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  1. Use a colander. I have one which fits in one of my pans and the handles just hang over the edge.


    Use a metal one though, I once left a plastic colander in a pan of boiling water for a long time and the colander warped.


    Thanks, that's actually really useful information. Maybe I'll see if I can pick up a small-ish pot and a colander that fits it... to use just for this, so I don't contaminate any food-use pots, if there were any kind of possible contamination.

  2. Yeah my biggest worry is holding my hand in the steam for ten minutes. Maybe I'll see about getting one of those strainer things you put over the top of a pot that sits in the water.. or something. I just want to minimize the chance of a burn... and I burn easily :)

  3. So a few of you guys have said boiling them for long periods shouldn't hurt them.. but how do you insert them into the boiling water? Do you just drop them into the pot? Do you have to lower them in on a rubber spoon or a metal strainer or something? Do you need to worry about them sitting on the bottom of the pot?

  4. Eilif,


    Thanks for that info, that helps me a lot actually. I tend to like the aesthetics of round bases over square, and I like the aesthetics of the lipped over unlipped. But if the bases for the figures don't fit well, then I may just go with one of the 30mm non-lipped or square. I'll try it all out and see what fits best.


    The other option is to trim off some of the base if necessary I suppose.


    But, like you said, not exactly what I was asking but definitely good information to have, so thanks!

  5. http://www.frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=3006


    That's where I plan to finish out my collection of bases. The prices don't seem too high, considering. And they have multiple shapes and sizes as well as lipped and un-lipped.


    I don't know how bad shipping to Canada would be, but it's worth taking a look at it.


    The other option is contacting something like TheWarStore and asking them about bulk pricing. Sometimes they will cut a break for people ordering a lot of something... and considering I have about 300 bases I'll need...

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  6. Thank you for the replies, I do appreciate it.


    However, I'm just looking to find out if they'd fit on 40mm, 50mm, 120mm, etc Warmachine-style bases.


    Like I said above, I don't really want to base Kaladrax and company as they have their own amazing bases already. I'm looking more for the smaller dragons and the hydra, giants, elementals, etc.

  7. Hello!


    I searched through the forums but couldn't find anything relating to this question, so I thought I'd post a topic and see if anyone had an answer for my questions.


    When I have reaper minis, I prefer to base them on warhammer/warmachine style round bases. So I'm looking at having to buy about 300 bases in the near future.


    My question is this: I know most of the vampire minis would fit on a 30mm round lipped base, but what size base would be best for the Dragons? The Hydra? Basically all of the add-ons. Short of me purchasing one of each and just measuring to see what would fit, I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had already done this.


    I'm not looking to base the insanely large ones such as Nethyrmaul or Kaladrax or any of the ones with intricate and amazing bases.





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