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  1. CashWiley

    Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

    The friendly fire rule was instantly house ruled out here. I adopted the BP rule back into Zombicide, and I'd assume that's what's revised for it here. It was always a dumb rule. It may have some use cases (as ced points out), but that's better kept as a scenario or per-character rule (ie; this is John's first encounter with the undead or John really sucks with ranged weapons) to keep Sylvester the combat vet from making those incomprehensible shots every time. I was just going to get the upgrade kit, but eh...I'm in for the new version. I'm going to need a Zombicide storage room. Right next to my KDM room.
  2. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    VR: I was a big fan of nvidia's 3dvision back in the day. I haven't jumped onto VR yet because it's still a bit new, technology-wise (needs to improve a bit more, the Index was a solid entry, so it's moving apace) and content-wise (most of the good games are mods for old games like Skyrim, most of the new stuff is gimmicky); and my computer is too old, despite being a well-built gaming rig. I have a friend that's way into VR and a techie, so I stay up on the state of the tech. He was struggling with a 1080 (I have a 970), and recently he got a 2080 Super that has helped a bit - but VR still wants more, and resolution is still low, so I extrapolate out a solid 5 years or so before I'll likely get into it. Barring a windfall or giant tech step forward (both, really!). My new thing this weekend is starting my new class (Hi @Morihalda, I see your Patrick Jones abstractions up there! Awesome!). I'm doing head fundamentals, so it's abstrscted skulls today, fairly easy stuff at this point. Mostly working on my features placement a bit to clean up some weak spots (getting the near eye in 3/4 view in the right spot has given me a lot of trouble), here's an example from the head class I took in the spring:
  3. CashWiley

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Poots is the Tool of the gaming world. It takes the time it takes, and it will be awesome. I don't understand why so many people rush everything and sacrifice quality. That's one reason I'm a fairly slow artist, it takes the time it takes. I see a lot of the kids here (here irl, not here on the forum) pumping out mediocre art when I know they're better. It boggles my mind.
  4. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    It's been around 2' long, it's been shaved clean. I've always tried to have fun with hair, it's easy and grows back. Currently I shave around the sides/back and let the top grow out between 1"- 8" and slick it back. Here's a recent pic, it's about twice as long now (it grows pretty fast, which is annoying to keep clean cut!).
  5. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Chemistry by a long shot. For some reason I could easily do equations, often in my head, immediately. I probably should've pursued it (I found this out in AP Chemistry in HS) though maybe not since my first actual college attempt was as a biochem major because I wanted to create a mind/machine interface to enable deep space exploration.
  6. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    We were also taught that the sun revolved around the Earth. Good science updates itself, no matter how we feel :) And Pluto went from being the tiny little hunk of barely planet to king of a whole new class of celestial objects, the plutoids! A KING! I welcome the plutoid overlord.
  7. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Thanks! It was an experiment in pushing a tighter style than I've been doing overall. Anyone can do it, just have to get your training from the best sources you can find and put in the time. The latter is where I tend to fall short, but I really didn't expect to do much before retirement (in 10+ years), so...I'm just happy to be making progress now. And let this be an object lesson...I start up my new class next week: head drawing fundamentals. I have one collector (yay!) and she was shocked when I told her about the class. But when I did the head drawing class this spring, my alignment for eyes was consistently wonky enough for me to push fundamentals back to the top of the priority list. It's a critiqued class, so I'll also (for the first time) get feedback on my fundamentals (and I'll let the instructor know my focus on the abstraction portion). I love them all (and the moons! Enceladus is my favorite moon). But if I have to pick, it's easy: Jupiter. Those clouds are so amazing, I remember being a kid in the 70s drinking in the NASA photo books my grandfather kept on the coffee table. I still talk to grandpa about space, sometimes. He would've loved the crazy imaging we have now!
  8. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Winning Outstanding Portrait at a big regional art exhibition. I never expect to win, ever. The cash was nice, but the best part was being able to meet a lot of the best artists in the region with that as my first impression. It's nice to be respected by people way better than I am! Not sure if I'll try to reach any further, at some point it gets to be a lot of nonsense to get your work into the bigger regionals, and it's just a fun thing I do.
  9. CashWiley

