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  1. Very true - I was going based on what I've seen with my own FDM machines as I've never seen this effect on my Photon
  2. Lights off, lock the door, pretend no-one's home You have a newborn, more than enough reason to exclude people who arrive unannounced (congratulations BTW). Alternatively, you and Mrs Hamster take the baby out and leave the visitors to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, make dinner and meals for the next week etc...
  3. This is the most likely problem, but there is also a possibility that the z-axis screw is wobbling and that's causing the offset...
  4. Looks like it comes from the horse's mouth - https://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/on-windswept-heights-2/94-timeline.page Of course, what the pieces of paper say and what is reality are not always congruent
  5. That's to do with the name of the service, the RCAF spent most of the 90s known as Air Command and only changed their name back to RCAF in 2011... I only know this because it confused me as well (I did know that those dates were to do with the name of the service rather than service dates though) From what I've seen with model kits recently if you want something decent you pay for it, and I haven't seen many 1/48 scale jmodern ets for less than $70AUD either - except for those kits where te reviews basically say to avoid completely.
  6. You'll need a B or D model then for the two seater, doing more digging it looks like the Kinetic kit is probably the best option for you - particularly if you can acquire this one - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48030-f-a-18a-b-cf-188--182831 Pricy though
  7. 18A/B/C/D or E/F? I'm guessing an A/C model (or preferably a CF model?) Looks like the Kinetic and HobbyBoss kits are the newest toolings if you can get your hands on one of them, otherwise (if I'm reading the timeline correctly) the most recent before that is the Hasegawa which is a 1991 tool. As to where to get them from, not sure on that - and being 1:48 they'll be expensive (hell, 1:72 is getting expensive) I know that most Wyrd plastics come with a round lipped base without the slot, and it looks like that have them in store
  8. TBH, use MS 3d builder to split the object, it's a lot easier to use than Meshmixer!
  9. On Tuesday for us it was legitimately blame Microsoft I don't think I every accidentally bombarded my own cities, accidentally bombarding so-called allies in the end game on the other hand...usually I controlled 90% of the landmass at this point
  10. As I've mentioned in a previous thread, pretty much the above two points As a third point, stock up your freezer with pre-made meals so all you have to do is re-heat them, makes it a lot easier for those days when you are just too tired to cook something properly Final point - everyone will want to visit you and the baby. If you're too tired don't be afraid to say no, and if it's someone you trust to help out, ask them to help out with something (doing the vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, washing up, cooking a meal etc) that you just haven't had a chance to do. AND if you are having visitors get them to bring some easy-to-serve food along so that you can have a warm meal that you don't have to cook yourself! OH, and learn to eat one-handed ;-) Edit: Final, final note, don't browse kickstarter at 1am when you have a baby sleeping on your chest!
  11. 1. Do something - last month was a complete write off due to rearranging office and work. so maybe I should finish rearranging the office...
  12. I don't collect dice, however they do seem to multiply of their own accord and I buy new dice when mine aren't performing to standard
  13. Having used all 3 suggested options, I would second the MS 3d builder - it is by far the easiest to use
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