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  1. I'm not going to dignify 2020 with a thread. And I'm not drawing much anyway! But I did do my first charcoal landscape, so that's something! Charcoal 18x24"
  2. I work with technology, so in my private life I like to do most things in a low-tech fashion. I'm not a luddite, tech can be a great tool, but it almost always is more hassle than it's worth. For instance, I'm working on a setup for my drafting table to get multiple monitors of reference to cut down on paper (I need a flat file BADLY). But all the art I do is traditional, oils and charcoal. I love charcoal the most because of how primitive it is. It's a direct connection to the first ancient who drew on a cave wall with a burned stick. I also enjoy trees, and the ultimate is drawing a tree with a burned tree on a flattened tree. And then having it have an emotional impact on a human mind. Something magical about that.
  3. Vanilla soft serve, though I'll go for black raspberry soft serve if it's the special, because it's rarer to find.
  4. Tom Meier. He was my first and has always been a favorite sculptor, but he also changed the course of my life in a sort of bizarre way. And Erol Otus. I love that dude so much and wish I had a fraction of his imagination and style.
  5. Switch to indoor footwear. The fiancee has been getting me nice mocs but they're too hot for spring, I recently got some Acorn slippers and they're great. Once it gets north of 70º it's bare feet though. I can't abide heat, NY state is too hot for me from May through September.
  6. Straight up Mr Rodgers protocol up in here.
  7. Night. Last night was a perfect example: Relaxing in the recliner by the open french doors to my backyard. Cool breeze blowing in, cat snoozing next to me in his tree, reading a good book.
  8. I have been developing this magical gift since 1984 and played professionally for years, so...yeah. That said, if I could magically acquire a new instrument mastery, it would be the drums. I'm ok on them, but lack the coordination to get really good, and I love playing them. I'd also love to be able to play the piano, as it's the basis of most western composition.
  9. Oh heck yeah. My cat loves it. Fiancee insists she is somebody and it should stop immediately.
  10. In the wild, a black bear. Lots of them, our camp was on Bear Creek! The one that seemed biggest was a large hawk that I surprised on a ledge while I was freeclimbing a cliff face in southern CA. It was intent on a rodent...but the rodent was at the ledge I had my hands on, so it was basically staring me down when my head popped over the lip. It took off almost immediately, which startled me and I almost fell about 400 feet to my death.
  11. I've only seen the postal carrier, but yes, I thanked him. We usually chat for a few minutes any time I'm home. One of my core beliefs is to compliment freely (but honestly). So I normally tell him how much I appreciate his diligence and competence.
  12. I've gotten a bit better at thumbstick shooters (Days Gone). Realizing I was being a loaf (I'm still working full-time, so not an entire loaf!), I decided to take advantage of the weird situation to take another online class and develop my drawing skills to include landscapes (in charcoal). Should have updates coming over the next few weeks in my art thread if anyone's interested.
  13. He stopped short! Everyone knows that's my move! My fiancee claims I am a lovechild of Frank Costanza and Fred Sanford :D
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