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  1. Why would you do a video conference without video?
  2. Yes. Kingdom Death in particular, but I also have a box of rare stuff. Pre-production resins, artist-direct, oops, etc. I've wished for a while that I was more tolerant of the capitalistic systems so I could sell them off, but it's always a pain in the butt and in general I dislike selling things (the act of it, not speaking philosophically, heh).
  3. I live in the Mohawk Valley, smack dab in the middle of what would've been the seat of "American" democracy (the Iroquois Confederacy) if it hadn't been invaded by Europe. My particular city is De-O-Wain-Sta, or 'the carrying place'. Portage between two rivers that connect the Great Lakes to the Hudson (thus Hudson Bay/NY Bay to the Lakes). Huge strategic importance, historically. Now absolutely nothing at all.
  4. Yes, there is actually a portrait on my easel right now. First since early 2019 or so.
  5. In a perfect world, I'd never know which day of the week it was.
  6. I still don't know how to scan a QR code and have no intention of learning it. edited to add: I didn't like bars or clubs when I was young enough to actually be going to them. I stopped going to open mics when I started bringing books to pass the time before I was called on stage.
  7. Grilling season has been underway for a while now. When the night are cool, I may do a few things in the kitchen. But generally, proteins and some veg get grilled from spring until the snow flies. You can do most cooking techniques on a grill, direct or indirect, dry or moist, etc. For convenience, I do microwave the veg and rice a lot. Our meals are generally lean protein/veg/rice. Tons of variety to keep it interesting. So the most current answer is grilled turkey breast, rice pilaf, and peas, because it was too darned hot last night.
  8. That's where we stand on donuts. I'd rather get more mileage out of my daily caloric budget. Someone brought those Krispy Kreme brand donuts in a couple weeks back, and both of us had one, and each of us regretted it immediately. The fiancee even went so far as to consider a bulemic option (she didn't, but she was really mad she couldn't have ice cream that night). I'll rarely have a chocolate donut with minimal frosting, or maybe a blueberry donut. It's best when someone brings in donut holes, because then I can get the flavor without the calories of an entire donut. Note I keep saying
  9. Tom Meier has some old sculpts under his Thunderbolt Mt brand, which is now being sold by Ral Partha Legends. Only 2 indigenous sculpts, both have a single musket (one firing, one using a sling with the rifle in the off-hand), and a few colonials. 1/48 scale, so they're larger than the 28mm stuff he usually likes. Not a whole lot, but it's one of the best sculptors of all time, so...
  10. I will question what someone slipped in my drink, as there is no such thing as werewolves.
  11. While I disagree with your quote, many of my favorite artists I found by learning influences of other artists I enjoy. My former painting instructor is Ukrainian and one of the online schools I use is heavily influenced by Russian artists, so I found a huge swath of amazing artists that most people never get exposed to in the west. I guess it's more of a 'check this guy out for his brushwork' 'check this guy out for his shape design' etc. Speaking of which, check out Aivazovsky's seascapes, Shishkin's landscapes and Fechin's portraits :)
  12. I can't really remember the details, I think it turned more hardcore with more fiddly things to juggle that didn't really add anything to the fun. Also, I loved the old 2d graphics, the 3d changed things up a bit (not a gamebreaker, just another little thing). PZ was on my last PC for almost a decade :) I was debating putting it on the new one and trying to get past the changes to at least the mid-game, but I've got a stack of games in the queue (Days Gone, RDR2, Dying Light, Ghost Recon, etc). 7 Days scratches the same itch for me, so there's not a ton of motivation to try it again rn.
  13. My current lineup is a bit bigger than usual, because I just bought a new pc (my first prebuilt since 1993, simply can't find parts to build rn). So I have a few just to play with the new hotness. I usually keep about 4 going at once, because they are different experiences/moods. Rocksmith. My perennial favorite since the original came out. This is my band, I create set lists and whatnot, have a ton of official and fan-made DLC (currently ~1800 songs from Hank to Slayer). I usually put in an hour every couple days on bass. My first career was musician, so it lets me tap into that and rememb
  14. ADVENT on the mainframe at my grampa's office. I was an avid reader as a kid, so the idea of an interactive novel was mind-blowing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossal_Cave_Adventure
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