of the base game) without actually adding variety.
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