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  1. Nice to hear things are being worked on. Doesn't sound like anything soon but I didn't really expect that given that things do take time. I may in fact end up order one of the learn to paints but it would me not ordering more bones.
  2. Hmm, Yes I understood this and thought I had made that clear in my first post but I have a feeling my style of writing is not that clear . I had said 'bones and a learn to paint pamphlets to go with them' and 'that would use colors in the paint set 1'. I assume the people that did the kickstarter are mostly going to fall into the either 'have been painting miniatures for a long time and don't need a paint kit' or 'starting and will be getting the paint option in the kickstarter because it's a good deal'. If they pick which ever current bones fit the best and did paint kits (for those who needed everything) and offered the pamphlet by itself as well it would be ideal. They would just need to base the pamphlet on a couple of the paints in paint set 1. I would certainly order whichever Bone it was and then pay another 3, 4 or 5$ for the pamphlet. If I needed a particular size brush I would order that as well. If they don't do this I understand but it would seem (which I could be completely wrong about) and easy thing to do.
  3. Hmm, looking at the paint kits again it does look that there are more dropper bottles than I thought. I'd still rather spend my limited funds on Bones rather than paint though given I will be getting paints in the Kickstarter. There are a number of bones I want that not in the Kickstarter so I don't mind spending some money there. I do understand the learn to paint kits are very good if you want the paint and it is not terrible that they are metal but.... For me this just seems like a no-brainer. Reaper has the new Bones line. The Bones sell extremely well, and are especially good for beginner painters (durable for table top, cheaper, no need to prime). They do a Kickstarter which both promotes the Bones and will put a huge number of them out there. It also from what I have seen on boards at boardgame geek, Pazio and other places that the Kickstarter is attracting a lot more new painters. The new Bones will not be here to March or so, paints will be here sooner and people are chopping at the bit. Given this it would make sense to offer their learn to paint materials with Bones and with and without paint for all there new customers who are getting into the hobby with Bones.
  4. Oh, I have been going through a ton of stuff. People's comments on the paint kits though have been very positive. I like the way it sounds like there structured as well.
  5. I wonder if this is really true that woman aren't as visually-oriented as men or just they key in on looking at different things for different reasons. If a study is looking at one type of visual material for instance focusing on the sexual it might miss that visual stimulation is going on in other areas. Woman in studies from what I remember distinguish between more colors. Also your examples are kind of funny. With comics you talk about the western ones not being as popular with women but manga is also very visual and from what you say has a greater female following. (I'm in Korea and a lot of my female students read it) At the end you mention scrapbooking and dollhouse stuff. Both of these are also very visual. I'm also not sure dollhouse is that far off from the style of miniatures here. Buildings, small people, furniture being painted and made. Setting is completely different and the activities the miniatures engage in, I think probably has a greater impact than visual or not visual.
  6. Some of these look like they would be pretty good cronoscope type stuff.
  7. The idea of these is great but on the other end I really don't want to get these. The problem is I will have a ton of paint coming already from the Bones kickstarter and it will be in dropper bottles which I prefer. I don't need or want more paint. I'm also not that interested in metal right now. I have lots of Bones coming and if I do pick up any minis it will be more Bones so I can see how the handle for myself (waiting until March is painful). I'd really like to see being able to order a learn to paint pamphlet that goes with some of the Bones Reaper currently has (that would use colors in the paint set 1 that's on the kickstarter- though I will be getting 2 also and probably 3 as well). I'd certainly order some bones and a learn to paint pamphlets to go with them. Ogre, Gnoll, Bugbear, Dwarf, Minotaur, Troll, Werewolf would all be great. I also wonder how many other new or novice painters there are who will be coming from the Kickstarter who would be interested in something like this.
  8. I like Carcassonne but really can't get into Ticket to Ride. What I have on my list of things to get is Descent 2nd Ed, Sentinels of the Multiverse, King of Tokyo, and Smash Up. I did the Kickstarter for Agents of Smersh so hopefully that will come by the end of next month.
  9. Well when you get body builders posing wearing almost nothing and what little there is a bit below the hipbones threatening to slide further. I have other friends that swing to that side to and would probably describe it as eye searing as well. Depending on where you are coming from even if you do find that sex attractive your own personal preference in acceptable levels of come hither in public differs. Similar I would think to how accepting you might be to PDAs. I know some woman and men that have much higher or lower tolerances for those types of things. I don't have any problems with the storm giantess or any given Reaper model and I did like that a lot of females are represented.. But at the same time as the Kickstarter went by I wanted to see less busty models that I felt would be more realistic. A lot of these are sword swinging woman. If you see pictures of female body builders they don't have much up there most of the time. It's all muscle muscle muscle. Also most of the people I play board games with are men and though we do play female characters once in a while most of the time we play men more which means for character sculpts male minis are a bit more useful on the table.
