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  1. Very nice, I hope you paint them fast like that :)


    Just keep in mind the LotR's models are a little smaller than the average Reaper mini.

    Yeah, I discovered this when I picked up some Orc Archers from the current Bones line to be my orc trackers :p


    Some base swapping helped keep them the size of a large orc, so I guess my trackers will just be a bit big. But they work--and they're great sculpts!


    Fantastic paint job on Lurtz! Love to see more LotR players around, and it's great to see other peoples' paint schemes. Did a good job with making his skin and armor dynamic with the shadows :)

  2. I saw the Orc Archers and realized they were exactly what I needed for my GW LotR army (there is no way I am spending $30 for 6 orcs when I can buy them for $10 from a company I actually like). Took a while to figure out how to make them not unreasonably large and appear out of scale (turns out putting a pre-sculpted broccoli base on a standard black 1" disc makes them really tall) but I like them already.


    I also will be getting some wurms this week, because I really want to have some wurms to throw at my PCs when I run D&D this school year!

  3. Here's a Warlord and Bones related question: How does the Undead Giant model compare to the Skeletal Giant in the Necropolis army? Will it fit on a 2" base?


    No, the Bones one is huge. I have mine based on a CD. There is a scale comparison pic here.




    Yeah, I'd seen that, but it wasn't clear how close his feet were together and whether they'd fit on a 2", especially given that a 2" square is nearly 3" diagonally (it almost looks like it would scoot over and fit on that giant's base, although it would likely have to be weighted.)

    I think you're okay.


  4. Sadly, 40k is not so substitution-friendly as Fantasy. Any elf is an elf, but onnly a Space Marine can pass for a Space Marine without a lot of funny looks.

    And that's why I prefer GW's LotR game to their W40K one--not only is the ruleset infinitely simpler and more balanced, but it's easier to use Reaper minis as characters!

  5. I LOVE REAPER! Dang. Those giants look awesome. And for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I'll have you know that in my mind I heard this said in Andy Serkis' Gollum voice.


    Also, that chick is very sexy for a giant. I think it's about as slim as you can get while still being a giant. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO PAINT THEM

  6. I have another question:


    Is there somewhere that delineates exactly what's being shipped out in September, vs what's going out in March? I know the Bones minis are in March, of course, but is everything else being shipped in September? (case, paints, Sophie, etc) Or are some of them being shipped out next year?

  7. I probably -will- exchange my sophie for a nethyrmaul. Now I only need to add $12 to my pledge, instead of $37.

    But limited edition MOTORCYCLE SUCCUBUS!


    On a related note, I have finally caved and added a figure case to the order. Good thing I'm going to be work-studying a lot this semester, as I'm about to hit $200 on this thing! (fortunately, though, some of it is pitched in from my girlfriend, who really wants that clockwork dragon!)

  8. Awesome. I'll drop sophie and get nethyrmaul instead! awesome as sophie is, I see more--- damn it I want that sophie so bad. It's SO COOL D;


    I think I might have to think this through a bit more....

    Yeah, I'm with you. I don't know what I could use the Sophie for, and I love the Nethyrmaul model... but I can't pass up the option to get a special collector's model! At least I know that if I ever need an undead dragon in the future, I can always pick one up at a reasonable price. The same is not true for Sophie, though, and when I've painted her, she'll get to be on display as serious modeling cred.

  9. This summer has actually been amazing for me; rarely do I have both enough time and enough inspiration to sit through painting dozens and dozens of models, and yet this summer has seen me go through painting my elves, Uruk-Hai, and attack some of my heroes. All that's left of my LotR collection that still needs to be painted is a Gondor army and a few more heroes (a couple Legolas and Gimli models are conspicuous, for example). And then just about all of my cavalry needs to be painted, but I hate painting horses ;_;


    I keep most of my unpainted minis out on my desk so that I'm forced to look at them every day. The idea is that it will motivate me to burn through painting them, and I've only had partial success with that... but if I can get a chance to paint a few soldiers every couple days, I suppose I could get through them pretty quickly. The real question will be: can I get them all painted before I get my Reaper shipment in March????

  10. Some of the minis will go towards wargaming (marines!), but most of them will go towards kickstarting (dohoho) my RPG collection. Right now all my fantasy minis are from the Lord of the Rings line, and it's tough when the only elf options are a couple Legolas models or one of Elrond's sons (none of which work for spellcasters, for instance!) or when there are three different Aragorn models are running around because it's a fighter/ranger-heavy party.


    Not to mention, every enemy seems to end up being orcs. How difficult! If only I had a huge collection of singleton adventurer minis so that my players could always get a model that looks like their character!


    But seriously, I'm never going to be done painting them. So what am I going to do with my minis when I get them in March? Start painting!

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  11. For a hobby based on imagination, some folks can show a distinct lack therof. It's sort of the RPG version of the wargamer attitude:


    "I know it looks right, but it's not made by the same company so it can't be used in that game"


    When I look for a figure the sculpt (style, size, etc) and price are the main considerations. Title, brand and game are very secondary.


    Not only do I use outside models in my wargames (when I can), I actively seek them out! As I am a big fan of Games Workshop games (well, Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings), I want to have a bunch of models so I can play, but at the same time I hate to give inordinate amounts of money to a company that treats its customers so poorly. Of course, sticking to "What You See is What You Get" can be hard sometimes, especially with 40k, but it's really worth it when you get to be creative by using, say, Wargames Factory orcs as Mordor Uruk-Hai, or Reaper NOVA/IMEF marines as Imperial Guard stormtroopers.


    And it saves the heck out of my wallet!

  12. I think my Dragon will be named "Ennui Chagrin". That way I can say, "Much to my players chagrin they were killed by Ennui."


    I'm constrained by the wishes of my co-contributers to be selective in what I get with the kickstarter, but I can tell you this . . .


    When this goes retail?


    Oh, you better believe there's going to be a saddle put on that clockwork dragon, and a cyber-monkey sitting in it.


    I don't know what excuse I'll come up with for a cyber-monkey riding a clockwork dragon, but an excuse I. WILL. FIND.

    Surely you can just get the pledge multiple times, like with all the other ones? Mounted cybermonkeys must happen!

  13. I was hooked a week ago when I found this, and have been lurking here ever since. The trade thread has finally given me an impetus to make a profile! Can't wait for my next paycheck to come in so I can throw my money at the screen :p


    I really don't need any of these minis (haha that's not true, I could totally use a bunch more D&D minis) but they're all so cool and cheap and plastic is so much better to work with than metal or resin... not to mention that Reaper is easily my favorite mini provider...


    This kickstarter is a frakkin' miracle. For both sides of the transaction. I just wish I had more money to give.

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