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  1. When I change the linens. It doesn't really need it regularly: fold covers back to get in, pull covers over, sleep. When waking, reverse process. I guess technically every morning, but I don't think a simple triangle fold counts as making an entire bed. Once the sheet and blanket are tucked under the mattress, they stay put until linen change day.
  2. I believe MM is the new shipping partner they talked about recently (moving away from QML).
  3. Iirc, I was painting a humanish mini in 6-10 hours. I've been in the same house for a while now, the hobby arrived after I had moved in. I have a dedicated studio, but it's tiny and has to also serve as my traditional art studio and storage for the art/hobby stuff, books, and some music stuff (which is kinda scattered all over the house, with no dedicated music studio space). The main challenge is keeping it organized with so many counter-/cross-purposes. I have several workstations (desk, easel, drafting table), with the easel having several substations (still life/live reference, video reference, photo reference, print reference). Moving between projects often means resetting the entire room, which can be kind of a drag. Especially time like now where it's been more of a storage room the past couple years and needs some excavating...
  4. The trays take up so much space. I try to condense all CMoN KS stuff into the main game box using plastic baggies.
  5. Portraiture, bass, philosophy, or improv guitar. Ironically, it's all the same thing, really.
  6. The rest of my life, which was the point of amassing the hoard that I did. With the addition of playing music and drawing/painting, I'm really hoping I'll be able to retire properly to dig deeply into all of it. Honestly just my KDM stuff would keep me painting and gaming for years, all by itself.
  7. Yes, but they're also odd, so it's normal.
  8. Forgot to mention, the biggest mini I painted was my 2nd painted mini (2012?), the ol Bones ogre aka Captain Lou Albano:
  9. Maybe a Bones 1 dragon (I sold DDS2, so not that one)? The dragon from the Massive Darkness 2 KS? The tree from KDM? Not sure. I don't have a lot of big minis because I don't like dragons (at all), and giants usually just look like larger scale normal minis to me. I do have a 12" fully-articulated die-cast Iron Man mkII Hot Toys figure, does that count? 😄
  10. Quality is top notch and I've had no problems with HF in all the years I've done business with them. They've always communicated well with me and I've never had any major issues with orders or the KS. I always feel like people are talking about an entirely different company. To anyone unfamiliar with the company, remember you'll always hear the complaints but rarely the praise, happy people tend not to post about being satisfied on the Internet, compared to people airing grievances. Important to consider both sides, and your own personal comfort level with communication and delivery. Some people need constant updates for whatever reason, and after 10 years of Kickstarter, I still don't understand why delays still bother people. If this is you, avoid HF and probably KS in general. At the end of the day, it make take some patience dealing with HF (as it does with most mom&pop shops), but they deliver a top-notch product from both a sculpting and casting perspective (neither of which is a given with mom&pop shops). I don't collect minis anymore, I don't even pony up for KDM stuff with game content at this point. But Kev's stuff is so great I'm having a hard time convincing myself I can stick to 6 (plus add-ons) metal minis instead of going my usual resin master route from my collecting days. The metal is top-notch, but so is that resin...either way, it's the first minis I'll be buying (that aren't in a game box) in many years.
  11. I still don't think I've been able to surmount my first exhibition piece from 2018, though not drawing for the last few years has something to do with that... Charcoal on paper, 18x24 Never did finish the painting from that same set of sessions: Oil on canvas, 16x20
  12. While I haven't been arting the past couple years, I have been actively playing a lot of bass. I use a "game" called Rocksmith, which is kind of a guitar hero using real guitars. There's a new version that kind of sucks, but the old version supports fan-made charts, so I can play stuff like Silk Sonic or Mastodon or The Four Tops or Rush or etc. Anyway, there is a decent mod community and I've been using a feature of one mod that allows me to use a Digitech Whammy DT pedal over MIDI to retune the bass (or guitar) on a per-track basis. The mod pulls the tuning info from the chart and sends it over MIDI to the DT, which pitch-shifts the signal. I then send that through a multi-function dirt pedal (OD/Dist, EQ, Comp) which splits it A side an amp and B side to the PC for ingame note detection. It's pretty nifty and lets me focus on just playing without having to pay attention to the tuning. About a third of my catalog is not in E Standard, so that's north of a thousand more tracks available. Only time I have to touch the tuners is for drop tunings, but even then I just drop the single string rather than retune the entire instrument every time I play a chart in an alt tuning.
  13. Hundreds, if not thousands. I was a very active concertgoer in my youth, as well as a musician. I've spent time on sound boards and light rigs. I've watched 'em, I've played 'em. There were great times, and plenty of catastrophes. I'm pretty much over them at this point in life, much to the chagrin of my significant other. Some of it is just people, some is my low tolerance for drunks after I sobered up. Anyway, everything from arenas to county fairs to backyards. So many stories, cool people (and otherwise), strange situations. I like a simple, quiet life now. That's hard for a lot of people to understand, oddly.
  14. Nope. I enjoy coffee, but don't like having to prepare it and clean up. Mostly I hate what it does to my breath. Now, Diet Coke, on the other hand...stuff is my blood type at this point.
  15. I think I'm the only person who loves vanilla ice cream. The poor, villified poster child of somehow being tasteless, while in fact very tasty in a very sublime and not overt way. I'll dig into some Mint Chocco Chip, Black Raspberry, Maple Walnut, or B&J's Chunky Monkey from time to time, but nothing is as good as vanilla, afaic.
  16. Nope. I only use my gps app for a convenient minimap while I drive. I plan my route using an atlas, and study it before traveling.
  17. Nah, time for seasonal chores and changing things over to winter. Winter is when I'm usually art productive, and I have a couple small seascapes in progress that I hope to finish by the holidays.
  18. I don't have art skills committed deeply enough to the subconscious to draw upon them automatically, so the process is a struggle. Main reason I haven't been drawing or painting much the past few years. Music, on the other hand, I do have committed deeply. That's been my refuge, since I can access the flow state easily and just take a step back and be a conduit.
  19. My first career was musician, and that's definitely the one I'd keep as a hobby under those circumstances.
  20. Expedition to Barrier Peaks was one of my favorite AD&D modules. Not quite the same, but still fantasy characters exploring a scifi location. Also lots of Erol Otus and the classic art crew. I have the hardcover deluxe edition that was released by someone a few years back, just for the art 😄
  21. We have a strong Polish community here, my family often had meals from the Polish Home in town. I need to get back into that habit! Such awesome cuisine. Side benefit is being able to pronounce Polish names 😄
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