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  1. My deathsleet was rather fine. I just had to get her into hot water to reshape her a bit. My wyrmgear was fine, but I am actually thinking about not permanently assembling him as I have planned an adventure including him as the BBEG where the heroes through attacking him will be knocking various parts off when he reaches certain hp levels...
  2. Instead of cutting wolfie, why not use hot water to reshape him? Your bases look awesome! Edit: too late for that suggestion...
  3. Love these! Fantastic job! The highlighting then washes is the style I use too. Very inspirational when I get to these 2. Thanks for sharing
  4. Pathfinder monsters Pathfinder ogres More larger humanoids.
  5. I love the spirit wall!!!! Would you mind listing colors used and the procedure you used? It really is stunning!
  6. I would love to see bigger humanoids in bones. Especially pathfinder ogres. I LOVE PF ogre sculpts!
  7. The pink one immediately reminded me of Aphrodite from Xena, and I also loled at she-man. All excellent paint jobs! As for static grass, have you tried using a static grass machine? There are tutorials online on how to make one using a handheld bug zapper that work really well.
  8. Love It! I am going Bones crazy waiting for mine to come in! lol
  9. Maybe try a pigment powder to rust it. pretty easy and random makes them look more natural.
  10. Be careful with priming the bones line... I tried a couple different primers and most of them remained tacky, (even 6 months later when I am actually getting to paint them). Also good to start "cleaning" your miniatures. Removing mold lines, looking for imperfections that need to be filled (I have yet to notice any on Bones figures, but some larger pewter ones need to be fixed). And thanks for your service!
  11. Hello! Someone had mentioned what to do with new minis and any Ideas for adventures and such. Great Idea! Here it is! I am writing an adventure where the BBEG is a gnome alchemist. Escapes early on, creates the mechanical APE to punish the heroes, and then he finishes up with the creation of a clockwork dragon to do them in. May add more to it depending on what else we get :)
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