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  1. I'ma just gon go ahead and steal your answers today!
  2. Probably the Dragons being launched these days. From scifi, I guess maybe the Clear Air Turbulence. Originally an album cover for Ian Gillan, then written into the Culture. Not that it's an amazing design, but it's a cool album and book series; and the design reminds me of my favorite book of spaceships from when I was young (Terran Trade Authority).
  3. When I stopped making excuses and procrastinating and just pulled up my boots and took care of my responsibilities. Life's not easy, but it's a lot harder when you refuse to take on your personal, professional, and civic responsibilities. At the same time, I'm quite proud of the fact that I managed to keep most of the fun activities I loved as a kid (minis/guitar/art/games). You can be childlike without being childish. The Great Peacemaker of the Haudenosaunee. I'm fascinated by the great stunted democracy of the New World that was not rooted in Greek tradition. We would just smoke
  4. I like them. My first portrait model picked them as the music for one session, which is how I learned about them. Back in portrait class, everyone who was inclined had a chance to pick the music for a session. I turned a bunch of folks onto the Budos Band that first semester!
  5. I've been struggling to find good books for a few years now. Partly because I do a ton of non-fic reading, partly because I have many, many other things on my plate. But also partly due to growing tired of a) tropey stuff I've read a hundred times and b) people airing out their political/religious/cultural hangups in the guise of fiction. I don't mind much if that stuff seeps in, it's natural. But too many times it's a thinly-veiled manifesto, it seems. So I was pleasantly surprised by the Book of Koli trilogy by Carey. Post-apoc England with possibly the best protagonist I've read
  6. Hard to say. I buy more stuff than I should directly from artists. I buy a lot of music directly, since I listen to a lot of indie label stuff. I've bought student art that I liked when it was hanging in the studio when I was taking night classes (I just left a note and my card, I bet the teachers got a kick out of the classroom becoming a gallery). Every now and again I'll pick up a piece from a local artist, the last one is a painting of a skunk in a perfume bottle (because I have many skunks in the woods). Rarely can I swing for a big-name piece, last one was a small portrait drawing from P
  7. Shootin' zombies is always a favorite. A few months back I had another go-round with 7 Days to Die (I see Ludo is playing!), which I've been playing for years now (I think I'm near 700 hours!). More recently I went back to State of Decay 2, which has had a lot of nice development since I played at release...and new content just dropped, so I'll likely be back soon! During the early pandemic, Days Gone was a great escape with some great characters in addition to the usual zombie bashin' stuff. Music is my other big one. Plug in, enter flow, remember old friends and enjoy my ability to play a
  8. That's one of the most important discoveries of this pandemic re: art; that deadlines had really been stressing me out. I've been lucky enough (and let's be fair, judged competitions are more about luck of the draw with judges than good artwork) to have done very well in regional exhibitions, which created a lot of pressure to churn out work as people wanted my stuff in their shows and most galleries have pretty strict requirements about only showing new and un-exhibited works, so... With the piece I'm working on now, I was happily putting in 10-30 minutes every few days, maybe once a week.
  9. Can't actually share that right now, as it's a work in progress. Not much progress, but some of the groundwork has been laid as far as how I'm going to approach it. The title was the easiest part, I've had that for a decade or more, and everyone I know fairly well that has heard it has agreed it's about as close to a perfect 3-word summation of me as can be attained in human words (cats are much better at describing me, I've found).
  10. I only just started creating art again. I did finish a portrait in early 2020, but I had started it in 2018, so.... I also did a landscape in autumn 2020 when I took a class to try to get motivated again (ignore my sig for now lol). But only this June did I actually, slowly, start to be able to be in the studio creating. I wager I'll finish the current portrait by the end of September, maybe middle October...and I'm ok with that. That is my path back to art, so that is the path I'll walk. And the portrait is coming out dope af, so there's that! :) In the meantime, I've been playing
  11. Tough few weeks, losing Dusty Hill and now Charlie. I guess that's just part of the deal when your favorite music is from the 60s/70s, eh? Lots of those guys are lucky to even live into old age, even I've lost a couple band members along the way. Not a healthy profession, overall. One beautiful thing about music, it's our conduit to another plane. One of my biggest complaints about playing in a band is that I rarely get to enjoy the moment, because when I get into the zone, I'm no longer there. I'm a direct conduit to the Source (as a lot of musicians call it). It's an amazing feel
  12. There was the one time I tried having an argument, but it was really more of a contradiction.
  13. I bought a Digitech Whammy DT pedal for my guitar/bass setup for playing Rocksmith (basically, guitar hero but with real guitars, you're actually playing the real track). I've been playing Rocksmith for almost a decade but didn't get too serious until I started rehabbing my left hand injury in 2019. The pedal is a nice convenience feature. I hook it up via midi and use a mod to connect it to Rocksmith. This allows it to pull tuning information from the game, so I only need to retune for drop tunings (like E Standard with a drop D) or open tunings. Open tunings are rare, though. Anyway, rath
  14. Failing to plan is planning to fail. That said, the arbitrary 5 year thing has always seemed odd to me. I tailor my plans more specifically around the circumstances, as well as having more general plans. I use short, medium, and long range plans. Short being maybe 1-5 years, Medium being 10, long being lifetime goals and big picture stuff. This is how I developed my career, secured my home, became debt-free, developed my art hobby, etc. My first career failed spectacularly due to an utter lack of planning, unrealistic expectations, and lack of business or management exp
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