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  1. Haven't backed since KS 2. I don't like Bones much, and I can't even sell off my old Bones stuff, seems like nobody wants it! Heck, even my metal Reaper stuff garnered almost zero interest when I did my big purge a couple years ago.
  2. I'm not a fan of cease and desist orders for my artwork. For the general question, I don't do 'challenge' stuff, I have a slow process I'm happy with and pumping out a ton of junk 'just cuz' doesn't make any sense to me. Not to take away from those who enjoy it, I just don't draw in that fashion.
  3. Hate it. I feel we're missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as fans, to hear more of the on-field noise. More of the calling, more of the impacts, more banter. I'm also bothered by the underlying need to make things feel 'normal', but I understand most humans are not great at change (which makes me sad). It's so artificial, especially when the operators try to react to plays. I can't believe people would rather have some weird fake noise than experience reality. On the other hand, I believe they are now piping that crowd noise into the stadium. The lack of home crowds has had a pretty big impact in games, the fake crowd noise is capped at 70db, CenturyLink (Seattle) can get up to 130+db. Much easier for the visiting teams to make adjustments at the line and hear the snap count. So at least that aspect of it makes some sense. The fiancee enjoys the Fox baseball with the fake fans that float around on top of the stands. It's so bad and makes me even more bummed about about the human inability to just deal with reality. I was going to take up cello at one point, after the art thing ran its course. Still might pick one up, if my career survives the next couple years. I also love the violin, but the position it has to be held is far too awkward for me. The cello allows me to bring over a lot of my guitar skills fairly directly (mostly learning to play tuned to 4ths and bowing).
  4. In my mind, absolutely. My ideas are endless. In reality, nope. Aw heck to the nope. The popenstein of nopenstein.
  5. Back in the 80s when I was a teen, I had a large chalkboard tabletop that I used for some gaming until I convinced my stepdad that plexi would be better. Plexi table toppers were the thing in my two main gaming groups. You could lay maps under them (we had a lot of artists in one group) and/or draw on them with grease pencils. I think we got sheets of 1" square marked paper from the sewing store? Never had any product specifically made for gaming, though. My current table cover is a self-healing cutting mat that I use for cutting mats and framing my art. Doubles as a nice table protector, but I don't game directly on it (lately it's been Zombicide tiles). On sign language: I've worked with some deaf guys, so I know some swearing in ASL (I used to know a LOT more, but it's been 25 years...).
  6. Right now, a couple hours a week, maybe. I've downshifted across the board considerably while I'm rehabbing my shoulder. I am usually around 6-10 hours/wk for art, probably the same or close to it for music (playing bass using Rocksmith as a backing band). I've learned I need to develop an exercise routine to support those hobbies!
  7. End of summer. I live in a proper 4 season zone, so it brings the annual autumn change of chores. Getting the garage out of summer config, cleaning up the yard, getting the snowblower out, etc. I always figure I'll have more time, so each year I start getting ready a bit earlier. And it's always too late, such is the nature of summer.
  8. Dinosaur BBQ, out of Syracuse, NY. Phenomenal BBQ joint, and the sauces are on point. I use both their primary bottled sauces, the original (Sensuous Slathering) and the garlic honey. I used to use a lot more Wango Tango (a hotter sauce), but tailed off of that, as the fiancee doesn't do hot food. The Mojito is a nice change-up, too, one of my favorite for poultry. The Creole Honey in the pic hasn't popped up in my supermarket yet, may have to poke around for it. Git you some!
  9. Honestly, the face time he got in Season 1 was the one thing I didn't like about Season 1.
  10. To be honest, I thought Mando WAS Timothy Olyphant. The walk, the voice and delivery. Straight out of Deadwood. I still wish he had been cast as Mando!
  11. I like to grind my own chuck/brisket mix, coarse grind (just enough so it doesn't feel like steak in the mouth). Season with s&p. Grill until just medium: one nice upside of grinding your own is you can cook them rarer than store- or factory-ground. Melt some swiss on them. I serve on potato buns, when I have a garden I add leaf lettuce and tomato (big boy or better boy), maybe some bacon. Side of Utz malt vinegar chips.
