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  1. Arg! I want to do this so bad, but it's probably a bad idea. I've been so quite on the boards lately. Just too much on my plate. And I haven't painted in over a month!
  2. Yep! As Naponatom said, till I get the chance to correct them, they are scimitars! (Seriously, I hadn't even realized it until you mentioned it. Might be the lack of sleep over here. Or the amazing paint job. I'm gonna go with both.)
  3. Pictures! Life has decided that I am not allowed to sleep. But I finally got the chance to take pictures this weekend! I am absolutely in awe of the amazing paint jobs that Leapardpixie achieved, and the bases are just amazing as well! So, here is what I received: All together this includes 3 painted minis, a bones Fire Giant Queen, and a happy seppuku stamp. I cannot express how happy these make me. And here are pics of the individual pained minis. Thank you so much!
  4. I got mine in the other day! I haven't had time to photograph it, but let's just say I've been doing a happy dance. I'll try to post pictures this evening.
  5. Glad you got it wolfie! I suppose it's ok that you know it's me now. I didn't leave any decent hints or anything. Oops! Did I forget to add the split ring keychain to the chainmail tree? I have a sneaking suspicion that I did. I can send it to you if you still need it, just let me know.
  6. This is absolutely amazing Siri! Great job, and so many fun details. :)
  7. Thanks Siri! I really wanted to add more bits in the hoard, but time did not allow for that. I also used your blue dragon for inspiration on the wings, really great stuff you have there! Thanks for the reminder Ub3r! Hopefully I'll be able to find time to post up all the finished images in Show Off this weekend and enter it in the contest. I'm visiting family, so time (and internet) is at a premium right now. :) Not that I have a chance for anything but the door prize compared to some of the ones already up there! Still, it's fun to participate no matter what. :)
  8. Ok, it took way to long, but I've got some more work done! Goblins are still on the shelf (sadness) as christmas presents had to come first. I finished up Smaug, so here are some more works in progress. I don't have my paints nearby, but will mention paint colors as I remember them. After slinging down the base coats, I tackled the wings. I tried a few different techniques and color combos, but ended up with this ombre using the wet blending technique. The colors are crimson red, pheonix red, and fire red. I also lined the edge between the membrane and the scales with the crimson red. Then I headed back to the scales for some more work there. I did a wash in a dark brown (walnut brown maybe?), popped some phoenix red back on with a semi dry brush, dry brush some new gold, and then dry brushed a bit of phoenix red back on so that the gold wasn't taking over too much. For the back spikes, I washed with the (walnut) brown and then dry brushed with the sand color that I'd used as a base coat. Then I tackled the face. I messed around with the colors a lot, using fire red, marigold yellow, sun yellow, and the brown I used before. I really wanted to make the face a more orangy color, but am ok with the results. Finally, for all the claws, I put a ring of a sand brown (maybe? i'll need to check up on that one) down the bottom, and then wet blended the transition to the stained ivory I had originally used as a base coat. Here is is, all done up, with some absolutely horrid lighting. (Christmas rush and all that) For the base, I started with a wooden plaque, added a concrete stone provided by my friend (who will be giving this to his daughter for Christmas), and added some globs of hot glue and large glitter (so happy to have seen that suggestion here). We added a few bits of treasure, which I spent all of 20 minutes painting 4 of them (so no shading or anything). Then it was done! Thank goodness too, cause I sure cut that deadline close! Here's a finished pic below, I'll add more into my finished thread when I get the chance. Next up: Goblins for me, and another dragon for my friend. I've got few to do for him, but I've also got some projects of y own I want to tackle (Ursula!!!). Thanks for peeking at my stuff! Sorry I've been so quite, stupid holiday season eating up all my free time....
  9. Mine will be sent tomorrow. Sadly there was no time for paint slinging before I left, so there will be mini nakedness. :( I'll toss in a few extra goodies though. :) This does mean that it is highly unlikely my partner will get theirs before Christmas. On a related note, if my secret santa has not sent theirs out yet: no worries! I'm visiting family till the 1st, so I won't even have the chance to get it till then anyways. Likewise, if it has been sent, I'll be able to pick it up when I'm back in town. :D And count me in for appreciating Dave's hard work!
  10. I'm still trying to figure out if I'll have time to paint mine before I have to head out of town for the holidays. :)
  11. I had a nightmare about Secret Sophie! Someone had posted my name and address here, asking if my RL persona was associated with my forum name and wanting to know if they could send something particular (I don't remember what it was). I was panicked and somehow managed to say that maybe they should pm the person they were wondering about instead of posting personal info like addresses on the boards, and wasn't the purpose of Secret Sophie to be Secret? The moral of the dream is - you guys are in my dreams! Scary times....
