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  1. Messages and email sometimes Slack when I get caught out and need to let work know I'm going to be late for something (all our work is through slack)
  2. Do they even make Foster's for local consumption anymore? (I don't drink, so have no idea)
  3. I have no recollection of ever watching the Muppet Show as a child there are far too many Muppets in real life Like some of the Marvel movies, really don't like how you have to have watched all of them for things to make sense - I don't mind a bit of crossover between the movies or callbacks from one to a previous one, but when you have to watch 7+ movies to understand what is going on in the one you are currently watching it's a royal PITA. Liked Tim Burton's Batman, and the Batman Begins series beyond that I couldn't really care less about DC vs Marvel, didn't/don't read any of the comics..." When it comes to comics my preferences are Tintin and Asterix
  4. There are a few reasons I've heard as to why they wanted to do it that way, including that by having all vehicles painted the same the enemy couldn't tell which units were in the line at any given time, and in the case of NATO where different countries use the same equipment, standardisation across all nations was to prevent the soviets knowing not just which unit, but which country they were facing Of course, neither of those takes into account that that sort of information leaks like a sieve! Nowadays I believe camouflage on vehicles is more like a uniform, so you know who friends are vs who enemies are rather than the original plan
  5. In related, useless, information, I can fit through some standard size doggy doors
  6. Can't eat Cheeseburgers, not allowed Dairy or Gluten And paleo buns typically aren't any better. We're on about 7.5 years off dairy and wheat, and also haven't had a decent burger in that time
  7. I played it a few times, couldn't get my hands on the actual miniatures though, so used various proxies, including some reaper fairies IIRC
  8. https://www.google.com/maps/place/28°47'59.7"S+153°00'24.8"E/ Blue farm shed, can see on street view
  9. 22. Yes, but never played 23. Wargods, Fairy Meat, I'm sure I have a list of other obscure games, but those two are the ones I've played and found fun. Wargods in particular, it is generally my preferred system
  10. I can get you a shed and a slightly older roof, not sure if they'll help. Are you mainly after how they fade? Interestingly enough, many I've seen start off as the trim colour on that building and fade to the main colour... I can remember seeing a few, but will need to check places cause I don't remember exact locations Not a shed, but how about this roof
  11. No pictures cause all my miniatures are in boxes in storage. Oldest unfinished project, DBA 1.0 Greek army. Most recent, various Wargods efforts, Eaters of the Dead and pseudo-Celts (Victrix Celts and Dacians, God to parallel Celtic god to be determined)
  12. Human Don't want to give skynet too much information
  13. No, you've gone deaf and that's your brain trying to fill in the blanks
  14. I'm supposed to be building a house, I suppose that counts
  15. Metal assembly with tiny little contact points. Infinity and early Malifaux are the most guilty of this, and it really ruins the mood of the miniature
  16. Weekend job, it was about 40 degrees celsius today...
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