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  1. I listen to so much music. Hard to say what song I listened to MOST, because I listen to a wide variety, depending on mood and setting. In the truck, my default disc is Yo Yo Ma's Bach Cello Suite. Having relaxing music while driving is a good thing, Bach is my absolute favorite composer, and the cello sits in a pleasant aural range. I've been playing a lot of bass as my creative outlet, using the "game" Rocksmith as my jambox (it's like Guitar Hero but with real guitar/bass/vocal). For that I play a pretty wide variety, too, but my most played song that usually gets a spin near the end of the setlist (because i need to be warmed up to play it!) is Iron Maiden's Aces High. Here's what I can remember from last night's list (Aces High was on a rest, I played it before starting the set as a warmup!): Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC (let the neighbors know what's up, heh) Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City - Bobby Bland Let the Good Times Roll - The Cars Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads (newest playlist material!) Am I Savage? - Metallica (also new!) Distant Early Warning - Rush Hash Pipe - Weezer Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown (new) Freddy's Dead - Curtis Mayfield I Thank You - ZZ Top (new) I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - ZZ Top Call Me The Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd Evidence - Faith No More Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots Cicatriz ESP - Mars Volta I'm pretty sure that's accurate, I may have forgotten or misremembered a couple. I currently have roughly 1500 songs in my Rocksmith library, so there can be pretty wide variance, but some of those are cornerstones in my set. I was pretty happy hitting 93% on my cold read of the Metallica song! edited to add: what are the chances @TGP and I both mention Where Eagles Dare (though very different songs)?
  2. I should try Erikson again, I think I made it 5 or 6 books in. There were a couple long slogs in the last one (literally) that kind of dragged me out of it. I bought all of them in HC, so they're right there waiting!
  3. I dig the Al Swearengen. I will have a nice soliloquy with a severed head at some point.
  4. I have a couple of his prints (incl skeleton lady), he's an amaaaazing artist.
  5. I read VORACIOUSLY as a kid. I practically lived at the library. Which I've now worked at for 21 years. I read a lot of non-fic now. I still love fiction, but I think I got burned out by so many bad starts, too many tropes and authors working out their issues or advertising their politics, not enough truly interesting stories. And of course art books! My newest is a ZdzisĹaw BeksiĹski set and a book by the Rockwell estate about his life.
  6. Hah! Nice, thanks! Pro-tip: all my suits are off the clearance rack. I've never bought anything that wasn't AT LEAST 70% off. Also, I learned to sew from my grandma, though I've forgotten most of it, I can still mend and do a couple basic stitches. I was just thinking about sewing a couple wool sleeves for my guitar stand to protect the finish on my bass, last night!
  7. I've become slothsome and disgusting after a year of casual dress. I hate it, it's unprofessional and everyone looks sloppy. Such is life now. I tried to keep up the suits but even I threw my hands in the air after working a couple months in such a slobby and unprofessional environment. Anyway. In a normal world, I wear a suit to work. I love wearing suits. I go with whatever strikes my fancy, I usually pick the shirt I want to wear that day and build around that color/style. Now I just grab a t-shirt and try to match my mask to my flannel. Gah. I didn't realize how disgusted I'd become with the whole thing. Time to renew the effort to wear suits again.
  8. Bacon, wood stove, and Islay single malt. So...smoke?
  9. Just got a shipping notice for Wave 3. For me, that's face bases and pinup boxes III-V.
  10. @Loim good call on Machu Picchu! If I had discovered that place, I wouldn't have told anyone and moved in. :D
  11. I live just south of the Adirondack Park, and it's my favorite place, especially the less-traveled parts (ie: no humans). I'm sad we lost our family cabin, I would've happily retired there (even with no power or running water, though I'd likely install solar now!). I've traveled a bit in my life but I've never found a place I like better. In fact, most places just make me wish I was in the depths of the park (for those of you not familiar, the park is roughly 1/4 of the entire state of NY). If I would be able to relocate in retirement (maybe another question? heh), I'd find a place that is similar, but believed in social health services. It's hard living amongst sheep in wolves' clothing.
  12. During the initial lockdown (I was WFH in March/April), I broke out the initial season and was playing a lot of Zombicide. I started to make some house rules and decided I liked the simplicity of the system, as it lent itself to house-ruling. I bought a retail copy of Z:Invader with an eye to modding it with a bunch of scifi stuff I have (like Sedition Wars, Star Wars, etc). My only regret on that purchase was that it's not possible to get the KS-exclusive stuff (at a price I'm willing to pay), and since I play more for flavor than rulesets, that kind sucks (Massive Darkness in particular is pretty weak without the KS stuff but great with it). So I'm in. Looking forward to some more of my favorites as exclusives, but just having Django is already a good sign. Luckily they didn't let him pick out his own outfit.
  13. A quicksketch idea from a warmup page that I want to evolve into a piece at some point. It's one of my favorite drawings, even in such an early stage, so I leave it on there to remember I will draw cool stuff again at some point.
  14. Cheap Sunglasses Also would be a prime choice for an open mic on bass guitar. Don't have it up to the level of playing and singing though. I guess I have a slight advantage in that I've actually been on stage singing and playing before :D
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