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  1. Based on the ethical and moral compass of most of those developing AI, I have the same fears. Considering that most of what we're seeing as 'AI' at the moment are Large Language Models, they're already capable of lying to humans purely because of the data that they are being trained on. After all, Garbage In, Garbage Out still holds true.
  2. Goals are delayed because we need to rely on other people to do their jobs before we can actually do our bit (house build) And the song blasphemous rumours comes to mind
  3. Apart from being slightly cooler than normal for this time of year weather conditions are normalising compared to last year (which was extremely wet)
  4. Friday: Depends on who you talk to, typically <1 hour is considered short to average, >1 hour is considered long Saturday: Depends on who is riding them. as a general rule I'm not a fan. Don't ride them Sunday: No
  5. No, but I have had a previous supervisor compliment my on my ability to diplomatically call someone an idiot (you needed to know me and my normal writing style to understand it) Does a whole house count? Although it's still enroute so I don't have an answer yet I have young children Yes
  6. Yes The last time I was in the office to work was one day in July last year, in my previous job. Yes trained myself to have water instead of snacking
  7. that's the only hypothesis that makes sense to me
  8. No toast here and what in hades would you need a wi-fi enabled toaster for?
  9. All of them I think most people have covered my issues, but the biggest on is 'Use the App' - I'm on your <redacted> website, so why the hell do you have that function only available though the <redacted> app
  10. We had electric fences when I was growing up...
  11. Maybe signs for the company sheds...
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