  12. It's absolutely amazing the things you don't notice until you're looking at a photograph!
  13. Agreed. I've gone through and given as much feedback as I can, but a few painters in this contest are far and away better painters than I am. Thankfully, Kuro and Dave are around to help keep me in line The amount of feedback requested also surprised me. I never paid much attention to it when I was going through other contests to see who wanted it, I was just having fun. This... this is in a category of itself. To be honest, I hadn't even though about feedback until you mentioned it here. I figured hey, you're writing it, so I might as well receive it and use it to improve my painting. Thanks!
  14. It looks great Foxfire! I think the gapping (fixed by greenstuff) is more noticeable than the color shift though. A quick blend there could make it look like the shift is intentional. :) Thanks for sharing, I love the switch up in color palette.
  15. The SD Card was found! Apparently it developed legs, walked out of the camera, into the bedroom, and hid itself in a back black shirt. That's the story and I'm sticking too it. That means more pictures! I'll start with the requested image of the base. As you can see, the on/off button is on the bottom, so I just drilled a hole. The hole really should have been bigger. This is what I get for doing a rush job on construction. I've been using one of my files to turn it on and off. Next time I'll make a larger hole that allows access to the battery as well, since the battery well is also on the bottom. I also broke my cardinal rule of no flash on this picture, so please forgive me for that. And now, some new wip pictures! Sadly, the gobos are still side tabled. I've just got too much to do that has deadlines to work on them at the moment. They sit there staring at me every day, though. Mostly they just have an accusatory stare, but occasionally they will chastise me for working on something other than then. A friend of mine purchased some Dragons on the last Bones campaign, with the plan of having his wife paint them up. Well, she's way to busy to do anything and to hear him tell it he couldn't draw a stick figure. So, i'm painting them up for him. I'm trying to get as many done as possible, since whatever I can get done will be Christmas presents this year (no pressure, really). Currently I'm working on Deathsleet. The paint scheme for this is inspired by Smaug. My friend has been reading The Hobbit with his little girl, so it will be a gift for her. He also picked out all the color schemes for the minis, so we had a fun night of choosing paint schemes. Here is Deathsleet Smaug all glued together. I'll be basing him later, so he's still got the falling over "Go home Deathsleet, you're drunk" position. Then I based him in aircraft grey. I should have based him in a slightly darker grey, but it is what it is. Next up was the red. I did a mix of Fire Red and Pheonix Red. And finally some New Gold for the breast. Next up I'll probably work on the face, talons, and spikes. The wings will be a few washes of reddish colors, and the whole body and breast need to be darkened and shaded. Overall, I'm finding this paint scheme to be very bright compared to what I do, so I'm hoping that some proper shading will tone it down a bit. So, there you go, that's what I've been up to this week. I'm hoping to spend some time stalking the other WIP threads and checking out the Show off threads this weekend. <edited to add> - Hey look - you can see where I sliced my finger open in that picture! I hadn't realized that. Someone had jokingly asked for photos of that at one point, so there you go! Ask and ye shall receive.
  16. When I grow level up, I want to paint just like Corporea. Seriously, this whole thread is filled with awesomeness.
  17. "it depends" is a perfectly valid answer! I'm glad that you all are willing to share your experience so that I don't have to learn the hard way. That's a really cool idea! Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts so far!
  18. I'm just starting to venture away from the smaller figures from KS1 and into my dragons. As I'm putting Deathsleet together, I'm realizing that if I put both wings in before painting, it will be difficult to get into the center with a brush. Most people in the WIP page seem to have assembled first and then begun painting. This leads me to my question: is there a preferred order of assembly then paint? If I paint first and then assemble, will it cause other issues down the line? I recognize that I'll have to fill the gaps with green stuff and paint that. Will that work ok? Likewise, I just started playing with basing. I've been painting first and then basing, but it looks like people are doing basing as part of the assembly. Opinions there? Thanks all!
  19. I agree. I'm hoping to drill the hole up higher and re-wire the led on my second one. I would be happy to take a picture for you. I *might* not get to it until the weekend though. I'm having a bit of a 'missing SD card' problem. Apparently my SD cards have learned how to walk out of the camera and get themselves lost. Not a happy camper about that right now. I might have to get a new one. But, I will tell you that you need to turn the mini upside down to get to the switch. And I was impatient, so the drilled hole is really small and you need to use a pen or a file or something to reach it. Next time I won't try to finish it so quickly!
  20. Let me fix that: I should learn not to drink ANY liquids! Tea is hot and not meant for laughing while being ingested.
  21. I need to learn not to drink things when reading the forums. You all are just too darn funny!
  22. Siri - this is amazing! I love the blending on the wings. I agree with OneBoot - we need a tiamacrab for you to paint up! I'm looking forward to watching how this piece unfolds!
  23. I really love the color choice here. It's fun to see people painting up these dragons in a variety of palettes!
  24. It looks fantastic! This may sound silly, but I really like that you made the pouch blue, and the coloring came out great overall! So far, with layering I've started with a mid tone as a base coat, then gone from darkest to lightest. I'm still *very* new, but thought I'd answer the question since you asked the general populace.
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