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  1. Thank you, everyone! I had a great birthday, and one of my favorite gifts was the go ahead from my wife to jump into Bones 5. ;)
  2. I received my stuff this week. A core set, bridge set, and the troll hole. I can see how the core set ended up with the extra mine entrance, as the 'core set' came in two retail boxes marked as "Starter Set". The retail boxes themselves don't show the three stair pieces in the pictures. I assume the stairs pieces were meant as a separate retail item and it got lost in the shuffle in terms of inclusion with the core set deliveries. Either way, I will just wait for them to ship the stairs after they get the restock in. No complaints on my end with what they delivered.
  3. I ordered none of those and I'm still waiting. (So at least four things then) Same here. This is what I ordered: Staff of Hambledon's Inn party x2 ($50); Burnville Troops party x1 ($25); Maiden x2 ($8); Inn Patron x2 ($8); Wool Merchant mounted on Pony x1 ($8); Gardener x1 ($4);Halfling Children Group x1 ($5); Still patiently waiting.
  4. @Talae, I assume you mean the magnetic walls add-on pack, since the stretch goals included some magnetic walls along with the magnetic signs? For myself, I regret my decision to not get the lighted walls or brazier add-ons, as the actual products from the pictures and videos look even better than the concepts and prototypes. Especially the walls, as I was under the impression that the torches would be permanently attached, which is one reason I opted not to get them. Oh well, perhaps I will look into picking up a set when they are posted to retail along with the new Pokorny paint colors.
  5. DSMiles box is now on its way to DogBL. Tracking lists expected delivery of Tuesday October 6th.
  6. DSMiles box is now officially sealed. Shipping label has been printed and I will drop it off at the post office in the morning. Look out DogBL, the box will be on its way to you soon!
  7. DSMiles box will get packed up tonight and sent off tomorrow to DogBL. I will post in the no chatter thread when it is in the mail. I have finished my part of the group paint figure for our box:
  8. So, pictures of what I have selected from the DSMiles box: Here is the 'group shot': And here are some close-ups: I have a lot of items to add to the box, including miniatures and several bits bags; and there are still plenty of items I left in there. I have been 'on the lookout' for more aquatic miniatures ever since I completing painting part of my Dwarven Forge Caverns tiles in an underwater cavern paint scheme. My wife really likes the frog, which is why I chose that one. The large plastic terrain base (upper left) I have plans for utilizing in a future diorama involving LEDs. The base is hollow with plenty of space for the LED components/battery etc. The armless metal figure sitting on top of the plastic bag (bottom left) is an old ork figure, and will fit right in to the Ork army I have; I already have plenty of arm choices to use with him to fit right in. The black figure between the ork and the base is a Darth Vader miniature. My kids and I love Star Wars and it was one of their first choices when we examined the box. I still have the group paint figure to sort out (will be sending a group message to everyone on the route with a couple questions relating to it) before I can send the box on to DogBL. I should still be able to send it out by Saturday if not before.
  9. As far as I can tell nothing appears to have slipped out. The box was still well secured with tape, and there really wasn't any loose stuff not in bags or packaging; at least not anything small enough to slip out. Lots of interesting things in the box, including the journal that started in Round one. There is a container for a group paint figure, which I assume kept Sir Forscale secure during the first round, but it is currently empty. I am seriously considering putting one in after some initial work. It could be another Sir Forscale as I have several, or something else. Any preferences from those that follow, including OneBoot who is the last stop for this box? I have Bones 1 & 2, as well as Stonehaven Dwarves. The earliest I can send the box on will be Wednesday, but it may not be until Saturday if life gets really busy. We will see.
  10. Here is the faithful DSMiles box. It has been through a lot. I think I will replace it with a new one as it is starting to come apart at the seams. https://flic.kr/p/yQGAgb
  11. I will make myself a note to make sure I include some crossbows. I know I have some, both GW and probably some Mantic as well. I have one of those plastic cases with the pull-out drawers full of them. (the case is at least 12" wide by 18" tall and about 4 to 5" deep, at least 15 to 20 drawers in the case). And that doesn't include my GW plastic ogre bits, which I kept in a separate box (an OK battalion box) while working on my GW Ogre Kingdom's army several years back. The vast majority of my bits are either ogre/gnoblar related, dwarf related or human knight (aka Brettonia) related; although I did acquire a modest amount of elf, undead, other human, and orc/goblin bits; and a few others. For those on the Dsmiles route, let me know if there are any specific types of bits you would be interested in and if I have them I will do my best to prioritize adding them to the box this round. I am sure I have plenty to add to many box rounds to come.
  12. Sorry again. But while I am editing this post, let me ask a question: in addition to having miniatures to exchange, I have a large amount of 'bits' both plastic and metal, mostly from GW kits. Should I add them to the box as "freebies"? I have plenty of small plastic baggies that I can group them in.
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