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  1. I did and I have; however, no Amazon customer's review is as important to me as the views of the painters and photographers here.
  2. While I respect the OPs DSLR quest, I'm just looking for a cheap butt camera that will take a decent picture of a mini in a light box. Canon A2300, 4000IS or whatever. Any advice is welcome. Requirements: A camera which when placed on a cheap butt tripod will take decent macro pictures of minis in a light box. The End.
  3. My issue was that I went 4 bills deep into Bones, and then spent more than twice that again on paints, tools and supplies from other online hobby sources. The parcels are arriving with such volume and speed iat my workplace that it feels like a forward painting Command Post in my office.( And we'll leave out the airbrush for the nonce) . My secretary is laughing now as she brings in new boxes. It has been over a dozen years since I have done any painting and while Isupposedly have 800 unpainted metals; however, , they are at a friend's place and it is uncertain if I will be able to get them back -- or when. So here I am with a crap load of paint, tools and tons of other cool accessories, and nothing to.paint right at hand, except a couple of Pathfinder metals I got as promos through Paizo at Gencon. So I did what any reasonable gamer would do who is expecting over 500 Reaper Bones 7 months from now and is finding it hard to justify buying more minis. I turned first locally to Craigslist and saw what was available. Turns out, a fair bit, actually. i picked up about $240 worth of primed (but unpainted) GW Wood Elves for $60 -- including a GW plastic+foam hard shell army case for them. The GW stuff , being Elven, is not over the top in terms of sculpt and proportions, either. So I now have 80 minis to paint. I figure that will be more than fine for the time being and if I can't get my metals back and I "need" more before March -- then I'll just get more. ("need" being a highly mutable and subjective term:)), I do really want to thank Reaper for giving me the painting bug again. Seeing as I was awfully negative about the Kickstarter when it first started, my conversion on the road was about as deep and thorough as one can get.
  4. Vallejo Model Air are a secret weapon in metallics. The metallic pigments milled for use in the Model Air paint line is about 1/10th the size of the Game Color line and competing offerings from other companies, as the paints are specifically designed for airbrush use where clogging is the principle enemy. The smaller milled pigments allow the Model Air metals to clean more easily from brushes, goes on more smoothly, never gives a flaky or glittery look and the paint mixes well, too. It is, for all of those reasons, slightly more more expensive than all competing brands save Citadel (which, like all Citadel products, is plainly overpriced). But 40-50 cents a bottle more for Vallejo Model Air is not that big a deal.
  5. Reaper is not there this year. No, they are not. Notwithstanding, in terms of dollar sales, I'm relatively sure that between yesterday and today on KS -- they just had their best Gencon ever. Seriously, Paizo's direct mail reaches more gamer eyeballs than any single other method available. That, combined with all the chatter online, Facebook and yes, talk on the Gencon floor will add some big time VOOM to this yet.
  6. Well, believe it or not, I'm rather excited about the paint sets #3 and #4. It's been a while since I've done some painting and this Kickstarter has got SO GOOD over time that it has caused me to flip my position (being philosophically opposed to this use of Kickstarter) to iffy, to now going all-in. Reason? While I'm still a little troubled with established companies using Kickstarter like this, the facts all distill down to: this is just too damned good to pass up. My guess is over this week, I'll end up increasing my options even further, whiich will probably take me to $300-$350 or so by the time all is said and done. From lapsed painter and philosophically opposed to the project -- to all-in and sell me six paint sets while you are at it in 10 days flat. And it's pretty clear from a lot of responses out there concerning this Kickstarter that I'm not the only one. Paizo's e-mail blast sent out today reaches over 200k gamers. While this started out by Reaper pitching to their own hardcore customers, by the time they are done, Reaper may end up reaching more several thousand completely new customers. That's truly a remarkable success story for Reaper. So I think this stretch has some VOOM left in it. We may yet get to that dragon hoard at the end.
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