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  1. 1. Get concrete slab for chicken coop layed (done) 2. Extract star pickets from incorrect location (done) 3. Put fences in... still have to get this done, and don't have all the gear I need to do it... 4. erect chicken coop...see above that covers through Monday
  2. I suspect the first numbers may be somewhat accurate, but no Second number is a time though
  3. We do need to clear out our freezer, although there isn't any ice cream (allergies) we do have sorbet...
  4. Arguably my response to today's question is equally applicable to toddlers
  5. Welp We've finally got a contract to sell our house new school term starts on 18 July new school is 1000km away from where we are currently living I'm sure there's something I'm missing here on how this is going to all work
  6. Definitely We started buying baby wipes by the carton when we had babies, but we got so used to having them around we keep getting them...
  7. The gods of battle : the Thracians at war, 1500 BC - 150 AD. / Chris Webber Focuses a lot on the archaelogical evidence and contrasting conclusions from modern historians against works written in Roman times.
  8. Much like Chaoswolf I'd normally say that whichever you like better But, these are 3d printed, so I'll go with the only correct answer - both
  9. Lost time, this morning... Debatable whether I was doing something or not.
  10. Since going gluten and dairy free I don't eat sandwiches Gluten free bread is mostly terrible, home made stuff is usually better (and the sweet white rice flour is added to try and get the bread to be less crumbly and less rubbery - most of the GF bread here is rubbery rather than crumbly)
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