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  1. Yeah, I discovered this when I picked up some Orc Archers from the current Bones line to be my orc trackers :p Some base swapping helped keep them the size of a large orc, so I guess my trackers will just be a bit big. But they work--and they're great sculpts! Fantastic paint job on Lurtz! Love to see more LotR players around, and it's great to see other peoples' paint schemes. Did a good job with making his skin and armor dynamic with the shadows :)
  2. I saw the Orc Archers and realized they were exactly what I needed for my GW LotR army (there is no way I am spending $30 for 6 orcs when I can buy them for $10 from a company I actually like). Took a while to figure out how to make them not unreasonably large and appear out of scale (turns out putting a pre-sculpted broccoli base on a standard black 1" disc makes them really tall) but I like them already. I also will be getting some wurms this week, because I really want to have some wurms to throw at my PCs when I run D&D this school year!
  3. Quoted for truth. Congratulations, guys. This was phenomenal.
  4. No, the Bones one is huge. I have mine based on a CD. There is a scale comparison pic here. ~v Yeah, I'd seen that, but it wasn't clear how close his feet were together and whether they'd fit on a 2", especially given that a 2" square is nearly 3" diagonally (it almost looks like it would scoot over and fit on that giant's base, although it would likely have to be weighted.) I think you're okay.
  5. And that's why I prefer GW's LotR game to their W40K one--not only is the ruleset infinitely simpler and more balanced, but it's easier to use Reaper minis as characters!
  6. Of course! Not to mention that it's SO MUCH EASIER to cut through semisoft plastic than it is to cut through metal @[email protected] I don't want to have to buy anything more than my modeling razor!
  7. I'll have you know that in my mind I heard this said in Andy Serkis' Gollum voice. Also, that chick is very sexy for a giant. I think it's about as slim as you can get while still being a giant. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO PAINT THEM
  8. Chances that we see the Griffon paired with a Giant Eagle mini? High, by my count!
  9. Alright, guys, $450k to go by Saturday. You know what to do.
  10. Naw, man, we gotta get to 2mil by Saturday evening. New community goal! And I'm excited to see a larger mini being included automatically in the Vampire block!
  11. I would love to see more Lovecraftian monsters! Mi-Go, Yithians, and Flying Polyps all come to mind...
  12. I actually think I'd like to try my hand at this, now, as well, having as many minis as I'm going to have. However, as I've had minis out on display for extensive periods of time before... how do people who display their dioramas keep from getting dusty?
  13. I have another question: Is there somewhere that delineates exactly what's being shipped out in September, vs what's going out in March? I know the Bones minis are in March, of course, but is everything else being shipped in September? (case, paints, Sophie, etc) Or are some of them being shipped out next year?
  14. But limited edition MOTORCYCLE SUCCUBUS! On a related note, I have finally caved and added a figure case to the order. Good thing I'm going to be work-studying a lot this semester, as I'm about to hit $200 on this thing! (fortunately, though, some of it is pitched in from my girlfriend, who really wants that clockwork dragon!)
  15. Yeah, I'm with you. I don't know what I could use the Sophie for, and I love the Nethyrmaul model... but I can't pass up the option to get a special collector's model! At least I know that if I ever need an undead dragon in the future, I can always pick one up at a reasonable price. The same is not true for Sophie, though, and when I've painted her, she'll get to be on display as serious modeling cred.
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