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  1. If 4 people play the game 10 times for 3.5 hours, it comes out to $1 an hour.
  2. We had a dyslexic 12 year old play with us when we demoed Zombicide at a store opening. The co-op nature of the game means if you plan as a group you are more likely to succeed. It has more to do with whether they'll run off on their own or not than rules complications.
  3. The web site for the Fairytale miniatures doesn't seem to reference selling them so here are all the WIPs (Nutcracker is all minis except 3 cheesecake minis): http://thefairytalegames.com/the-minis/
  4. I think it's more likely they were extras to help fulfill the kickstarter who are now looking for more work.
  5. Body markers flat enough to put another miniature on would be really nice. (i.e. crumpled armored figure, crumpled figure in robes, ect)
  6. The stretch goals are no slouch either.
  7. A $15 KS exclusive expansion is still less KS exclusives than many CMON kickstarters.
  8. They did sword/sword, sword/dagger, dagger/dagger, and one sword/axe. I'd really like dual punching daggers and I wouldn't mind axe/axe or hammer/hammer. My favorite punching dagger: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/punching%20dagger/sku-down/14089
  9. I want creepy dead trees. Bones would make a grove of trees affordable and durable.
  10. The barrow wardens from Bones 2 are my main hope. I have to agree the pillars are a good idea.
  11. Huh. I haven't been following this, do you all think it was a good decision? The two times I've seen a successfully funded project cancel they've failed the 2nd time as people didn't bother to pledge...
  12. Can anyone in the US tell me how the shipping costs for this project compares to other projects from Europe? Are the numbers they put out the high end or close to what they'll have to charge?
  13. I'd like her so much better without the open mouth. I haven't found a good way to paint those.
  14. Welcome back. Someone already made a thread for you: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61107-anime-miniatures/
  15. Sae

    Anime Miniatures

    I hope they stick more to their own stuff this time. Most of the stuff they had prepped was decent. Last time it seemed like they threw up some demon and pony sketches for stretch goals while there were demon and pony kickstarters going on. The stock art and simplistic sketches made it seem like they really didn't know where to go after the first few minis.
  16. I really wish, at a minimum, they had arranged the order of unlocks within an army. Bouncing between 6 different armies is bad enough.
  17. I'm hating the lack of an update number in the UI. If you're checking the comment or main section you'd never know about the updates (which can get pretty fast at the end of some kickstarters).
  18. One of the concepts that's only a shadow at this point.
  19. So she backed it just in case you missed it right?
  20. While on the other hand there's plenty of minis to unlock. I wonder if some of the extra heads are actually the same for different sets? In any case, I guess they have more than enough work to do already once this KS is done! I'm pretty sure they're taking what they want to put in the box, cutting it down to the minimum, and then using the bits stretch goals to cover the bigger/bonus stuff.
  21. I have the mental image of him cleaning the dishes with the garden hose while you paint your miniatures.
  22. They keep adding more bodies and bits for you. It's like endgame raid content. You're only done when the devs get bored.
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