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  1. For me, I just paint whatever I feel like or whatever I need...Fire Giant today, treasure chest tomorrow...I think if I kept track of my progress, I'd be ashamed at my lack of motivation to paint! No, I prefer to be like a dragon on top of his treasure pile (or pile of miniatures in this case) contented by my hoard but I'll paint it eventually, as I have all the time in my world. :)
  2. I really like the giant rats! As I pointed to my screen and exclaimed to my girlfriend, "Look at these rats! They're simple yet stunning!" She just shook her head and went about her business.
  3. I'm wondering if there will be any of those smaller buy-ins like they did towards the end of the first Bones KS. Like, for instance, adding $4.00 for an additional set of Dark Elves. Anyone heard about this? Thanks!
  4. I'd like to see more basic soldiers to flesh out NPCs. More of the templars, knights, and just basic troops. Also, I saw it was mentioned above, definitely some cavalry would be great! Maybe a mounted wizard or too as well. Would also like to see a water, earth, and air elemental to boot. :) EDIT: Oh I forgot! I'd like to see some animals. Such as a bear, wolves, wild cats, etc. I think they'd be pretty useful for many different games.
  5. Great job!! My favorite movie of all time! Now let's see a Wangchi and Jack Burton. :D
  6. Wonderful job! :) Can't wait to see more of your Bones work!
  7. For me, I had a ton of craft paint beforehand and used them extensively and I still use them for base coats, eyes, and basing. However, to me the main thing holding them back would be the fact that they don't have a dropper bottle system, so it makes mixing paints difficult and you end up wasting a lot. The other major thing about miniature paints is the metals. You just can't beat the metallics made for miniature painting. For my three layer process of painting, you can easily pull off the desired effects with craft paint. So in the end, I'm a fan of both! Craft paint plus five or six metallics is definitely the way to go for a new person in the hobby...At least in my opinion! Regardless, as long as you're happy with the end results, that's what matters. :)
  8. I haven't received mine yet but most will be painted and sold while others will go to my Warhammer Quest collection. :)
  9. Great job! Conjures up memories of simpler times in fantasy. :)
  10. Great paint job! I too have this mini and I'll say this, it's definitely unlike anything I've got in my collection! But hey, that makes it that much cooler.
  11. Great job! If I could achieve the level of painting you exhibited here, I'd be forever happy. Keep it up!
  12. Thanks again guys! Furongian, I've been thinking the same thing. They even stated that Bones do not need sealant but I'm wondering if it would give my customers peace mind knowing that their product is sealed. Then again, I suppose I could write a little note that Bones models generally do not need sealant. I'll have to test the market as I'm thinking sealers cause more problems than they are worth on Bones, at least in my experience. :)
  13. Great, thanks both of you! I'll give the Testor's a try and see how it works since it's more readily available around these parts.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to find a good sealer/varnish for my Bones miniatures. Currently I use Krylon sealer on my metal miniatures and that works great. However, when used on Bones they tend to become glossy and sticky. I am wondering if anyone has had luck with a certain type that doesn't get glossy and sticky nor does it cause them to crack to tear? On the other hand, do I even need to seal them since they are quite flexible when the paint is applied? I intend to sell my finished products and having the added "sealed for protection" is a nice selling point for metal miniatures. Any advice would be great, thanks! LordMullet
  15. I'd love to see some gnomes and halflings! I believe there's just the one halfing female in the initial 30 Bones. Keep up the great work everybody!
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