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  1. Love seeing it painted step by step and the leaves you used on the base. Finished it's great.
  2. I like the highlights and shading on it. Really nice looking.
  3. There was some discussion of this in this thread http://www.reapermin...tarting-advice/. It didn't get that far though. It would probably be good to make a list of brands people have tried and how they are. Someone mentioned the Reaper primer worked and Adrift told me he used Krylon.
  4. I had thought about that with ink washing. I was wondering if a wash after the base coat would work to bring out some of the details or if it would just make things too dark. It's one reason I wondered about dong a lighter base coat.
  5. How would you describe the smaller impacts? I seem to find this stuff interesting!
  6. Was that you that did the video review with the washes? I watched it twice. Was planning to watch it again there were a couple things mentioned I wanted to look at again.
  7. Another good idea would be making some of those learn to paint kit with bones and changing the info in them as needed.
  8. Why I get a bit frustrated at time looking for information about painting bones goes something like this. Go to site on painting. Open there first article which starts on what you need. Not too much of a problem here fairly easy, drop needing files and things like that. Next article is on metal prep which I can ignore but bones prep is fairly easily. Next is an article going over primer. Reaper says you don't need to prime these. Hmm OK , I go to next article which is where my questions start. A lot of them start by saying something like 'when I started I was a crappy painter then I learned brush control and to thin my paints. Thinning is necessary to slowly build color and tone .. yada yada.' Often there is talk about thinning the paints for you base coat. You cannot put thinned paints directly on the plastic, you need to prime. I started wondering if Reapers you don't need to prime translates to you don't have to prime but if you don't your figures will never be as good as those that are primed. Having people answer questions about: how well the paint holds without primer, how much detail is kept with thinned paints but a primer vs using no primer but nonthinned paints really helps. Thanks. Now I'm more on to if the base is not thinned do I need to start with a lighter colored base because of how I will use wash etc on top of it or does the base come out pretty much the same. These questions are probably really easy if you are coming from painting miniatures already. You can look at how it came out compare to your experience on metals and go ah a need to tweak this this way. Just reading articles and not having the previous experience it's hard to figure these things out to my satisfaction.
  9. Neat, sounds like then you just did the base coat, then a wash, then some dry brushing. If I understand you right. I'd love to take a couple of painting class but I there isn't anywhere within two hours of me and then maybe nothing in English even if there is something. Arg!
  10. What were you illustrating about washes?
  11. Sounds like I won't end up priming these. Which is great. I'm sure I'll try a few with and without just to see what my own experience is. If there is not much of a difference in the amount of paint used (and I wouldn't be needing to buy more primer), chipping is less and the level of detail you can get pretty much the same it sounds like a win win not to use it.
  12. Thanks for that. I've been going through the forums but missed that post. It cleared up some of the questions I've had about bones. I've seen posts that say prime or it will chip that seems to be not the case which is great. And all the figures look great. In not priming do you use a lot more paint? The detail looked the same. I know if you over prime you end up loosing detail. With metals from reading it seems people prime then use thinned paint to keep more detail and build up the color. If you are using no primer and then not thinned paint for your base does that feel similar in terms of thickness and the amount of detail that the figure keeps?
  13. Now that I have forked out all that cash in kickstarter madness the rest of me is having a crisis of faith because I'll have to get them painted. Bones from everything said are different from metals but also from other plastics. I'd love to see people who actually know what they are doing showing off a few things. First I'd like to see the same mini painted by the same person with and without primer. I won't be able to get my hands on bones to try this probably until March. I'm a very very novice painter and I'd like to see some done by someone who knows what they are doing to see the difference. Are there techniques that can be used to compensate for skipping the primer? It would also be great to see not only pictures of painted bones but a quick summary of what was done. There are probably going to be a lot of us fairly new painters. I know what a wash is, drybrushing, and what it means to highlight and shadow (at least I think I do). That is different though than getting a quick summary of what was done when and maybe a bit of why. I've be reading articles and watching youtube videos from here and there but it sometimes it all combines in my mind to make mush. Having some things up like this might be good for us newbies to practice with as well. Try to copy or do a similar paint job and see what goes wrong. Having something to compare against and discuss. Right now since I'll be waiting on paint (since I'm missing colors I want) I'm going to try and get used to priming. I hate doing it and have a bunch of boardgame minis I haven't worked on. Once paint comes I'll work on getting them painted. I fear less making a mess of them as well since I'll have all the wonderful bones to work with when they come in!
  14. Seems like the latest goal has annoyed people rather than get them worked up. The comment on the Kickstarter forum are not kind. From what Reapers message says about timed goals they could have some really neat things popping up at points. I think I'd pop one soon just to get the poison (however unwarranted) out the air. Wish people would just take a breath and see what Reaper has in store . Ah well off to bed, see you all when this is over, hopefully I'll wake up to some nice surprises!
  15. Anyone have any comments on Citadel's primer (I have a can of that).
  16. I was hoping to be able to do white then a black wash to highlight some of the details. I was also wondering about drybrushing. That does work on the bones from my readings. I know drybrushing is for highlighting but can you brush into the nooks and then use a wash on top of it and skip the priming?
  17. I was wondering about primer and the bones. Right now I have white primer but how well does that show up on the bones (which are white)? Can you tell what you have primed? Is it a different enough white or can you see the wet vs dry? When I am looking at articles on painting stuff I sometimes read something and wonder if I have got what they mean right. Anyway one thing I read if I understood right was . . The idea of priming in black then painting a white over it where normally you would do highlighting. Then when you painted over it in whatever colors you wanted those areas with the white would be brighter while those areas without would be darker.
  18. Wasn't able to post this morning my mind was too blown. When I went to bed we hadn't gotten to the owl bears yet. When I got up we had gotten through Grave Danger and were on the way to Storm Giants and at lunch we got those.
  19. I wonder how they are deciding what to do. Obviously some of it will be what has been popular in metal and that should sell well. Beyond that though for instance why not a monk. I would think they would be trying to cover all the bases for rpg. Why new sculpts instead of using old for say lizardmen. This isn't a complaint at all, more just musing.
  20. Didn't think we were still going to be getting to see another goal yet. Nice I was wrong, love that we are getting lizardmen. The Hydra is sweet as well though I think I'll have to pass on it.
  21. Thanks for the reply.. question 3 wasn't really a question more a comment. Sorry about that. And 2 and 4 were more feeling like with being able to switch Sophie out a bit of a can of worms was opened with things people were going to ask. My really question was about the paints and I'm very happy they are still shipping in Sept. Now I just have the pain of trying to decide which of the many great options I want to switch Sophie out for! Oh the pain!!!!
  22. Hmm, I assumed they had been posted to a thread and wanted to ask if they had used primer.
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