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  1. I get that it's a clue kind of thing, but as an IT guy this would have me seeing red if it came into my inbox (or was sent by one of our employees). It's not a great time to make light of hacking attempts, when hospitals are being shut down due to hacks.
  2. Kev White is just a sculptor for HF; this KS (Artemis) is not a HF project. Different people responsible for fulfillment, only the guy doing the sculpting is the same between both projects. Frustration is understandable, but misinformation is not. edited to add: by "still posting and asking" you mean that the thread was locked more than 2 years ago after the last post pointed out the root issue they had with communications and that fulfillment was completed? C'mon, man.
  3. Generally I'd be gaming with some homemade chicken noodle soup. If my mind was too fogged for even the most mindless games, I'd probably be at 'home videos of guys getting hit in the junk' level entertainment.
  4. I don't go in for holiday decorations much, and especially not Halloween. Never been a fan. I like a slice of pumpkin pie now and again, don't get the whole 'pumpkin spice' (whatever that means) craze. I'm a simple man, my complexities lie more along a philosophical path.
  5. A few during the lockdowns because I don't have circadian rhythms and enjoy the quiet of the night. Previous to that, I worked for years on 3rd shift and prior to that my career as a musician led to many, many sunrises.
  6. Pretty much every mini project, it's what cooled me on the hobby. I still experience it all the time in traditional art, but I've been overall happier with my output in that realm vs what I was able to achieve with minis. Also, I'm about halfway through my PT, so I got the greenlight to get back to drawing and painting when I feel like it, officially. Shoulder still catching and gets sore fast, but I'm at least physically able now! So now it's just me being lazy again lol.
  7. There is a misunderstanding in art education that editing out mistakes is a good thing. That it looks unprofessional for the instructor to flub something and fix it on camera. This is the exact opposite of reality. How is the student to learn how to navigate the inevitable problems and mistakes that arise, if they're not shown how?
  8. Last soup was a chicken noodle when my girls were sick in Feb. As soon as I hear a sniffle, it's time to whip up a batch. I was eyeing some roasts a few days ago, thinking about a beef stew. Getting to be the end of grilling season here, but I'm still holding out for another couple weeks! @Wren's passion for education and learning is amazing.
  9. At the far end of the hall, there is a door with a foul odor emanating. It is made of stout oak, boards swollen with moisture. Grunting sounds come from within. The door is locked. If the party knocks, a gruff voice exclaims, in orcish, "Occupied!" If the party opens the door, a very surprised and angry orc throws down his copy of Kobold Hunter and picks up his axe from where it was propped next to the latrine he had been using. Party gains initiative.
  10. I grew up in a place called Coonrod. We called it 'Dumptyville' because there was a dump down the road. Both were appropriate. I have, err...humble roots.
  11. I fail all the time, I'm just stubborn. One notable 'failure' was my first display portrait I drew for an exhibition. I had made my usual mistake of putting one eye way out of place and hit a point of despair, because I didn't catch it until I had begun rendering (probably 20+ hours in). I placed it in my WIP spot in the living room, so I can passively study it (and in this case, berate myself, throw socks at it). I got fed up, put it back on the easel and erased the entire eye socket, and drew it correctly. The whole project went like that, they usually do but this was my first, so it was every single thing. Then that portrait won best of show in my city's regional ($$) and the next season it took outstanding portrait (cough $$$) in the larger regional exhibit. It's still most folk's favorite of my works. Most winning comes by way of failure, don't let it deter you, keep looking for a plan.
  12. I'm more of a 'waffle cone dipped in choccy' kinda guy, though I've been transitioning to the dish over the last few years. Just getting too slow :D Vanilla soft serve is my jam. (Snack food: Utz Malt Vinegar kettle chips)
  13. My favorite song and version. Allegri's Miserere by the Sixteen. I had a nerdy moment at a Ghost theater show last year because they played this during their intermission. I exclaimed, "YES!" and a couple thousand metalheads all looked at me in confusion :D Here's my current studio mix, it, uhh, varies a bit in genre...a few favorites and I usually add some new (to me) doomy rock stuff to do deeper listens on.
  14. I love found footage horror, but it's tough to find it done well. But even mediocre FF is better (for me) than most studio-produced stuff. It can get too slick and produced, which makes it not scary (because I'm then thinking more about the sound engineering and cinematography and taken out of the moment). I like suspense, not gore. My favorite higher production horror stuff would be Session 9, the first Ring was pretty cool, and Night of the Living Dead (though those aren't really all that scary, more man-vs-himself kind of thing). I'm currently deep into season 1 of Dark on Netflix, it's AMAZING. Definitely stick with the original German audio, though. The dub is terrible (and I dislike subs, but this one is an exception, though I know enough Deutsch to get through a lot of it). Crank the volume as much as your living conditions allow, the score is unsettling.
  15. Haven't backed since KS 2. I don't like Bones much, and I can't even sell off my old Bones stuff, seems like nobody wants it! Heck, even my metal Reaper stuff garnered almost zero interest when I did my big purge a couple years ago.
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