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  1. 1. Get concrete slab for chicken coop layed (done) 2. Extract star pickets from incorrect location (done) 3. Put fences in... still have to get this done, and don't have all the gear I need to do it... 4. erect chicken coop...see above that covers through Monday
  2. I suspect the first numbers may be somewhat accurate, but no Second number is a time though
  3. We do need to clear out our freezer, although there isn't any ice cream (allergies) we do have sorbet...
  4. Arguably my response to today's question is equally applicable to toddlers
  5. Welp We've finally got a contract to sell our house new school term starts on 18 July new school is 1000km away from where we are currently living I'm sure there's something I'm missing here on how this is going to all work
  6. Definitely We started buying baby wipes by the carton when we had babies, but we got so used to having them around we keep getting them...
  7. The gods of battle : the Thracians at war, 1500 BC - 150 AD. / Chris Webber Focuses a lot on the archaelogical evidence and contrasting conclusions from modern historians against works written in Roman times.
  8. Much like Chaoswolf I'd normally say that whichever you like better But, these are 3d printed, so I'll go with the only correct answer - both
  9. Lost time, this morning... Debatable whether I was doing something or not.
  10. Since going gluten and dairy free I don't eat sandwiches Gluten free bread is mostly terrible, home made stuff is usually better (and the sweet white rice flour is added to try and get the bread to be less crumbly and less rubbery - most of the GF bread here is rubbery rather than crumbly)
  11. And it's always the same someone Our someone is back from a month off next week, we're not looking forward to the fallout when she discovers she's having her responsibilities changed. In other news, I was hoping that we would be at the point where our house sale was under contract before said someone got back from leave...
  12. tangentially. More directly the head-desk was related to librarians doing thing to annoy historians post from a few days ago I think I've got another 9 years (minimum) before I get that relief need to get through our house sale and moving first though...
  13. I'd love to be in a position where we could fix recurring issues We're lucky to get fixes when the whole system fails
  14. To add some context to this, my work at the moment involves historians, and some feedback we've received from them regarding new features. More than 50% of the feedback has been 'add this function' or 'make search do this', where that function/search feature already exists, and in many cases has existed for at least 10 years...
  15. Probably wouldn't work, the librarian put it that way to mess with historians
  16. I don't know how people buy at current prices for larger blocks either, probably why in this country so much of the good farmland is being bought up by corporations rather than individuals. We got lucky and picked up 5 acres last year at a reasonable price for the area, but anything larger was well outside what we could afford. I would agree, a .223 really isn't suitable for what you're wanting. I'm also a bit out of experience with shooting as well, although last time I had anything larger than an air rifle out I was still shooting a decent group at 50m. @corsair, I'm the one with the CZ 😛, but your advice still stands on the scope.
  17. has stopped raining for the time being. Maybe the ground will have a chance to dry out (at least a little) before it rains again...
  18. That makes perfect sense, the MDT stocks just always struck me as target focused so I didn't consider the other factors. I'm lucky in that a standard CZ stock fits me pretty well. I would love to have 3000 acres to play on. Maybe if I win the lottery one day...for the time being I'm limited to small calibre shooting (at least until we move and I'll actually be close enough to get to a range) What calibre do you use for coyotes? I'm guessing you're looking at something like a .308 for accuracy at that range?
  19. I personally prefer more traditionally styled rifles, but if it shoots that well (and you're using it at a range), good choice.
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