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  1. That sure is one sweet green.... IT HAS GOT TO BE MINE! HUZZAH!
  2. the citadel grass is mixed with red..so it would look like there were flowers in the grass...Bad idea. The best statics grass I ever found was in a model train hobby shop..Now that was good stuff...
  3. I used to have a Dark Elve army (Actually I still do, but they don't see any action lately) I used to paint them as follows: The whole of the skins were painted light grey and then heavily drybrushed with flesh colour. After that I used a black- or armourwash on it and drybrushed it with flesh colour heavily again... That always gave a real dark effect to the skin, accentuating the deeper parts..
  4. Those are some great looking mini's I have to say.... And I am know for not giving compliments easy...
  5. If the miniatures are made of metal, use aceton...not only will it remove the paint, but it will give it a nice shine too... :D
  6. One other problem with plastic: If you screw up a miniature while painting (Yes it happened to me....once) you can put a metal minature into a jar with aceton and it will come out clean as a whistle. If you put a plastic minature into a jar with aceton it will come out...liquid :oops:
  7. A friend of mine sells Reaper over in Holland and he just got a lot of the new mini's. There some by a new sculptor, whos name has totally slipped my mind at the moment, and the looked pretty cool. But I am still a big fan of Sandra Garrity's mini's.. Best one I've bought still remains Dragons don't share...
  8. Another one: Two guys are drinking whiskey in a bar The says: "I only drink whiskey at special moments" "When are those?" Asks the other one "Whenever I'm drinking whiskey..." The first one replies :glare:
  9. Metal figures still feel better then plastic ones... Not that I caress them or something... ???
  10. If we had 10.000 dollars, we'd be millionaires! - Homer Simpson
  11. Mini's...me want mini's....
  12. Okay...jut found another use for them...You know those space marines GW has? Well, I got one free somewhere and just figured out what to do with it... If you set fire to it for a while, on a specific place ( i used that gel stuff...) You get one fine plasmagun fatality to use as scenery...with a bit of paint you can make the burn look like one nasty wound... Who would have thought that a space marine could be useful? :D
  13. True...plastic is great for conversions, I don't really make conversions for usage in games, but I like to make all kinds of scenes to put on display. Plastic models are great to use for those things. Some models would be better made out of metal and some parts in plastic. For instance; the Gauth model has metal wings, which looks great, but it's just not practical. I have a tiny canister of superglue that cost me about 15 euros, but even that stuff couldn't prevent the wings from falling off due to the sheer weight of the wings themselves...I had to drill tiny holes in the wind and the body and connect them with copperwire, sealing it in with putty to keep them on the model... :p Another pre for metal miniature is that you can bend it..I like to give certain characters different poses, so they look even more cool...
  14. Well...archways are cool if you build your own wall around them..styrofoam is great at modelling blocks of stone and make them into a huge wall..Now you just have to make some details on the wall out of scrap and Bob's your uncle... Did that make any sense? Any sense at all? :D
  15. I can't tell you why though...some of them look fine, but when I pick them up there's they are just to light...I can't help it.. I NEED METAL MINIATURES! Anyone else have the same thing? :oo:
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