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  1. I'll go with a word that has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used Lead
  2. Harbinger of Isis, she was a limited edition convention miniature well, considering I can't remember what my new year resolutions where, I'll go with 'Yes'
  3. Depends on what games I'm playing at the time. I would probably try to replace my Wargods figures at the very least (although my favourite one of those is irreplaceable)
  4. technically yes, more practically I live in one state and work in a territory that is surrounded by said state...
  5. Gluten free is tricky! Hence my comment earlier in the thread - of course for me it's more difficult because I can't have chocolate either Add dairy free to that and it becomes a royal PITA (hence my wife putting together her own cookbook...one day she intends to make it available to buy) Once you get used to it, you can definitely pig-out on them
  6. having received a total 1 gift that I picked myself, no. Don't really have one, usually revert to Gothic/Industrial/Metal of some description. I'm used to getting strange looks...
  7. No snow, middle of summer here (26 Celsius when the photo was taken), did have some heavy rain at the beginning of the trip though
  8. Just finished a week of fencing on our new property, once I get home it's a couple of days of cleaning/mowing etc to get house ready for photos, then back to work Friday
  9. Here in northern NSW, Australia, it's about 25 degrees Celsius with patchy rain. Where I'm heading to tomorrow, sunny and 35 Celsius
  10. Depends who it is and circumstances, normally A, sometimes C, B is reserved for sending gifs in teams to two of my colleagues when others decide they don't have a functioning brain
  11. You're learning C, I'd say that's enough reason to be worried about your programming future Yes? Get someone else to do it, if I must do it then see point 1
  12. I think there's something genetically ingrained with boys and weapons, my son also started making weapons out of things before we'd introduced them to him. went through that last year - my condolences
  13. Well, it is a dangerous place to visit After all, you could actually know what you are doing
  14. Not something I'll consider, too many people, longest v trip, Melbourne to Devonport Haven't seen any, possibly because I've blocked them out, is possibly because I've only been to 3 stores since August...
  15. Love it. In other news, I hate fencing, not the type with swords
  16. My only claim to fame regarding weird errors is the fact that every single Mac I have ever used has crashed on me. And that is just in normal usage I would expect that to happen if I was coding, but not when just using a web browser or other built-in software. Of course, when I'm coding I do get some weird errors, but that's due to using the wrong function, trying to get a function to do something that it wasn't designed to do, or when the interpreter we're using has been upgraded to the latest version and I'm used to how the old version works.
  17. 156mm of rain since Wednesday.... It's a little wet (long term average rainfall for our area is about 600mm per annum)
  18. Get our house on the market Get plans for building new house sorted
  19. Spoke too early, we've now had more rain, and hail Not a bad model...I don't think I ever had that one (a mate acquired all my RSN models when I was doing a cleanout)
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