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  1. I wish the class sheets were thin magnets instead of pads. Even level up cards to go into slots at the top of your dashboard would be way better (like the backpack in Black Plague)
  2. I'd like a drow antipaladin modeled as a (not) Queen of blades
  3. I will let you know. Still waiting.
  4. I got the miniatures. Overall, they're solid for NPC use or low level adventurers. My version 1.0 box game was missing the stretch goals so I didn't opt out of the reprint (whenever they ship it)
  5. They are planning their own game. Backers who wanted to replace their sisters of battle helped push the human sculpts. When the kickstarter started it focused more on the elves.
  6. This is a great example of why I don't back entirely for concept art. Those minis are a waste of that art.
  7. I was going to drop the fantasy sisters off my (otherwise growing) list due to the weird looking legs and not especially loving the hoods or helmets. I'm glad they are thinking of improving the ankles. I think the fantasy sisters should have something resembling the scifi backpacks of awesome. I could see them giving the sisters heels to differentiate them more from the Crucible troops. The sisters seem very middle of the road for this kickstarter and may have some issues giving them their own feel.
  8. Fragged Empire RPG: Protagonist Archive and Miniatures. I don't know about the RPG, but the miniatures look rather impressive. I wish they had a bundle option for the miniatures.
  9. They are definitely using Reaper miniatures as their "placeholder art". I don't know if they've made a deal with Reaper (though they wouldn't be the first kickstarter to do so). The example dungeon looks nicely complicated while the pretty example tiles look way better on their own, but don't look like they'll nail the condensed layout of the example. It's really hard to see how this would end up, but I agree it'd be difficult to pull off the multiple games-in-one (with miniatures no less) with the requested funding. As much as I like a deal, it doesn't take many kickstarters running out of money before the end to get tired of a trend.
  10. The 'all Deepwars rewards' graphic doesn't actually contain all possible rewards. I'd take the word 'all' out of the link name. Despite my aversion to big hairdresses and aquatic adventures, I keep *almost* pledging on the Deepwars kickstarters. At first it was singling out pieces I like and now it's scaled back hours at work (and one heck of a kickstarter backlog).
  11. At the price of bonesium and Reaper now dabbling in terrain, I wonder if Reaper will make Pathfinder/D&D size (square Heroscape) stackable tiles.
  12. Sae


    The game components look great amazing. It doesn't seem like they put a great deal of thought into storage. While I COULD keep all four boxes for the game, I currently have the insert flipped over for the cards to fit on one side and the miniatures on the other. It could really use deck dividers to make setup faster. The game tiles are kept in a second box with the insert removed. I'm looking forward to playing this on monday.
  13. I'm currently sitting at: Original minis: 100% 2nd mini campaign 0% Dragontides 50% (base game) I know I'd spend the shipping cost to get the remainder of my items, but I'm in the US so that cost is on the low end. I can see him getting approximately half the shipping costs he needs through asking people to pay their actual shipping (the other half will probably demand refunds he can't give).
  14. The January update is about promising better communication on how far along the project has become. (aka not done yet)
  15. It looks like the kickstarter went into high gear significantly faster than expected.
  16. Does anyone else think an "early bird" pledge level should just be a level open only for the first day of the campaign rather than a number? The pledge delay makes it terrible from a user/buyer standpoint and the page reloading to get them is bad for kickstarter.
  17. I went in for the tan minis, ghost versions, and giant treant (which appearantly weighs more than 50 standard minis...I didn't think I'd be that large.)
  18. This kickstarter will be a good example when people complain about shipping in other kickstarters. The $10 worldwide shipping still has to get paid by someone. It sounds like he's not cutting corners on other parts of the product to get these shipped out, but he's obviously looking at some hard choices right now. If he can't ship the products he has on stock he wont be able to ship anything else either.
  19. Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon The final Sentinels of the Multiverse Expansion adds a new mission deck in addition to new heroes, villians, and the use of multiple envirnments. The kickstarter also includes the compiled alternate hero cards, a complete hero foil card set, a collector's box, and a canvas poster.
  20. Projected shipping date for the 2nd wave is June. No wonder whey were willing to split shipping, a warehouse for half a year would've sucked up profits without the goodwill from getting the game out to backers before christmas.
  21. Is there anywhere you can find better pictures of the ghost and tan packs? It didn't seem like the pictures were ever up-to-date during the kickstarter which was part of why I didn't pledge. Edit: Or I could've just looked in the PM.
  22. F.Y.I. they dropped the starting price for the game if anyone is keeping an eye on this. I imagine that took quite a bit out of their margins for the project.
  23. I'd love to see those dark elf concepts show up again. I really liked them. Only reason I didn't go in on the last one was size.
  24. I was kinda hoping more of the sculpts would get finished by the time the pledge manager closed.
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