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  1. The drool is a cool idea that I think nobody saw and the scenic base is very cool.
  2. That is awesome how everybody can create a diarama just with reaper mini's. It goes to show how diverse the line is. I really enjoyed the two entries so much I may decide to post one as well.
  3. That paint rack is a million times better that the GW paint station and it holds better paints. I will have one soon.
  4. Lets hope to see more vampires on here.
  5. I was thinking it's almost Halloween so why not bring out the blood suckers. Here is my first painted vampire. Lets see more!!! and once again my pictures aren't the best till I buy that $400.00 camera.
  6. A friend of mine said a cupcake holder from the hobby lobby works great to hold your paints.
  7. Everything about this mini is beautifully painted especially the gems. Great work!!!!
  8. Awesome paint job over all. I want to know what kind of camera did you use to take the photo and did it cost less than $100.00?
  9. Wow if thats how awesome the pix come out on an iphone than I need one. Other than that those are some awesome looking eldars and fire warriors.
  10. Great conversion on giving him a back pack. When I started painting him I looked at what color of coat he was wearing so I went with a leather coat. I found out that the secret to great looking mini's realy quick is to wash them. For example base coat the flesh parts elf flesh than wash them in earthshade wash and look at how that turns out just for the flesh parts.
  11. Same here but I get that alot on other websites. That my picture quality isn't that good. I just say wait till I buy a three hundred dollar camera than I will start my own blog.
  12. The flasks are painted first with the color of the liquid you want than the other half is painted white.
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