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  1. I originally missed the part where they were only shipping the base game at the moment. They snuck it in as the last sentence for shipping update 5.
  2. I just opened my copy of the base game. The board game components look rather nice with plenty of room for the expansions in the trays. The real standout is the miniatures though. While not the real purpose of the get together, I'll see if I can demo the game tonight. P.S. Addons/expansions will be coming in a second wave.
  3. TLDR: individual samples were fine, but the print run has nothing resembling consistancy so they're having another manufacturer make the mats. Remaking the mats will obviously take time. I've stopped looking at project turnaround dates. If I need something at a particular time, kickstarter isn't the place to get it.
  4. RUMBLESLAM I was surprised when I didn't see a thread for this kickstarter. They're doing wrestling miniatures of pretty much all the Blood Bowl fantasy races.
  5. There was a Captain America's shield light object in one of the prize supports. It should be cheap and you don't even have to cut it off something.
  6. The solar concept art looked like the facial hair made him vaguely resemble a feline. I'm saddened by the change (especially since I already confirmed getting one). The solar weapons and the valkyrie's boobs have the same issue: the render looks unfinished with little detail. (compare the concept solar weapons to the render). If that gets some work, I wont be so sad. With as many mismatched dual weilding figures we get, I'm surprised we don't have someone dropping a bow with one hand and pulling a sword with the other. I need to pick up the ship golem though. The detail on that is amazing.
  7. This is the first board game I've kickstarted that's been unreservedly endorsed by my gaming group.
  8. I've got the "sacred 40". I'm very happy with the details, but the miniatures are 33-35mm which is a noticable size difference if you want D&D miniatures. I managed to smash my archer in a case that was too small. I simply bent his arrow straight again and haven't had any problems (or noticable stress lines). I've dropped them, but they haven't been stepped on yet.
  9. Right now, this is going off their track record and nastalgia. For their studio it seems VERY kickstartery, like they needed convincing this was a good project before they put effort into it.
  10. Almost didn't get any addons to go with my $20 shipping. With the bundle of minis in the main pledge the $20 wouldn't have made me blink during the kickstarter, but it certainly made me hesitate when I'm buying 4 plastic minis for $20 and feeling guilty over how much I spent on Bones 3.
  11. I enjoyed MechWarrior Tactics back in the day. If this looks anything like that, I'm in. I'm not really sure about the turn based part though.
  12. I've been looking for a kicking female miniature. Ideally, it'd look like Chun-li's hand stand fierce kick. An angel invoking divine wrath Combat maid 9-tailed kitsune Brawler dual wielding mugs of ale.
  13. Stonehaven fulfilled a half-orc kickstarter not too long ago. Their female barbarian is pretty beefy.
  14. Are the old giants going to be reproportioned in addition to getting resized to match the new giants?
  15. You won't see any new CAV in the store from the KS until they fulfill the KS. Their Bones II miniatures are in the queue for general release. There are currently no CAV miniatures that qualify for my statement. I just want to qualify for free shipping with the book.
  16. I'm hoping a few miniatures in the preview gallery get released in the next couple weeks. It's amazing how many miniatures I'm waiting on are either sold out or in preview status.
  17. I figure my one failure had me for $7, so I can't be too upset. Actually, it's hard to even care at all except I *really* liked the concept of the dice and wanted them. Dice seem to be my major sticking point on kickstarters. They also tend to be the same people wanting to start a business and are raising the money to buy the equipment.
  18. Several of the halflings look great as children. Most games have hew-mons in them somewhere.
  19. I've received most of my stuff. I received my small addons and my base pledge, but did not recieve the second Frenzy pledge items from the final shipping wave. (I doubled up. I'm learning not to do that anymore with the amount of stuff I'm kickstarting.)
  20. I'm hoping they get some more stuff unlocked. $20 elephants is reasonable. Having $15 semi-regular sized miniatures makes them much less appealing in comparison. The point system makes that problem even worse when they "cost" the same as far as the pledge level is concerned.
  21. You pay using paypal and then PM them in kickstarter with the transaction number and your choices. They confirm your order manually. It seems like a fair amount of work, but they've been doing that way for a number of kickstarters.
  22. Yeah, based on their barbarians, a cannibal probably just would be a halfling in a pig suit, holding bacon.
  23. 14mm to the eyes. Literally a halfling. Smaller than the gnomes, but more consistantly sized.
  24. I'm mainly hoping for: a muscle-bound halfing berserker (not Blanka) a monk doing an uppercut a traveler with a pack the same size as his body a shady card player a cyborg assassin
  25. Midwinters Guardians: So classic it feels like I already own many of these Rogue. 2/5 meh Cleric. 3/5 possibly useful as a squire Wizard. 4/5 (I don't have the gnome) Archer. 2/5 meh Fighter. 2/5 meh Paladin. 2/5 meh Druid. 3*/5 I'm going to need a green here Apprentice. 3/5 possibly useful as a page Sorcerer. 1/5 Personally don't "get" the frogs. Would have preferred pixies or fairies. Also not a fan of dual weilding different weapon types. Second Breakfast. 2/5 meh Buttonwood band: Bard. 4/5 I really like the ones useful as halfling adventurers or adolescent townsfolk. Mage. 4*/5 depending on how well the scuplted spell turns out Digger. 5/5 This guy is pure awesome Potion maker. 4/5 Like it! Lorekeeper. 4/5 Again. Like it! Herald. 1/5 Pixies/fairies > frogs Ranger. 2/5 Meh. Linksman. 2/5 Meh General. 3/5 I can see this one as a spoiled brat Mole. 3/5 Staff of hambledons: Barkeeper. 5/5 Serving maid. 3/5 I like it but the arm looks a bit awkward. Inn keeper. 5/5 A good useful figure that could see many different uses in a campaign. Stableman. 4/5 Like it. Cook. 3/5 . Cart & pony + extras. 4/5 I've always wanted a pony and the extras for the cart look very useful. Black watch alliance: Thief. 2/5 Meh Fighter. Heavy knight. 3/5 Looks like a human bully Ratcatcher. 4/5 A character full of character. Witch. 3/5 not quite sure what to do with her, but I think I could find something Psion. 4/5 Could be a very versatile mini to represent various classes. I like his overall look. Warrior. 5/5 The armored dress is full of win. Hunter. 1/5 Pixies/fairies > frogs. Skelly. 3*/5 Amuses me greatly, but I can't see reusing the mini, hmm Honeymage. 3/5 I'm on the fence on this. Halfling Feet & Pipes. 1/5
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