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  1. well, I finally have my new computer back and it appears to be operational (at least it damn well boots up and the OS isn't corrupted). Still not entirely sure whether the issues I was experiencing were due to a faulty motherboard or something else, but at least it's running.
  2. At work people normally want help with data transformations using xslt, or just help understanding how the various pieces of our systems interact (I've been working with various parts of these systems for the better part of 13 years, I think I have a better understanding of the systems than most of the developers who work on them) otherwise, it's help finding information more broadly (I'm not a librarian by qualification...really)
  3. hmmm...I can't think of anything that is a definite NEVER again, because circumstances could dictate otherwise. However if I have any say in the matter 160km/h (100mph) in a 2-ton pickup is high up the list of something that I'm glad I tried (had to get into town quickly....I thought the vehicle topped out at 145km/h) and hope to never have to do again
  4. Not a special day, no plans I used to know what it meant....many years ago.
  5. It's called 'work breaks', you need to get up and move about at least once every hour :-P
  6. Depending on what the Mr. Clean is, maybe using detergent in the water will help with the slipperyness?
  7. There may be evidence that this occurred to me at a similar age - Almost no-one knows this, and I'd forgotten myself until you mentioned you having this experience.
  8. I'm not a programmer, hell, I don't even work in IT... Most people who meet me seem to think that I am.
  9. My Father-in-Law posted an Easter card to us on 27 March, it didn't arrive until mid-May - so 6 weeks from US to AU and that wasn't even a package (admittedly stuff he sends normally takes anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks to get to us, even without the other stuff. I haven't ordered anything direct from the US for a while now, the postage costs have reached obscene levels.
  10. Shoes off - helps keep the carpet cleaner...
  11. I'd use a pigment marker (0.05mm for preference) or one of the aforementioned gundam markers
  12. for a support free model that I've printed without supports (in resin), but still shows some islands in the slicer, have a look at the Townsfolke Ferryman - it prints perfectly without supports.
  13. I use the same PC for my printers as for everything else - as with most other people it's slice, copy to USB/MicroSD, then print from the card - partly because even though everything is in the one room the printers are at one end and the PC at the other...6m away. If printing support free minis I usually print vertically and raise them off the print bed, so still have the raft and supports at the base - this avoids the 'elephants foot' that you can get when printing directly on the bed (a result of longer cure times on the bottom of the print), but also means that you have a void between the item and the print bed if you've hollowed it. Having said that, I will always check for islands etc. before printing, even going through the layer view to see if the islands are actually attached somewhere or if they are proper islands to see whether I need to add supports or not.
  14. prints until it runs out, then you get nothing happening. no damage (after all the parts exposed to the UV are exposed anyway) This I think depends on the positioning of the printer - when I've run out there has been a little bit left to drain out, but my printer is actually at a very, very slight angle so the resin tends to run to one corner of the vat (the floor isn't level), this doesn't have any other effect on the printer though.
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