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  1. I played a solo mission in Massive Darkness 2. I've been working through them trying the different classes to learn them, playing 2 characters per mission. This one is Barbarian/Shaman, which is a crazy good combo so far. Enjoying the heck out of the game and looking forward to cracking the rest of the mountain of content for it over the next few years.
  2. I seem to be collecting art books, though only a handful would I count as 'collectible' (vintage out of print stuff I had to track down). I like to have a solid reference shelf, and I do. Other than that I'm not much of a collector type.
  3. I don't like the way chatty apps work, not my jam. Most people I used to know from forums are on discord now, so I've moved on from most of the communities I was involved with. I do a bit less stuff on the Internet with every year that passes, and I don't miss it.
  4. TBM is great stuff, but I have a special place in my life for Tom Meier (you may have heard the story of how I sort of ended up as a professional musician because of a single Meier mini!). When he closed his personal shop I went in pretty deep and the quality is wonderful. I wish he'd have done more from the French and Indian War line, the Mohawk I have is one of my favorites. If I were currently collecting minis, I'd be down for this one in a second (I was already on notify just to check out the new sculpts, heh).
  5. At some point, 'miniature' gets pretty weird. Why spend $150 on a dragon when I can snag a $5 dinosaur 😛 That said, my largest scale figure is a 1/6th scale die-cast Iron Man mkII with lots of articulation (Hot Toys). It's an unpainted mk so it's awesome for visualizing light on armor! Fairly posable for drawing/painting reference, as well. I guess he could be a titan in a game some day... Smallest is a rat (not giant rat) I sculpted back in 2014 after Reapercon when I was trying to level up my basing skills. If Schubert is still teaching sculpting classes, definitely check those out! The rat is still unpainted, never finished the mini I was going to put him on. He's tiiiiny, as I did him to fit miniature scales.
  6. Was supposed to get this today, Fedex has rallied recently to become a good delivery option (pretty sure it's just a single competent driver though), so I got it Friday. Ran through the rules and, just like MD1, very clear and understandable. I'm actually amazed that I barely need the rulebook because whatever seems like the logical rule, is the actual rule. Kinda freaky, to be honest (KD:M is awesome but also not the clearest game to understand at times). Played a couple tutorial rounds as different classes to learn that fundamental and then on to the core box campaign before getting into the deluge of content provided not just by this KS (and so many extras) but by the fantasycide crossover pack and MD1 conversion pack. I feel this is a big improvement over MD1 (which I liked a lot, wish I had done gameplay all-in back then), so I'll likely convert that box permanently to MD2 rules...and honestly I think I may keep the fantasycide crossover content with my MD2 stuff. The fantasy stuff never clicked with me the way moderncide does, so this may be the best way to use that content. In which case, definitely a huge win here!
  7. I fail to see how 'gambler's chest is 97% complete' is moving a goal post. I don't see how someone dedicating their life to their passion project...and succeeding wildly...is pretentious. It's heartfelt and inspiring from where I'm sitting. This is Poots, this is how he ran the first KS, the game is amazing because of that. I don't have any sympathy for these kinds of complaints this time around, caveat emptor.
  8. Yes. If only I could tell some of the stories.
  9. I was using networked computers as far back as 1975 (including a fun gaffe when I accidentally sent the output of my game of ADVENT to the regional office's printer... Then I was 'online' in the early 80s, culminating in a couple years of hosting a BBS (kind of a pre-internet website/message board) from my bedroom after 10pm. Focus was skateboarding but I also had a video game section that even included a paywall for game tips (that I got by hex-editing games to find secrets). I was really so much more of a nerd back then! When the band got going, I didn't have much contact with tech in the late 80s. I saw some folks using computers on the Internet, but wasn't really interested in tech anymore. Then in 93 I got my first 'modern' pc, but still didn't connect it to the Internet until 96 or 97 when I got into an alpha for Ultima Online. Been online since then.
  10. None. I do not believe in animal prisons for human pleasure.
  11. Forgot to mention, when I bought my house, I asked the postman if I should replace my box (as it was pretty dern tatty at the time), he loudly exclaimed NO IT'S THE BEST BOX ON MY ROUTE. After I got done laughing, I took it down, fixed it to better than new, and it's been a champ ever since. I miss that guy. He played bass in a blues band that opened for Muddy Waters, we got to be pals when he heard me playing some Freddie King on guitar.
  12. Yep. It's about 10x13x16 or so, so it can fit most book-sized packages pretty well. USPS, being by far the best service, will deliver larger packages to my back patio. Other shippers will be lucky to even find the right house, or they leave it in the rain in front of the door so I can't even open it to get the package. And I have accounts with every shipper that include instructions like 'please leave packages on back patio' and 'if you can't call me and I can sign for packages in 5 minutes from the call'. It even prints those instructions on many labels. To date, Fedex has been the only carrier to call me and both times was to talk me out of delivering in the custom window I paid $5 to move to a time when I would be home. Fedex is the worst and I take every opportunity to share that. UPS was decent when their drivers had dedicated routes. When they changed to a more Fedex-style (where you don't have the same driver), the quality went down dramatically. It's almost as if knowing the customers and quirks of the routes is important. And then Amazon rolled in with a new low in service and working conditions.
  13. None. Not worth the caloric budget hit. We get tons of cupcakes and donuts at work (either directly or programming leftovers). It's been great for building willpower, to pass a table of confections every day. I don't have much of a sweet tooth to start with. Sometimes I just smell them, get the flavor of it through that, and move on with my day.
  14. I'd put together something like No Cover (it's on youtube), which helps find new original rock bands and signs them to a label.
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