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  1. 2021 looks more likely. I am in a wait and see mode for 2020.
  2. Labor Day weekend is good timing for me. Looking forward to the event.
  3. Sounds like ReaperCon is fabulous, especially the people. I can hardly wait. Looks like it will be 2021 though. Is the event always on Labor Day Weekend?
  4. Noob question. How do the classes work? I found where to buy a VIP Admission on Growtix. However there is nothing about the schedule of classes or how to select individual classes. Can someone please clarify.
  5. I was looking at these but they seem somewhat expensive unless you can get multiple uses out of one. Has anyone actually got one and tried it? What was your opinion?
  6. Sirs: I have been requested by friends to attend a Panel Discussion at a local SciFi/Comic type event. The panel will be about miniatures and models. My chosen topic will be the wonderful "Bones" line of miniatures by Reaper. I in no way intend to represent Reaper or any implied affiliation. Is it possible for me to print or download any content from the forum or Reaper Web Site to show the audience the 9th Wonder of the miniature world? Is sharing the URL permitted?
  7. Suggestion: Go to Academy Outdoor store and shop the tackle boxes. There are many variations, your sure to find one suitable.
  8. Having experienced the excitement and joy during the first Bones kickstarter I was not that excited about this one.....Until the discussion about the two instructional DVD's came out. What are the exact details about getting the two painting DVD's?
  9. Been following this thread with a great deal of interest as I did not get in on the Kickstarter. I notice now they have these items up for sale on their web site. How do you guys rate these now that you have had a chance to use them? Do they work for bases? Which ones would you consider worthwhile to have? Which would you not have gotten?
  10. Run my disclaimer first. All your opinions are valid, respected, and appreciated. The discussion is fascinating, and the diversity of opinion is what makes our world go round. That being said: Let me play the advocate to the opposite perspective. The entire concept of delivery by drone seems fallacious to say the least. Consider that in our cities there are already air traffic corridors, power lines, buildings, numerous obstacles in the way. To overcome all these either with GPS or mapping, seems impractical to say the least. The cost to do all this seems much more expensive than delivering the package. How much quicker does the average person need a delivery than overnight? Is my gallon of milk so critical I am having it delivered by drone? Critical equipment always fails at the most inopportune time. Human error is introduced and multiplies, no matter how many safeguards are in place. Otherwise we would never have an airliner crash. What’s the outcome the first time one of these little drones’ crashes in the schoolyard or the hospital? No truly intelligent machines exist. Watson, which was the Jeopardy computer, simply had all the data programmed and had to select from existing variables. Fuzzy Logic, AI, still don’t do any truly creative thinking. They just give finer steps to the program. Programs can’t cover every situation or devise solutions to new, non-programed problems like the human mind can. No art has ever been created from scratch by the computer. Sophisticated equipment needs continual maintenance and upkeep. A robot, the power grid (which robots would depend on), even self-diagnosing machines that e-mail you with the error are very fallible. The error usually has multiple possible causes, guess who figures out what the real problem is. Human beings still have to make the judgment call and sort items out to keep all this equipment running. Look to the space program, submarine program, even with all that engineering and support we still had and have problems. A cyborg with a human brain might be more of a challenge, but would still have inherent weaknesses humans could figure out how to exploit. Machines need us far more than we need them. Nothing will stand in the way of the human race. Not the Black Plague, Bird Flu, radioactive waste, robots, Zombies ( humans would be rounding them up to us as circus acts before very long), Nuclear Armageddon, Aliens or anything else. That’s why there are seven billion of us now.
  11. I adore this manual you are working out of. Is there any chance to locate or purchase a copy?
  12. Yes. He just wasn't satisfied with the quality of storebought graham crackers. If he was going to go to the trouble of tempering chocolate and dipping them, he wanted them to be worth the trouble. I deny categorically that it was any part of any scheme on my part to get him eating more wholegrain flours. Wow.
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