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  1. have already done it doesn't preclude the voice in your head from telling you to do it
  2. only if the voices in your head are telling you to extricate yourself from society and become a hermit with a hobby
  3. Technically yes - run a small business doing commission 3d printing but also commissioning some digital sculpting for miniatures that I have ideas for but can't find (I apparently have a good eye for a lot of this stuff, but my sculpting ability is less than non-existent...unless I can write it out as code) which I then make available for sale.
  4. The Fifth Element according the the History Monks
  5. In this particular case because you've hit a model that has a particular aspect that you 'hate', this is where I would leave the unit and paint something else for a bit - or perhaps doing one or two in between other things. The other thing I do when I hit a repeated detail that is a PITA is to work out if there is an easy way to get it looking reasonable rather than focusing on getting it perfect - so in the case of over-detailed quivers I'd do them brown with a brown-black wash and quick highlight so they look OK for the time being, and if inspired at a later point go back and finish them off I think the easiest way to deal with feeling like you NEED to finish more models this year than last year is to just not count - pack away models that are finished so you don't have that temptation. Alternatively, pick a smaller project to work on for the year (so, for example, pick 12 models that inspire you for whatever reason and aim to finish one a month) so you can have the feeling of achieving a goal without it being too much.
  6. In summary: Backed: 74 Delivered: 67 Delivered in part (but ultimately failed): 2 Failed/scam: 1 Late: 3 Not at delivery date yet: 1 The ones I'm waiting on are Gangfight skirmish system, which gods knows where that is up to, at last count they were trying to finalise printing; Secret Weapon HD bases, which I'm not expecting to be an issue, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get what I planned; Desert of the Dead, which is shipping and Bones V. More recently I've been backing STLs because I just can't justify postage costs to AU.
  7. I'll admit to LEGO I may also have trouble throwing things out, but I'm not admitting to that and I'm very much aware of it
  8. I've been lacking a lot of painting motivation the last few years (I would blame having children, but my lack of motivation preceded them), so my tendency has been to paint for an event - you can find my diary on painting a WarGods Amazon warband on the forums from about this time last year - it typically forces me to get the work done by a given date. Otherwise I find those occasions when I'm in the process of painting an army (I normally try and batch paint colours or at least units) and lose motivation that is usually a good point to paint a character model, or any other model that inspires me - even if it is completely unrelated to the painting I'm currently doing. This year I'm also taking part in a year-long painting/hobby project on another forum, there are potential prizes on offer but I'm using my entry as motivation to get a project that I started many year ago finished off. The communal aspect of needing to provide regular updates on the project will hopefully give me the motiviation I need!
  9. Love his work, have this one on remind though as I'm not sure if I'll have the money before it ends :-(
  10. well, cc is short for Cubic Centimetre, but that's the same as a centilitre
  11. la, la, la not looki.... remind hit (as I'm not sure if I'll have the funds when it completes) Mind you, the STLs are tempting
  12. Something gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, cashew, pistachio and chocolate free. The guest may not have dietary restrictions, but we do... So if I'm cooking it would be Roast Lamb & vegetables...
  13. Most of them... Ok, being more realistic I can think of at least 12...
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