  10. That's why I mentioned it. If you like Dredd you can go in for 5$ and get him. If you want more Dredd there is more :)
  11. In terms of men in more feminine poses I would say very possible. I have an old classmate from highschool that found me on facebook a few years back. He's ex-army, comic book nut (has large tattoos of comic characters like Hawkman on his back), acts in muscicals, is a bodybuilder (exercise coach and bartends), won Mr. Leather a few years back (he judged this year) and is very gay. Suffice to say my facebook is sometimes taken over by gay, body building people into leather. I can definitively say I've seen some come hither photos that burn my eyeballs a bit.
  12. This isn't something I'm that interested in but... if your into the Judge these might be nice. About 5$ a mini but free shipping anywhere in the world it looks like. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1990654819/judge-dredd-miniatures-game-block-war
  13. Why does your question make me think of this?
  14. I'm in no way a natural the most I can draw is stick figures! I'll keep chipping away at it. One thing I am looking as is getting some better lighting. Looked at some LED lights today but not sure how strong is good. I'm not looking for the perfect lighting just something that will do the job. What I'm using now is very jury rigged and not that good (though much better than before I started jury rigging).
  15. I saw sealer but not primer, or is that primer under another name? It sounds like I do want to try the brush on and see if it works for me, humidity is high here (low of about 40 in the winter and about 80 in August).
  16. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad I'm doing these first as I don't care if they are not perfect. Before I ordered the Bones I cared more but now that those are coming I don't feel like I have to get them perfect. I'll do another set and see how that works. Does anyone know the difference in size between these (Mansions of Madness figures) and Reapers figures?
  17. I used a pair of reading glass to help up magnification. I have more of the same figures given they are from mansions so I'm hoping the 2nd set I do will turn out a bit better. Neat idea using a hair for detail work. I'd tried a toothpick and it was still too big. I was also going to check into some more stuff for clipping mold lines.
  18. I noticed that Wren mentioned good luck with using the brush on primer with Bones. Is there a reason I see spray primer always mentioned rather than brush on? It wouldn't take much time to brush on primer for a small figure and it's not something I think you would add water to or dilute in anyway. Is there a reason people don't use it more or is everyone just keeping quite about it?
  19. I think plans for 'a smaller kickstarter' was mentioned.
  20. Forgive the double posts of the photos at the bottom I'm still trying to figure out adding photos in.. I'm know I'm making progress on some levels. But looking at things blown up my heart sinks. As pieces on the table they don't look to bad (for the most part the witch needs a lot of help). I may be another victim of primer fuzz which may account for some of the issue with the paint jobs. But I'm also wondering how much of it is painting against the grain and things. My Brush control still needs a ton of work as well. You can see the mold lines on this one. Looking at it without magnification though I didn't even notice. This one I had some trouble with the lines on the back. I tried to do a bit of coverup and they look better than they did but blown up they look horrible. Have a bit of blue on the nose as well. Here is another Ack! The primer fuzz or whatever is a big problem, not to mention my inability to get paint in the right spots. This last one came out not to bad. My big problem with it was I would pick it up not realizing I had paint on my hands from something else and then I'd have to cover up my spots. You can see a place on the back that is still a problem.
  21. Like this one a lot. Looking at the bare Bones of this figure (which is almost the same sculpt) I didn't really like it but with this paint job I'm finding I want to paint one up. I don't know if I'll be able to wait until March for Bones or I'll have to order some!
  22. Thanks, I can't take credit for much of that though. The basic color scheme for the figure is a pretty common one. When I did the shading around the face and body it was more what I thought would look good rather than thinking about lighting. I read a ton on lighting but now when I find myself working on a figure that much of what I'm trying to learn is brush control. I'm not really thinking or worrying about the lighting other than hey this part should probably be a bit lighter so I'll skip a another coat of paint there or add in a bit more pink or whatever.
  23. I'm working on a few more and learning a lot of what not to do . And after that working on how to cover up things!
  24. This ogre looks smaller than the Kickstarter ogre in the Mind your Manors goal. Just how big are these?
  25. I play a bunch of stuff. Mostly stuff like Arkham Horror, been playing a bit of WizWar and Lords of Waterdeep lately as well.
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