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  1. @Chaoswolf How would you like to proceed with ny circuit? Should I seed another box?
  2. Pcktlnt box. Recipient has some health complications.
  3. Family and I are fully vaccinated. My second shot of pzifer was just like the first one. Soreness at the injection point. I'll take it considering the affects I saw on my family and hear from others. Happy happy. Still going to be vigilant but I'm not going to have to worry as much as before.
  4. Gosh darnit. One day too late. Has anyone done their late pledge, how different is it from just pledging?
  5. @TGP are you doing alright? Sent some messages.
  6. My money is bookmarked, but without the vaccine I cannot risk other peopels health. Hoping by the time I find out or get the vaccine, it won't be too late.
  7. If it's a complete figure and I'm interested I would take the figure. Otherwise, depending on the piece, it can be fun conversion bit. =)
  8. Hello @Disserrma, @ironman1231, @Kangaroorex, just providing some info for the pcktlnt box. It is currently delayed due to weather and other reasons, but @TGPis doing relatively okay. Will keep y'all up to date.
  9. Kind of jealous y'all get snow, but also not so jealous about the clean up of said snow.
  10. @TGP Are you doing alright? Please check your inbox.
  11. We are definitely budgeting. Goal is to save up for a place of our own meat the beach. We have all the store apps we can download and several cash back apps. It's great! I'm not that crazy for coupons to try and cheat the system. Or not know how to read said coupon. XD
  12. Whee. Wife and I have moved out from my parents and into our own unit. Finances are going to take a hit, but health of mind will lead to better life style overtime. Love my parents but they are stuck in the old ways of Asian tradition and that was affecting us overall. Been using coupons and apps to buy groceries. still learning the ropes when compared to those extreme couponers. $3.49 cause the hamburger buns weren't on sale. -$0.90 - wife ate one of the chobani yogurts and we ate the safeway select chips before I took the picture.
  13. Tainted Grail Mounted Heroes - they have some fun mounted critters. Prinny Switch Game - yay, didn't get to play the PSP version, so this should be fun. Level 5 Vortex puzzle - for the desk at work when I need to fiddle with something other than reports.
  14. Stuff! I'm supposed to be more responsible since I have now moved to my own unit. Most were 80% off. Except codenames and d&d starter kit and dice at 75% off.
  15. Thanks all. Just drove around today buying cleaning supplies for the new unit. And getting freebie drinks and snacks from food apps. Hah.
  16. This Thread has a significant lack of pictures. :-( Edit dash – – I am not saying that in a serious tone. Just in case. I do not know how to purple font with speech to text.
  17. So 0 positives out of about 50 people is good news?
  18. A minion tested positive, so she is at home from work. Everyone at the warehouse had a rapid response test and all negative. I don't trust it but I have to believe for sanity sake that those rapid tests do work.
  19. On the reverse, I thought it was kind of light. Lol. Glad the box arrived fast despite my delay to the post office.
  20. News reporting my area had the variant since December. Larger uptick of people testing positive here.
  21. My box label is printed and ready for the post office at 8. Just enjoying a morning coffee before helping family and dreading the fallout to come with said family.
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