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  1. Glad to see it's live. Unluckly I'm leaving for a few days in a couple minutes . Guess I'll just have to play with it when I get back!
  2. What I want to see is the Clockwork dragon
  3. Do you have a picture of the stained plastic, Buglips? We can introduce a whole new technique of painting! There is a Small Jobs video review of Bones here . He tests a few brands of paint on the Bones and at one point goes and removes them. One or two I remember he says stain the Bone when they come off. I can't remember which brands he mentions. He also noted different brands having a slightly glossy look if I remember right (I haven't watched it in a while).
  4. The only paint set to which I'm indifferent is the one with all the metallics in it. Though, I'll probably get that one too and just give my friends what I don't want. I think I'm going to stick with my original thought and get 1, 2 and 3. Hopefully I'll almost never need to get paint again accept for some high use colors :)
  5. For me I'm interested in tabletop so that's fine. It's interesting to me when you say 'If you want a painting miniature, go metal' in that anyone who paints miniatures must be getting them to paint on some level. If not why not just get prepainted. It does take some effort. When I get my Bones I'll be putting some effort into them because I want to improve my painting skills. I don't really think I need metal for this. More that you would want it when the piece would only be used for the shelf or a competition.
  6. Buglips - I really like your metal to bones comparison. I'm not seeing much difference in detail between them except on the club. The woodgrain and face on it don't look as well defined. When they are on the table do you notice any differences?
  7. If you have a flaw in your design you should be fixing it no matter if you think I'm an butt or not (or if you think I have handled this the wrong way) If you look through my posts I have said that I didn't think the way you set it up was intentionally political. I said I thought it was an oversight. My first post pointed out appearances. And they are important. In my third post I did say your reps last msg was 'business like and apologetic' but that I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere talking to them. I did look through your site and contacts you have contacts for 'website', 'fantasy' etc you do not have any for complaints etc. I did not want to email customer support again feeling like I would get the same person so I ended up here. If you had a contact there (I could have overlooked something) I would have sent mail there instead.
  8. I assumed it would and emailed you. Then you (as well as Reaper Clark) proceeded to post here instead of taking it off the forums to be resolved from here which is what I thought would be the polite thing to do.
  9. No surcharge is "built-in", other than the currency conversion rate fees we pay to the institutions that handle the money. You pay no more for paying in GBPs than a resident of the UK would pay. No we pay no more in GBPs but we have to pay to convert to GBPs! Which we would not have to do if we paid to convert to dollars.
  10. Laugh, Reaper Bryan said to email him and I did now you post here. And now Reaper Bryan does. You say "If all you have to complain about are design discrepancies, and you want to suggest that because of the way we coded our cart system we're somehow anti-emmigration/anti-immigration, I will be unable to help you in your request" So you are telling me that if in fact the fault is because of a design discrepancy of your site (that targets intentionally or not customers from certain areas) even though it is costing customers and possible customers money you won't fix it.
  11. Shakandara- (now that I've written this take it with a grain of salt and lots of smiley faces interspersed. I know you are trying to be helpful in what you say and mostly positive I'm just not in a very positive mood at the moment) I already stated I didn't think there was malice behind it. I feel like I did give it a chance with their service representative. It may be a rare situation given where their current business is, but 3/4 of the world is a lot of opportunity. The free shipping in this equation really isn't the point it's that they are effectively making customers outside the EU, US and Canada pay additional charges (Yes, some charges are necessary I just firmly believe these are not). These charges do not originate from Reaper the originate from banks. The come from having to make an extra currency conversion that is unnecessary. If reaper had no free shipping to anywhere as long as they had reasonable shipping charges I would not care. Yes, you have experience is customer service that's wonderful. And you shouldn't use that as to mean 'I'm right'. You don't know what experience I have and it's the like saying look I have a bigger stick. It's a game and not a nice one. You can state evidence, that's something else entirely but saying I have more experience really doesn't help. We can all do that, here see - I have a degree in speech studies and philosophy and have done lots of analysis on the way speech and space and dress effect communication. How you can alienate target groups in the way you advertise and setup your business. I have my own business and do have to deal with public relations and I have lived as an expat for over 15 years and have a good knowledge of how things are seen from outside the US. I order from the USA among other place a lot and have never had this issue before. Does that really help (me or you)? You say I haven't been particularly respectful. There have been a number of posts I have intentionally ignored that I feel didn't really read what I wrote carefully and commented in a way that didn't logically make sense given the information I gave. It is true I haven't ignored some :( If you feel I haven't given enough information that's true. I wanted to keep it more abstract and less emotional. In cases like this I think the most helpful thing people could have done for both sides is let me blow my steam in that first post. Say 'that's to bad your having that experience I hope it's resolved' then wait and let someone from Reaper talk to me. Making negative comments toward me is not going to make me feel any better. It is not going to win Reaper more business. And like you said I haven't really given you enough information either. I certainly don't expect you to say Reaper is evil or agree with me. And Reaper hasn't had a chance to comment given the time difference (if they even choose to).
