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  1. Right now I'm probably committing some sort of sin the way I'm starting. I keep changing what I'm doing trying to find a method that I like. The latest is for my first coat to rub on vampire highlight with a dry brush to get a really thin coat. It brings out the detail. If I want more I do a light black wash. From there go with the color I actually want it (thinned). The beginning steps are going ok but I'm definitely still getting a handle on choosing colors that work and getting them on the way I want them. I copied a color scheme someone else did for something and the painting manged to go ok. Doing that helps me think about color a bit more. Working with it I can see more of what they picked and why. The mini before and after that one though are what prompted my questions about streaking. I don't tend to mind the screwups if I feel I'm learning something from them. I can always strip them down and start again and with a double vampire to go through I don't have a lack of things to mutilate.

  2. I'm still working on my basic painting skills and having a problem with streaking. Often I paint and get a nice light color but a bit streaky or a spot doesn't quite get covered. Going over it again either moves the paint around or darkens it or both. What is the most important thing I need to change/work on?


    Currently thinning with water. - Is a mix of other things absolutely necessary or just something that makes things a bit easier?


    Brush Control - how much of the problem is a need to learn this better?


    Mix my paints to the color I want at the end and not depend on thinning the paint to lighten the color. (hope that one makes sense)



  3. One thing I'm surprised I didn't see in the kickstarter was a holiday themed set. Santa, Krampus, Snowmen, Psycho, etc I thought would be neat as people would get sets to paint up and give away. I also thought we might see some that were targeted more to non gamers as the price point is low enough to market toward kids (they are impact resistant as well). I'm glad the mouselings were added though I didn't get any yet.

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  4. I've been to the biggest place near me. They normally don't have anything I ask for. They do have some brush cleaning stuff but I'm not sure how it is. That is why I asked about specific questions to ask to make sure I get something that will work and not damage the brushes. There are some places a few hours away but I know they don't carry Kolinsky brushes. They would have cleaner but again probably not any US/European brands.

  5. In this thread, I posted about some Rosemary & Co brushes I purchased recently. I use the #1 and #2 the most. Those are the short handle brushes, which are plenty long (when painting miniatures, you're probably holding them close to the ferrule, so extra length just gets in the way).

    Yours was one of the posts I looked at earlier which got me thinking more about the Rosemarys. I did a thread search for all mention of the them and read them all :). People didn't talk much about sizes or compare the two series much hence my questions.


    Cashwiley: I've seen that cleaner mentioned a lot but haven't seen it over here at all. I may end up ordering it in the end but I would like to find stuff over here if I can. (edit: Amazon doesn't seem to ship that to here, not sure if other places will which is part of the issue)

  6. I'm thinking of ordering some of these as I need some good brushes. What I have now are synthetic and I have trouble with smaller work and streaking. I've gone through all the threads mentioning the brushes and have a couple of questions.


    Short or long handle? - from the threads I would guess short.


    Series 33 or 323 - The 323 are shorter bristles from the look. I've seen mention of both,


    Size - What's the smallest and the largest people use? What do you use for most work.


    Cleaning - I've seen cleaning and restorers talked about a lot but I'm in Korea and probably can't get the brands mentioned easily. I'm not sure this is something I can order from overseas and it would drive shipping up. Given that if I go somewhere here what should I ask for in a cleaner? Are there different types or things to watch out for? If I can order it from overseas how much do you usually go through - how much is enough?


    I'll probably order a few brushes but it would be great to get some recommendations for good first picks. Right now the synthetics I'm using seem to be holding up ok (they don't die that quickly) but I never feel like they do exactly what I want them to do.

  7. Any word on how far they are through the total number of orders? I know at one point they gave an estimate for how long it would take them but I haven't seen any comments on how far they have actually made it through..

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