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  1. My favorite part of the angel concepts is they look aggressive. Most of the time people make angels they have static sculpts.
  2. My main wants seem to be the afterthought of the kickstarter which makes me sad. 37 throne 22 angels command 22 angel trooper 16 sisters troopers 10 ashara 10 arkhish 27 seraphim 15 mother superior 20 papess 10 huntress 22 knights of the chalice 22 daughters of the crucibal command 20 daughters of the crucibal 253 (of 175)
  3. With the variety, I can tell I'm going to get my $200 in stuff. I'm just going to come back in a week to do it and things have settled. (Admittedly, half this week is 12 hour work days)
  4. You forgot a link to the page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/427645199/this-is-war-0?ref=category_newest
  5. I've dropped a few projects for changing things during the project. However, I like the changes they've made in this case. I'm regretting NOT pledging.
  6. I might go in for the mounts. I've avoided IGG up until now. I like changing my pledge as the campaign continues whether it's up or down.
  7. I think the pledge managers are why the kickstarters are going to shorter runs. During the kickstarter they are required to be constantly on the net. After the kickstarter, once or twice a day is fine (aka they can actually get something done)
  8. Sae


    Here's a higher resolution image.
  9. Yes, there is, when the "troop selections" for your pledge levels cannot be fulfilled at base funding at all. Which was the case for TGG. They didn't unlock troops until how deep into the campaign, again? That's not stretch goals, that borders on holding backers' already-promised rewards for ransom. (To be fair, there is one other campaign I can think of that had a similar issue, Arena Rex. One other campaign is not a whole lot.) Reaper, CMON, pretty much anyone else? They have the sense and decency to set proper base goals. When you pick a pledge, you know exactly what you'll get if the campaign reaches no more than base funding. A Bones box, a core game, a core army, whatever - no empty promises with up-in-the-air selections.Their stretch goals, then, actually are stretch goals, either free bonus or paid add-on (usually a mix of both, again see Reaper, CMON, etc.). With TGG, a ton of so-called stretch goals were unlocks required to ever even meaningfully fulfill the base pledges. Now that Raging Heroes should have a grasp of what it takes to produce enough figs - both character and troops - to be able to fulfill army-size pledges, the honest thing to do would be to set a base funding goal high enough to make enough characters and core troops to actually fulfill the pledge levels offered. If they absolutely want to keep their stated funding goal well below their actual minimum, and still run a reasonably honest campaign, CMON's Ragnarok could basically serve as a template. At base funding, core troops only, with just one pose; more poses ore additional troops may become available as stretch goals. I'm sure that'd still involve admitting to a significantly higher factual base funding goal than TGG had. With - according to latest info - six armies planned, even one troop per army might push that factual funding goal into six digit territory. But what would be wrong with admitting that instead of sating some pretend number? It's not like anyone willing to defend what was a questionable structure for the old campaign with bogus comparisons would run away if Raging Heroes simply went, learned from their experience, and ran the new one 100% transparently and totally honestly - but they might win over some of those who were left skeptical about them due to how TGG played out. I completely agree with this argument. Earlier, it seemed like you were talking with more emotion than reason. I'm hoping they go with 'a la carte' bundles as they eventually didn't pin anyone down to taking a certain number of troops. The original setup WAS clunky and I hope they learned from that as well.
  10. I get the feeling he made the campaign a little too long. It's well on track to fund, but we're almost funding it on built up reputation alone. Few people see the project when it languishes at the bottom.
  11. It's half funded based on his reputation alone. It's weird he didn't tell anyone from previous KS he was starting this. Smugglers' Moon NW/ Crime Lords Palace Smugglers' Moon SW/ Pirates Base Smugglers' Moon NE/ Black Market Auction House Smugglers' Moon/ Imperial Garrison The First Stretch Goal Map Will Be: Mushroom World/ Enclave (Map Pack 1 re-issues with updated art and floorplans) The Second Stretch Goal (At 7200 Dollars): Jungle Outpost/Under City (Map PAck 1 re-issues with updated art and floorplans) I'm hoping to see these in time for a planned Shadowrun campaign.
  12. I really like the style of the elves, but they're too large to be compatible with anything I own.
  13. I dropped out of this one due to competition, but I think I'll be in on the next one.
  14. I can't speak for anyone else, but if their is a video for a miniature line *I'm* hoping for spinning miniatures.
  15. The link below the cheerleader picture shows what should be in each wave. http://www.manticgames.com/kickstarter/mission-control/DreadBall-Xtreme.html
  16. On the plus side, they didn't promise stretch goals before the explosion settled that they'll regret later.
  17. a miniature of 1000 year back hair? the eldrith horror miniature market is pretty full though...
  18. These new kickstarters look EXACTLY like the kickstarter he already funded. I think he underestimated start-up costs on the first KS though that doesn't explain why each color now requires a larger minimum than all of them did when he's already obligated to make them.
  19. I just got mine in the US. I'm happy with the detail. The main issue will be getting thin bits off the sprue.
  20. I've heard the hot water method "wears off" if the miniatures get warm later. Is it a feasible idea to put pins down the barrels or will this probably be more of a pain than it's worth?
  21. The new bar looks like it would be a good idea on paper, but in reality it's annoying to scroll down to get to the comments and updates sections (the two things that change the most). When you are looking at the main page the bar takes up way too much screen space (on a personal size screen). The change also messes up scrolling to the comments for the updates while they're at it. Also: If I want to search comments, I click on the user, then the user's comment page, and then scroll through their comments. It'll take you to the spot in the comments if you need a reference point for their reply.
  22. Once upon a time, Reaper sent me the same package twice. Their customer service said it was cheaper for them if I kept the miniatures. Considering those were metal, just keep it.
  23. I had a friend who wanted the orcs. Otherwise, I'd have just gone for the elf starter. This is probably the kickstarter I'm least excited for the miniatures.
  24. This might be the first kickstarter where I go in for a couple miniatures. This guy looks awesome. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/298260359/fallen-frontiers-reboot/posts/1067746 I also like the unique Sayx female officers.
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