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  1. Yeah, the limit was 500 people, and I didn't expect it to be hit so easily. I also can't find how to change that limit as that site is really backwards... Looks like a new one will be needed.
  2. There is a search window in the top middle of the map below the title 'Reaper Map (Click on map to add a marker)' You can type your address and then click search. It will automatically pin it for you. I was referring to clicking on an existing pin, not adding your own pin
  3. Well, this is rather new after all, you can't expect everyone to have posted theirs already. Some people are lazy.
  4. I see someone already tried to vandalize the map with porns. I noticed it pretty fast and got it though, but on that subject, it seems that if it becomes a problem then I might just want to find some other people that are willing to check the markers recently added for anything that shouldn't be there... So, to preempt that, anyone interested and willing to occasionally hop on the account and check for that kind of stuff, send me a PM and we'll see. I'll just want to make sure you're trustworthy first obviously.
  5. See, part of the problem there though ladystorm is people won't initially notice that this is a new map and will just think it's the old and dead Frappr map, hence plans to probably get this thread closed and start a new one. I just have work and such and really need to get going, so I can't take the time I'd Want to take to create a new thread, and I would want to run it by with a mod first, such as yourself :P
  6. So, I just like stalking people and all, and when I noticed the old thread on this was a dead link (Frappr shut down!? Surprisingly this is news to me XD ) I thought it might be a good idea to find an alternative to Frappr to use and I said such. Then I actually decided it would be easier to just do it myself and went off and did it. Now, without further ado, I present you the link to the Reaper Map. [MOD] Active map: Zeemaps [/MOD] It allows a maximum of 500 markers on it, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem any time soon, and if it is, there's
  7. So, now that I'm getting a Ton of Bones and a nice chunk of Stonehaven Dwarves I really think it's time to expand my group. Currently it's mostly one or two friends and myself that are interested in the painting of miniatures and such, whereas the rest of our group is just about gaming. We try to get together once a week for a full day on Saturday in Aumsville, but it's likely we'll aim for Salem as our main venue moreso, as people are moving here (I already have as have a couple others) and a lot of them go to Chemeketa. Once school starts up they'll also be in Salem more often during the
  8. Contrary to deleting it, is there an alternative to frappr that exists that this could be revived with (Probably delete this anyways and create new thread for it, but first, find out if there's anything else one could use.) The idea is Great and frappr was great back when it wasn't dead.
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