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  1. #adventurneer day 13, valley. Harpies are usually known as being half female and half bird. To reproduce, males are charmed by the harpy's song, mated with, and then eaten.
  2. #adventurneer day 12, relic. Golems were often utilized as security measures to defend artifacts from would be thieves or the persistent adventurer.
  3. Ps... this year's laffy taffy mystery flavor wasn't good... bleh. It was also crumbly. O__o
  4. Mostly creepy crawlers for this order. Headless footman tried to run away. I too got a rock! Check your packages for loose blisters.
  5. #adventurneer day 11, cloud. The Ildriss (air grue) is a malevolent, vaporous creature that is invisible. When visible, it appears as a grey or yellowish cloud with tendrils and three gleaming eyes.
  6. I seem to have forgotten what day it was. I blame the obliviax. #adventurneer day 10, moss. The obliviax (memory moss), is a sentient batch of black moss that can steal memories from creatures for up to 24 hours. These memories can be manifested and utilized to defend the moss when threatened. Spellcasters may find they have forgotten their prepared spells and have the spells cast at them.
  7. Oops. Fell asleep yesterday before uploading. #adventurneer day 9, mountain. Peryton are creatures having the head of a stag and the body of a bird. They inhabit mountainous area and require humanoid hearts for reproduction.
  8. #adventurneer day 8, pebble. Galeb duhr are boulder-like creatures with appendages and high intelligence and can control/animate the rocks around them.
  9. Slave minis to help me paint all the other minis. They can paint the dang eyes.
  10. #adventurneer day 7, stairs. Lillendi are celestial beings with the upper half of a beautiful humanoid, the lower half of a serpent, and bright color wings who guarded the infinite staircase. Learning about new monsters. ^.^
  11. #adventurneer day 5, "roots". Mandrake roots bloom when an innocent youth is wrongly hung and their bodily fluid strikes the earth. (Wtf)
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