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  1. Michael's has a good sale on beads (50% off) and painting supplies (30% or buy 3 get 2 free). Going to use the charms for terrain decoration. Swung by Goodwill (ship decor) and Game Kastle (miniatures and free game). Just noticed I have a pirate theme going.
  2. I imagine if you were born earlier, you'd be the uncle with sideshow. Hehe
  3. I think I can count the fudge brownie cookies a success. Note to self, purchase mixer for Christmas. Hand mixing everything is tiring.
  4. I will paint something this month! Long hiatus of more than a year.
  5. Scatter terrain would be nice, but not sure it fits into this kickstrter campaign. Do we have any examples of the art? I can only reference izzys art style from reapers prior art book, but no clue of others. I haven't followed kickstarter projects in a while.
  6. October 31 - Fire Tlexolotl from Journeys to the Radiant. Sounds like the Tarrasque in terms of behavior. I got to draw an axolotl. And finally got an angry face correct. XD Happy Halloween! 31 drawings. Woohoo!
  7. October 30 - Rush Gorgon. Forgot to post yesterday's. First thing popped into mind was a bull rush.
  8. October 29 - Massive Purple worm weighing in at 40,000 pounds has to be massive right?
  9. December 28 - Sparkle Wasn't sure how to do the Will-o-Wisp. I think it came out right.
  10. Was not prepared. Open social media and find out Matthew Perry has died. Haha... whatever show he was in, it was fun to watch. Only 54 years old too.
  11. October 26 - Remove October 27 - Beast Back on track. Mind flayers and displacer beasts oh my.
  12. Thanks! Trying. I was on time uploading until the vacation. Luckily my SO is drawing alongside me each night, which keeps my motivation to complete each day. It's been a fun couples activity. I'm behind on uploading but we're on task. ^.^ So much research and reading of monsters.
  13. October 24 shallow and 25 dangerous. On vacation and doodling when I can. I messed up the turtles face and my tarrasque looks stupidly happy instead of dangerous. T__T
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