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  1. Boardgaming. Recently, popular boardgames have gained digital versions on phones/tablets and computers. The benefit I see from that are the setup and clean up phase and possibly a quick game against the AI. Otherwise, it's physical gaming for me. I love handling the pieces or the cards. I love socializing in real time with my friends. I love that we can pause and find food before continuing our game.
  2. As one of those people. I thank you for listening or helping. ^.^
  3. 10 because of the facial and the freehand. 9 because of the colors and the freehand. Would love 5 due to the facial hair, but the clothes is missing shading. =(
  4. Aunt is keeping us up to date, so far they had the peaceful protests and didn't get called in for some of the night riots. Exciting thing was launching the tear gas to disperse people blocking the highway.
  5. My masters program. I loved it cause I kept learning new mathematical theories and applications, but I also went in broke, depressed due to breaking up with my ex of 6 years, and depressed due to the lack of ability to find a job in electrical engineering. I survived it and learned from those experiences. Had 21 dollars in my bank account when I was done, but no loans! Although, I have a masters i am also not using... T__T
  6. Currently worried about my two cousins since they are law enforcement in Santa Clara County.
  7. I think I will add the ship. I been wanting to paint some pirates and have a display area. I wonder if it will be possible to drill small holes for tiny magnets without compromising too much of the material.
  8. Knowing nothing about the second day of Pentecost, I get to be at the doctor to inspect these lumps that are on my neck for the past month now. She has prescribed antibiotics to rule out infection, since I did enter May with some sort of infection. Hoping for the best.
  9. Oops. Didn't realize there are curfews in cities. Hope everyone is looking up if there area is affected with the curfews. Bay area is 830pm to 5 am. Stay safe.
  10. I have been ignorant of the news of late, so haven't heard much about riots until today. An hour away from San Francisco and Oakland, so not feeling the pressure.
  11. @kristof65, @Keianna, @Morihalda, @Arc 724, @ferret I will have the package out on Wednesday. Thanks to Kristof for getting in contact. Didn't know this ready. ^.^ Its going to be a full box.
  12. Been teaching my wife some board games. So far the score is 5 to 2 (wife vs me) T__T Stone Age (one of my favorite games, too bad the expansion is expensive) The Ancient World (pretty art, but lacking substance or is not suitable for two players) 1347: De Nigra Pestis Ludo (definitely not suitable for two players) A Thief's Fortune (enjoyed it but not great for two players)
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