  12. Long list. I can probably just blanket say anything Chris Cornell covered acoustically is my favorite version of that song. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Leonard Cohen) Waltzing Matilda (Tom Traubert's Blues) - Tom Waits (Aussie folk song) Black Magic Woman - Santana (though the original Fleetwood Mac version is my favorite) Green Manalishi - Judas Priest (though the original Fleetwood Mac version is my favorite :D ) Fear of a Brown Planet - Brownout (re-imagining of Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet...BUY THIS ALBUM so funky) Animals - Colonel Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade (Pink Floyd, full album) Black Sabbath - Type O Negative (the ultimate version of the song and I'm a massive Sabbath fan) Sleepwalk - Brian Setzer Orchestra (Santo & Johnny) Existential Blues - Mr Bungle (Tom T-Bone Stankus) No Quarter - Heart (Led Zeppelin, though I prefer the original) Big Bad Bill - Van Halen (Leon Redbone) Love Reign O'er Me - Heart (The Who) Angel From Montgomery - Susan Tedeschi (John Prine, Bonnie's version is also amazing) Freddy's Dead - Derek Trucks Band (Curtis Mayfield...tie on which I like better) Out on the Tiles - Blind Melon (Led Zeppelin...check out the Encomium album, a few great covers on there) Steppin' Out - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (Memphis Slim...honestly I could do several pages' worth of blues covers) Nuages - Stephane Wrembel (Django Reinhardt...honestly I could do several pages' worth of jazz covers heh) Jackson - Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings (Billy Edd Wheeler...could also pick the Cash version or it among many others! see also: blues and jazz covers!) I guess I'll stop there? :D
  13. If you haven't watched the Gallery behind-the-scenes series about the Mandalorian, I HIGHLY recommend.
  14. Delays don't bother me, only quality matters to me. I can't justify it because I haven't been pursuing the hobby for 4 years now (!! Though...spoilers...I'm painting some Zombicide stuff I'll share here when I'm done!). The resins I got from the first Twisted KS (and his stuff prior to the KS) are amazing, top shelf. No regrets other than I'm not painting them, heh.
  15. I wish I could justify buying more of Seb's stuff. One of my favorites (when he's not adding big silly steampunk things, seemingly randomly).
  16. As little as possible. I'm more of a 'cabin on a remote mountain' kind of guy. I don't like cities. Not sure I'd ever work for the type of company that had office space in a skyscraper.
  17. Base coat to learn the details and develop the overall scheme. I often use reference, sometimes it's box art, but usually I have some concept in mind ahead of time. That's why I've done proportionally a lot of stuff like Deadpimp, or Chelaxian Ororo, etc.
  18. I use Skype to deal with vendors, it gets the job done. But it's less face chat and more 'hold camera in machine while programmer in Croatia makes software changes while texting the vendor in Italy'. I hate Discord, it's (ironically) chaotic to me. We've used it for work, but our video chat stuff was through our phone vendor (using Accession).
  19. Mine has fallen into general usage as the room transitioned to a traditional art studio, but it's still ready to use with some setup. Here it is a few years ago: If I turn the camera around, you can see my modular traditional painting area. TV for reference and videos, still life box, drafting table, taboret set up for painting (I was about to do a Caravaggio study in oils). I say modular because I can move the easel to different spots to work from different references.
  20. There is no Y in fiction. Planet? I'd be a Citizen of the Culture, freely enjoying the universe. Maybe even serve in Special Circumstances if I got bored after a few millennia. (Iain M Banks)
  21. I'd like to amend and say specifically I would like a lot of free Stack Lead White :D One of the best and most useful oil paints but it's certainly not cheap (compared to mean old titanium white, who wants to bully all your mixtures (see: chalky paint)).
  22. I've stopped collecting minis (been years since I put paint on one). Oil paints are expensive, so more paint it is!
  23. I don't have a gaming group, but I do enjoy solo gaming. A bit behind the times, but I am working through season 1 of Zombicide. I've been cleaning out my studio and evaluating games to see if I'll keep them. Really enjoying the gameplay loop of basic Zombicide, I'm about 7 missions in over the past few weeks.
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