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  1. They're now in the last 7 days of the campaign and haven't reached funding :-( In the updates there are some pictures of the casts https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/knightsofdice/mirrors-of-tullarn-28mm-fantasy-wargaming-miniatures/posts/2644567
  2. Interesting...I'm not 100% sure my family comes from on this map...but I'm pretty sure it's around the 'Posh and Pompous' and 'Arrogant Schmucks' areas...having said that my grandparents did leave the Netherlands sometime between 1945 and 1948...
  3. ratsmitglied

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    That is very true - the brand I get I get the 'rapid' resin which is designed to print at the lower outputs. Apparently the regular resin for that brand will still cure on a Photon, you just have to have 1min+ for each layer. So the takeaway is to check the printer compatibility BEFORE buying any resin
  4. ratsmitglied

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    All of this, very, very much! I have a very similar process after a print. What I have found with leaving resin in the vat is that capillary action means that the resin actually leaks out of the vat after a few days - and because even if I plan to print in a day or so this doesn't always happen due to other commitments. I have also found with pigmented resins that the pigment settles in the vat - and in fact the only time I've had failed prints in when this has occurred. In terms of resin, most printers will work quite happily with any resin that cures at the right range, so you aren't limited to only the resin made by the manufacturer of the printer. For me this is good because there is a local resin manufacturer that sells suitable resin which means I'm not relying on ebay and aliexpress to get resin - and it's normally here within a week.
  5. ratsmitglied

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    The DragonLock files print pretty nicely (I have a few), in terms of finding files to print, thingiverse is a good starting point, but there are many, many more sites out there - if you are after military vehicles (ww1-> modern) Wargaming3D also has a good range. It really depends what you are looking for!
  6. ratsmitglied

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    I know the photon has a filter on the exhaust port, but without a fully vented enclosure I can't see how you're going to avoid the smells. For post production cleaning I use metho and a dunk and swish method, mainly because of space I haven't set the Ultrasonic Cleaner up yet - as to a UV light source, I find the sun works well for post-curing ;-) One day they will be...and some are getting close, you just need someone to develop a nice cartridge model of refilling the build material and we're looking good. For example, with the Photon my process for printing is to fill the print vat, insert USB with sliced file, and hit print. After printing it's clean the build plate, filter the unused resin back into the bottle and clean the vat. In that sense the resin printer is a lot more user-friendly than the FDM printer, but even my FDM printers only get the build plate levelled once every few months... The smell is very different, her smell receptors are probably burned out to the bleach ;-) - but I would suggest investigating the 'low odour' resins that are out there...
  7. Not sure I got distracted by shiny things, like Fallout New Vegas...
  8. Not just you, the magic system in Oblivion is significantly better than Skyrim, and generally the game feels like there is more to it. Saying that as someone who has completed Oblivion a few times (with all expansions) compared to not actually ever getting to the end of Skyrim...
  9. ratsmitglied

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    I'm actually happy they're selling the models rather than STL files. Saves a hassle of getting good prints out of the files and it is also a lot more time efficient. For 20 models I'm looking at a minimum of 24 hours continuous printer time, without allowing for the extra time for post-processing and setting up the prints in the first place. I'd prefer to use this time to print things that I can't get from other sources (and Mummies aren't exactly hard to get)
  10. ratsmitglied

    Help Identifying a mini

    Bombshell miniatures...10011 Raven Skye (I have her somewhere, but still had to look up the name)
  11. ratsmitglied

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    That is just barely out in the country ;-) We've only got 3 acres, but our nearest town (20 minutes) has a population of about 1000, and the nearest major city is 90 minutes away, and I consider us barely out in the country... Considering my experiences with the army painter sprays on metals and resins they can't be any worse on bones (they have seemed to be ok on other plastics) More on topic I'm still sitting on a $1 pledge as there hasn't been anything added that's a must-have for me.
  12. Sounds like our place...although in our case it's drunk, near sighted possums rather than squirrels...although considering the manual dexterity of aforesaid creature I may go with drunk, near sighted goats
  13. You get off lightly, I live with one (my son) - their names even start with the same letter! He also does not stop talking and has no brain-to-mouth filter. Gets him into all sorts of trouble with his older sister, and makes it impossible to keep something secret if he knows about it (his older sister isn't much better, but she's at least quiet sometimes)...
  14. Based on the above I'm a Sea Captain...yesterday it was Grandpa
  15. ratsmitglied

    [SPLIT] 3d printers

    I would recommend the spare bedroom rather than in the dining room, then you can at least close it off (and vent out the window)