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  1. Got my bonuses today - however the Australian boat is still at sea somewhere, so it'll be weeks before I get the game I think. Which is sad because the shop at Pax Aus had full copies for sale already. :(
  2. I think he wants a just born look though? and the aliens don't give birth to their own babies. Having said that I'm not a creative type so I can't really help unfortunately. I'm willing to bet that thing will look really gross once you're done though :D
  3. Yeah I have no idea - to be honest I've never seen the orange before. But now, apparently it's a thing. Maybe there is a forum or article somewhere that says it makes a good mid-ground basecoat or something?
  4. So in the tradition of not finishing anything and moving onto something new, my pathfinder dragon has been untouched for ages now. I moved onto 40k as my friends started playing, it awakened something inside me and I found a bunch of Eldar (the master race) on ebay for a really cheap price. They were already painted this incredibly bright orange for some reason (hence the cheap price) but last weekend I found this... http://www.dreamalittlebigger.com/post/galaxy-easter-eggs.htmland thought. Wow, those easter egg shells look almost exactly like Jetbike's. They're not perfect because I'm not spending too long on them, there's 10 bikes to paint so I don't want to spend 4 or 5 hours on each one. But I'm really pleased with how they are turning out. this is an example of the bright orange they were before. Edited to add in a picture with the 4th rider finished.
  5. I really like the job on his body, but why did you decide to go with wood for his staff instead of bone?
  6. Looks really nice. I really love the dark vibrant blue tones and the black shading, it looks superb.
  7. Nah - only if you want the precious stones and magic items. the gold is the worthless dross that has spilled out onto the rocks. I'm actually not sure what to do with the cavity of the head, the hole just below the eye is kind of irritating because it doesn't look great on the miniature with the gold. And you can see right through it which looks odd. I might have to have something sticking out and some greenstuff underneath the head for piles of gold or something. Speaking of piles of gold - glitter (I forgot which thread it was as it was years ago) was suggested by someone and it's quick, easy and awesome. But does anyone have any tips on application? It's a real pain to apply and get it where you want, without getting it everywhere else as well ~_~
  8. Yep. I was going to comment how her starry hair actually looks pretty cool and you beat me to it :D I also like the borealis dress, but you maybe need to tone it down otherwise it might take too much attention away from her skin.
  9. So I'm pretty close to done - or as done as I want to be (laziness is kicking in). I need to do a bit of work touching up the base, the gold kind of went places it wasn't supposed to (the rock head is NOT supposed to have a gold mustache, just in case you were wondering). I'm waiting for glue to dry so there'll definitely be time for commentary (this time Cashwiley, this time!). I'm open to any suggestions about improvements or alterations that would improve him. And with a headshot
  10. Yeah I really love his sword, face and cape. He looks really good congratulations on getting him done.
  11. As far as brightness goes, what I tend to do with dragons is do really bright brilliant underwings and then fairly bland overwings. I see it as an intimidation or mating thing. When they are sleeping or just not wanting to be bothered they cover themselves with their wings to blend in. When they're ready to scare someone, frighten something or make sweet sweet scaly love, they flare out their wings revealing their brilliant underplumage. (heh heh, that is how I'm permanently going to refer to the inside wing from now on). Sort of something like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d921M-ACMM4
  12. Howzit? When I saw the thread start date I figured it'd be a super WIP thread that's already done... but you've left me hanging...
  13. Oh my... those orcs look distinctly uncomfortable. Unlike the ogre who are appears to be of two minds about the pin placement. One calmly accepting and one... in some state of surprise.
  14. I have to know how far you were able to stretch Corporea...
  15. Thanks for doing that, I appreciate it. I was thinking about starting somewhere shorter though, have some purple tail visible, probably till the start of the curve. I'll definitely play with it some on the weekend though, it's easier than painting and repainting :D I decided to not spend too long on the dragon itself today, just getting started on his back and hitting the frills and the like. But I did do his base because rocks are quick and easy! I was pretty happy, the little ruby eyes have come out as perfectly as I wanted them too. (I've got some plans involving gold and vases and stuff, maybe a sword/weapon through the hole in the face or something like that as well). Again sorry about weird picture focusing, the phone seems to have a bit of trouble with all the plurporangellow on him. I'll bust out the lightbox soon.
  16. I've thought about it, maybe I should just bite the bullet. I've always held off because I'm not that good with picture editors either ;p The problem with his eyes is that they are really small. I don't understand why dragons get sculpted with really tiny eyes. I have at least three or four models now and they all have these tiny little nub eyes. :(
  17. feeling better tonight, although the photo's aren't too great at the moment. I've gone back to a brighter ruff. I felt like with the bright horns and dark ruff, his face was losing a lot of the focus, so I'd be interested in suggestions there. (He was super saiyan for a short while and almost stayed that way). I also did some work on his belly and the back of his wings as well. Almost all the base coating and stuff down now except for the little frills along his tail. Speaking of - with his tail, I'm thinking about doing the bright yellow > red motif for his tail as well, not sure if I should carry through on that or leave it purple though. This guy would have taken half as long if I'd had a plan from the start and stuck to it, rather than changing it around all the time.
  18. Urgh... feels horrible, not sure if it's my mood, or all the scale highlighting or the fact I've punted a couple of things, but I'm just not too happy with him at the moment. The wife says it looks alright though so that's a plus. I need to fuss around with the belly some more (that can wait till after his other arm). Redo his head frill. Highlight scales to get some gradient and stuff happening, finish his tail, then do the base. Plus other things most likely. Edited: I went and basecoated his arm and put that on for the second picture. Makes his belly look a bit better I think.
  19. I'm not sure about Shadow, but I'm of two minds on the length. A 25 minute video means I need to plan the watch time, but I watched both the eyes and layering and did not feel they were long at all. To be honest, I was surprised when they ended so quickly. If it's 10-15 minutes I'm more likely to impulse click at any time. However I'm probably not going to get as much out of the video.
  20. That was a really good eye tutorial, you should pimp it out everywhere. I learnt at least 5 things I can be doing better, including using a thicker brush to stop the paint drying out so fast. I'm not sure how much effort the video was to make, but in my wife's opinion and I, it was totally worth it and you have our thanks.
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