    CMON Time Machine

    I'm on the other side. I really don't like games without dice. Life is dice. That said, dice makes games at least approach enjoyable when you're a casual gamer. I stopped playing chess at age 13 because a friend of mine studied it so intensely it became unfun to play with him. I feel like there are a lot of people like that in boardgaming and it's a problem.
  10. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    If you guessed I'd say basing, you win! I figured it out by not doing it anymore :p As far as mini painting itself, it would be getting smooth blends. Never really did find a technique I liked. And forget trying to layer with whites! Ironically, with oil paints I spend most of my time trying to blend as little as possible :D
  11. CashWiley

    CMON Time Machine

    A lot of corporate shenanigans are in place to hide shipping costs from people. If I didn't have Amazon Prime, I'd buy very little online. Costs have gotten crazy, which makes sense because casual shipping has become so huge. The more interesting thing is that people have come to expect cheap worldwide shipping. Heck, I hear people complain if shipping isn't free within the US. That's not how the world works! Anyway. I dig CMoN's stuff, more or less. As much as I like Zombicide as a casual thing, I've got a bunch of boxes in the closet that see almost no playtime. I was somewhat interested in Rising Sun, but apparently so was everyone else. I put down a dollar, but with the rabid collector (cough reseller) market, I expect to find nothing interesting by the time I get access. And +1 for Massive Darkness, I'd still like to pick up a couple things, though I did get all the exclusives already. The KS packages really round out the core game imo, and are essentials. Also my favorite CMoN game thus far.
  12. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Sprained my foot! So that kinda put the brakes on accomplishing much this month. Hoping to get it healed enough to hit the studio in mid-October for another head drawing class. So I'll just inject a bit of my (what passes for) wisdom: Never be satisfied with your art. In the last 2 years, I've won a small regional exhibition's Best of Show and a large regional's Outstanding Portrait, and honestly my charcoal portraiture is starting to get to a decent level overall...the class I'm taking? Head Drawing Fundamentals. Just to tighten up a few things and really force myself to make more starts (simple head lay-ins or 2-value studies). The finish takes care of itself.
  13. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Back when I was in a band, we'd often have to take side jobs to make ends meet. I was working for a timeshare, conning people into going up to Lake Tahoe for a reduced rate so the salesgoobs could harass them into a bad financial decision. The gig was these marks would fill out contest entry forms in Tahoe, and they'd send them to us as leads. The manager thought he was far more clever than he actually was, he spent his day obsessing over his scripts. They were really lame and I felt they were ineffective. I was doing horrible and about to quit when I saw a box labeled "NI" sitting behind the secretary's desk (she'd hand out the leads to the phone goons). It stood for "Not Interested", people who either nicely declined, slammed the phone down, or something betwixt. I asked about the box, and she said state law said they couldn't be contacted for a year. So I took everything older than a year. The phone goons jot down notes on the leads, to help personalize the calls. So I used that, throwing out the script entirely. I'd call, tell them directly what we were doing, with a minimum of decoration (I just called it a "promotion" we ran through the year with different deals). Basically, I'd say we're running another promotion and wondered if this time of year worked better for them. If they said no, I'd say we ran promotions throughout the year, would a different time work better. Then I'd categorize the leads by interest (ski, gamble, shows) and time (month, holiday, etc). My sales started to slowly grow...until we hit ski season. Then I became top sales by about tenfold, because I was calling back people who told me to call them, often giving me the exact week they wanted to go. I'd give them the promo rate, tell them to sit through the 2-hour presentation, and off they went. Fired the next month for not following the script. I got a kick out of figuring out how to make the system work better and getting fired for it by a small-minded ego.
  14. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Self-cleaning materials. Carpets, floors, sheets, coats, all of it. So much of life is wasted just fending off entropy.