  12. I will say I don't think this is Reaper intentionally doing what I'm claiming. I do honestly think it is an oversight (though a big one). If there is a real necessary reason for them to be doing it the way they are and I'm missing it I'll eat my words. I really can't see it though. I think what they did is try to set things up for it to be easy for those in EU countries while missing what they were doing everywhere else.
  13. I do appreciate the thought but I'm going to either deal with this in the end through Reaper or not at all. If I had known this thread would have gone this far I don't think I would have bothered starting it. That's just the way the ball bounces though.
  14. Um, Um I barely know how to reply to this one. You seem to be saying that it makes sense for: 1. Reaper costs it's customers in 3/4 of the world more (effectively) 2. Makes no more money than they would have by setting it up differently 3. Give the banks some extra money sense they would be the only ones getting it. Let's say your from Texas and you take a drive to Arizona and the store tells you 'oh your from Texas, you have to throw 5 cents in the trash for every dollar you spend' Do you really think you are going to spend your money there? That is the equivalent of how Reaper has things set up. I really doubt Reaper is making any money on the conversion, if they are I would think it was a tiny amount and easily made up in upping the amount need to qualify for free international shipping. Yes, it is the middle of the night and I didn't expect them to reply right away. I open my mail in the morning and I felt after the 3rd email dealing with various parts of this that was my limit.
  15. I don't think they are making more than would cover the exchange fees and if that was the issue they could just set the amount you had to order higher for those paying in US dollars and Reaper and the customer would both make out.
  16. OK, technically your right. I only pay once set of currency fees. Then I pay reapers price in pounds which is higher than their dollars so they can pay theirs. I checked the conversions before I even started this thread.
  17. What has this to do with the EU I'm not in the EU, Reaper is not in the EU. I am an American who would like to pay in US dollars to a US company. That company wants me to pay in Euros because they haven't thought about the way the set up their website. Paying in Euros makes me change from US dollars to Euros and back to US dollars.
  18. You are all right when you mention the currency fees being the problem. But you are also wrong in the way you mean. Also if I had gotten to this point on the first email I had gotten I would be a lot more patient in figuring out the currency fee problem. When you pay Reaper you have a choice in paying 4 different currencies (or is it 3). I am American, I have a American bank account, I have an American credit card. My money is coming from within the USA. I have been told that if I want free international shipping I can't pay in US dollars I must pay in another currency. This means I pay in pounds or something (my credit card charges me fees because of the currency change) then Reaper charges me a higher price because they are converting from pounds to dollars. There is no reason for this, I can pay in dollars. They gain nothing by not letting me pay in dollars. If someone has another currency than one of the ones they list (say Japanese Yen). They can't pay in dollars (if they want to get free international shipping). They must pay in pounds or whatever (which means more exchange fees). So they pay for 2 sets of currency exchange fees instead of one. Reaper gains nothing by not setting it up so you can get international free shipping if you buy a certain amount in dollars. It's no different than setting it for pounds or euros. Reaper at the end of the day gets their money in dollars. Asking people to jump through unnecessary hoops and nickle and dime them for no profit on their part makes no sense.
  19. I haven't emailed back after the last one. The last email was much more business like and apologetic but it just doesn't feel like they are thinking through the implications of what they are saying. And if I point out the problems at this point it seems like I'll get another email back annoying me again on some level or other. Which I will get just before going to bed which makes for a rocky pillow.
  20. woofing does make me feel better though! edit: woofing? word substitution for B*******?
  21. 1. Should you start answers with 'I believe' or 'try X' or check and find out what the real answer is? 2. Should you assume your international customers are only from Europe or Australia when asking about paying in US dollars? 3. Should you make assumptions about someones nationality? If You are from the USA and I call you Canadian, Mexican or French are you going to be happy? What if you are Irish and I call you British? They aren't exactly racial slurs but you will feel different with each. 4. Should you charge Americans who can pay in US dollars an extra surcharge? (Is this a statement that Americans should only live in America?) 5. Should you charge people who live in countries other than Australia or those who use the Pound or Euro and extra surcharge? (What does this say about non-westerns?) Having to wait 24 hours between emails/service between what I feel are insults just adds to my annoyance after getting the 3rd email I'm really not sure I want to bother even trying to make an order. I'm very tired of all this.
  22. Hmm, The idea of the game is great and sometimes you get some good games but .... The setup is really a pain in the butt. I usually don't mind fiddly (like Arkham Horror) but here you have to stack different things in each room and it take a while to go through the cards then put them in the right places all face down. If you screw one up it can create problems later. Also there are a few errors in some of the 'adventures' which can also screw things up. Some people love it though. I would go over to boardgamegeek and read some of the more detailed reviews if you are interested in it.
  23. Love it! I wish I could do detail that small. The colors are great and I really like the stitching.
  24. That is a problem I'm having! I don't want to set the mini down to let it dry. Right now I'm trying to combat that with working on a few at once. It does help some. On the downside right now I don't want to prime more because the humidity is so high. We have a typhoon. I'm fairly happy with the worm!
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