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  1. Darts. Hundreds and hundreds of darts (my 1st level 1E wizard carried something like 120 of them to every adventure). Their rate of fire was 2 or 3 per round, iirc, so even 120 was 'only' 40 rounds of combat. 41 if you count time I use my 'Sleep' spell ;)
  2. Difficultly in getting physical books probably. It is tough to find a copy of Rules Cyclopedia in good shape for a reasonable price anymore (at least it was 2 years ago when I was actively looking). I would love to run a RC D&D game. THe BECMI rules set was where I started and it hit its high water mark with RC. 1E & 2E were always good as long as you kept magic items rare and expensive (except for your standard magic swords and armour which I always just told players was of 'exceptional quality' rather than actually magical. A +1 sword is just about the dullest item in any game - what wizard is going to bother investing the time and resources into making them by the wagonload? A talented weaponsmith from the far of land of Goodswords is the guy you want to talk to for that stuff). 3E/3.5E - played lots of this but by the end of its run I could DM it anymore. The game was crushed under the weight of its own rules, ime. Pathfinder - ugh. House ruled 3E (thanks I have my own house rules). Love the adventure paths paizo put out but their game system started out bloated and just got worse. Never playing or running this thing again. 4E - honestly liked it. Quite a bit. Made some really entertaining scenarios in this system with the skill challenge rules mixed in with combat (though I did drop most monsters hps by 1/4 - make last long enough to get a shot with their main power(s) then have the PC beat them senseless). My favourite one had to be the players trapped in a city slowly being engulfed in flames while they raced through it trying to get back to their guild to save some important dignitaries. They had to calm panicked crowds, fight looting gangs even rescue some people (including the mandatory kitten) from a burning building. The Character Builder (the offline one that is) was fun as hell to play with and the Monster Builder made encounter creation take almost no time at all. Only system where I could have a detailed ambush/wandering encounter fully fleshed out in 5 minutes to the point where my players had a hard time telling it wasn't linked to the main story. Miss this system as without the offline Character and Monster builders it isn't as easy to use. Last system I DMed until the death of a close friend and co-DM of mine. That was over 2 years ago and I still cannot get the urge to play/DM back. Miss you lots, Greg. 5E - haven't played this or bought anything for it.
  3. And designed by the same person that made Arkham Horror and Pandemic... I think he did Descent as well. I might have to take a closer look at this as Descent is one of all time favourite board games.
  4. On ebay Canada they are pretty darn expensive. They are 'rare' and 'collectible' north of the border apparently...
  5. Mine must have been a miscast as the body didn't even line up properly and the arm with the bow was so thin it bent under the 'weight' of the bow :( (just trying to dredge up the memory of what was so off about it as i have never actually given up on assembly - painting sure, I screw that up all the time but I can usually put the things together OK!)
  6. I picked up some of these once the Chainmail game went belly up. Most of the humanoid figures were quite good but I remember throwing the Centaur away in frustration after failing multiple times to assemble it. The pieces just did not fit properly and it was, iirc, a 7 or 8 part mini that could have been done in 2 parts.
  7. An unthinned first coat (or one of the 'liner' colours reaper sells) and then paint as normal. I did up a pair of Trolls like this and then proceeded to abuse them unmercifully. Stomping on them, bending them at their thinnest points, singing off-key to them trying to make the paint crack or flake away. In then end (and honestly I pounded the crap out of these things) I got one crack to appear on the ankle joint of one Troll. Only one guys' experience but I had the same question so decided to answer it myself before the first KS was done. With the improvements Reaper has done over the years they have gotten even easier to use.
  8. Wow! That is a pretty nice looking table and $800 for it complete is very reasonable. I am very, very tempted by this despite having a great (albeit aging) game table myself.
  9. This is my feeling about Mal'drakar - I love the model but haven't a use nor storage/display space for it. It is far too beautiful to leave in its box (like DDS2 is doing right now ). I might lose the battle and order it but that is far, far into the future imo. Oh and I endorse the wearing of silly hats!
  10. I don't know why you wouldn't love the eyes! Those would scare the crap out of me if a DM plunked this down on the table. It sees into my soooouuuullll!!
  11. Ok - a serious question for buglips, ub3r_n3rd and OneClogBoot; is this thing on my neck getting bigger?
  12. In the end frugality won out. As nice as Mal is/was I just could not justify spending over $125 (shipping and conversion to CAN$ added the extra) on a single mini. I also found very little in the core set I wanted beyond the Ogres, Pretty Deadly and Sophie so that was out too. in the end I bought the add-ons Frost Giant Warriors, T'Raukzul, Frost Giant King & Queen, Solar, Fire Giant Jailer, Kyra and Lavarath, 3-Inch Bases, Kyphrixis (my wife thought he was cute as it reminded her of a Copper dragon ally our D&D group had for quite some time - Janderberris King of the High Forest!), Froghemoth and Goremaw (again my wife was impressed with this one too - she said it looked terrifying). I was going to add Stormwing but figured with all the dragons I have got over the last 2 KSs it and T'Raukzul would just be redundant. As an added bonus the $125 I didn't spend on Mal is going to our new bedroom furniture fund! After 12 years of marriage (today is the day in fact although we celebrated yesterday) I figure my adoring (and very patient) wife deserves to replace our 40+ year old dressers that are currently falling apart. IKEA here we come! :)
  13. That...actually sounds pretty interesting. I will have to watch a play through video on boardgamegeek to see if this is for me or not. I have a couple of 'dungeon crawl' boardgames already including a heavy investment in 1st edition Descent (didn't really get into this until the campaign rules in Road to Legend came out) and the original Heroquest. The insane cost of getting Warhammer Quest or the even older Advanced Heroquest pretty much puts those out of the question so this might be the best/only option for Warhammer themed dungeon bashing. I have literally no idea what "Age of Sigmar" is or why I should care about it outside of an RPG setting so there is that.
  14. It's a whole jurisdictional mess. Once the Space King captured the Space Pope and put him on Space Island the Egyptian Lich Box Pope's influence increased a great deal. just depends on who you ask and what their Space/Egyptian allegiance is.
  15. RAFM Cyclops and Krull Cyclops - separated at birth?
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