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  1. Whattttt? Hoping they hit the store.
  2. Will there be a picture thread for reapercon?
  3. From @Guindyloo box. I made comments about wanting another bonesack, so glad he was there. Grabbed a handful of Sci fi and chibis. What are these aliens and where can I obtain more? I realized the scale 75 lady I took is not in the picture. She fell off the table.
  4. Was a little angry today, not sure why. Put in my earbuds, played some metal mix from YouTube, and angrily demolished the 3 to 4 feet high weeds plaguing my front yard. My 60 gallon green waste bin is full. I'm aching and my yard still has 10 or 20% weeds to go through. I'll have to finish that tomorrow. The weed blocker layer does not work or the previous owner did not layer properly. I'll have to remedy that later. Going to boil some water and then add salt. I'm going to salt the front yard (no lawn and it's mostly rock and bark). Back yard lemon tree is happy. I see some new growth for lemons. Already gave away 30 pounds from the little tree as is. Compost tote is starting. Threw in sticks, dunnage paper, dried leaves, dirt, mushrooms, kitchen scraps, and cardboard. Let's go! Dangit. As I write this, I just remembered I didn't put holes in the bottom.
  5. Watched Dr Strange Multiverse ot Madness. If you haven't watched it and want to watch it. Best to stay off social media because of some or the surprises.
  6. Trying my hand at gardening this year since I have my own place. I have weeded my garden and mushrooms have grown in their stead. I guess my soil is nutritious. Easiest thing for me to do is make a compost pile. Time to research what can start seeding this month.
  7. I have loved every single one of your minis.
  8. Solution is more shelving! Then you attempt to fill with more minis. Then you buy more storage. Kind of like the milk and cereal dilemma. 😃 Thats..That's... beautiful.
  9. My shelves have arrived. Now I have room to store my acquired miniatures where they will stay nicely collected and ready for me to paint. Whistles happily as he increases the pledge amount for Bones 6. Also whistles happily looking at another kickstarter. I suppose there can always be more shelves.
  10. I like that big dude with the butcher knife. Where is he from?
  11. Flavor text? --- edit --- Wow. I didn't even notice there were words. I had tunnel vision just looking at the minis. Sheesh. O__o
  12. When I encounter paints that can become chalky, I add one drop of either reaper brush on sealer or gloss sealer to combat the thinning. It gives it a boost of liquid.
  13. Taxes filed a few weeks ago. I owed $1500. Good sign my side business is doing well. ^.^
  14. Post office, why do you close at 5? Sad face. I wanted to drop off some packages at the post office, but I'm working on a project and just finishing up. I will not make it in time. Monday almost over woohoo
  15. I wouldn't be opposed to trying one. If it's in the box, you'll want to label and leave a small description of what the item is. @ejala there's a tiny whisker coming out of the end of the grey stuff. More visible on the far left one. Unless that's just a crack on the table. Lol.
  16. How well do the details on minis scale if say one wants to slice them and print out bust versions?
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