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  1. My nocturna kickstarter pledge arrived. I honestly do not remember ordering figures which means my mind is going and my excel sheet is outdated. Didn't realize the paints were coming in pots. Sadness. I won $35 in giveaway from pippd and bought a few things to hit free shipping. They also ran a promo for 2 free items during reapercon. Bought a platypus keychain, 7 freeblade figures (names are on bottom of blister packs), and chose two reaper items as my freebies.
  2. I remember there was a time when smoke wasn't a weather condition. Edit Forgot to insert Pepperidge farm meme
  3. Give Brutus some scritches for me. He looks adorable in that shot. Sky is no longer orange, but a dull brownish color or dirty grey. Lol. 36 years in California, first time seeing the 10,000 strike lightning storm and watching an orange sky. Excited, 1 of 2 packages arrived at my place. Ill need to contact reaper since UPS claims they delivered my order on Saturday, but I never saw a delivery all weekend. I was staged in front of the window for reapercon.
  4. I did not bother to take too many outdoor shots today since what I saw at 6am is the same as what I see now. Lol. I am losing track of time in this orange haze. Two shots from yesterday. This was yesterday at 7am And then at 1130am
  5. The Bay Area is helping to promote Dune. Picture as of 1:00 pm I miss the sunlight. Can someone upload pics of blue skies?
  6. Gummy bear fun on reapercon online. Surprisingly, brown liner worked well on the gummy bear.
  7. From my understanding of Twitter monitoring, lightning caused fires become complicated when multiple small fires merge into larger wildfires. Firefighters designate them as complexes to better manage the logistics between the fires. The one I'm closest to is the SCU (Santa Clara Unit) Lightning Complex which consists of Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties LNU (Lake Napa Unit) Lightning Complex consists of Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Colusa, Solano and Yolo Counties CZU (Santa Cruz Unit - yea not sure about acronym here) Lightning Complex consists of Mateo, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco Counties Edit The newest fire i know of is creekside fire. It is around 115k acres and 200 something people were airlifted out of the region. California is still on fire.
  8. No shame in plushies. I have more plushies than my wife. My latest pick up. 24 inch platypus.
  9. Oh no! I'll have to deal with fractions. 300+ left arms cause most of the right arms were taken. Reapercon melt table problems. I'm prepping for next time. Hunt for right arms at the melt table. Muahahha.
  10. Glad to hear your home is intact. Thumbs up!
  11. Damn. Lots of the minis are grabbing my attention.
  12. Distracting myself with my succulent leaves. They are propagating. Crosses fingers for them to survive.
  13. From a person on the inside, a tree had been struck by lightning and fell across power lines and the road. The blocked road prevented the firefighters from getting to the stricken area that allow the wildfire to swell. From news articles, the cause of the wildfires was due to 11000+ lightning strikes last week. Yesterday, the bay area hoped for the best and a passing thunderstorm struck 545 times causing 6 small fires that were contained. Most of the strikes were along the coast. The evacuation zones have increased in size but nothing solid yet. Packed and waiting for more news.
  14. My work is now in the evacuation zone. Maybe I can take pto tomorrow.
  15. LNU has taken over SCU as second largest fires. Difference of 1000 acres. Several more areas have been called for evacuation. Sorry if I'm just kind of here. Trying to be strong in front of the family, but inside, I'm all wound up and only place I know to ramble.
  16. SCU fires became second largest fires last night for California. Today north and south fires combined to become 340k acres of burning. Sucks that tonight we might have a thunderstorm (which caused the fire this past week) until Monday morning. Our evacuation maps and border hasn't changed, but the cities to my north had to evacuate. I guess it just becomes what day for us if the fire cannot be contained and the thunderstorm makes it worse. Monitoring the bay area channels, we had a fire fighter commander robbed. His truck was broken into and the wallet was stolen, which the thieves promptly emptied his bank account. like wtf? Go drown in some sewage.
  17. Platypus checking in. Fires all around and family is on standby for evacuation orders. The current estimated border for where the fire may spread to is one mile away. People on the hills have already evacuated and the library is our evacuation zone. Not sure how that will work when we have to quarantine from people due to coronavirus. Air quality is low. Winds are up, so that will become difficult for the firefighters. =(
  18. The box has been rummaged through and most of the plastic minis have been culled to be donated to my local game shop. These are my picks from the box. Thank you ferret for Platypod! ^.^ I am approximating around 180 inches of volumetric space to refill.
  19. Alright. Whoever put in "cute" stickers in the box. They have been coveted by the nieces and the wife. I don't know who took what. Was able to get a picture before they poofed. I agree, this round was fast for most circuits. I have culled the box of some old stuff and I am making my choices. More pics in the near future. Taking a little bit of time since I'm culling a few things along the way.
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